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Volume V Number 1                                Jan/Feb/Mar 1989
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    Southern Arkansas Biography        2
    Gates Co., NC Marriage Bonds           3
    Nash Co., NC land Records        3
    Pedigree Chart        4
    Family Group Sheets        5
    Boyetts of Bradley Co., AR        6
    Union Co., AR Marriage Record        7
    Jasper Co., TX land Records        8
    Union Parish, Louisiana        10
    Family Bible of Etheldred Boyett        13
    Columbia Co., AR Court Record        15
    St. George Parish, GA Land Grant        18
    Georgia Court Record        19
    Robert and Lock BOYETT        19
    Selected Georgia Census Records        22
    Madison County, Florida Census Records        23
    Duplin County, NC Court Records        23
    Duplin County, NC Wills        24
    Duplin County, NC Land Records        25
    Duplin County, NC Cemetery Records        28


Biographical and Historical Memoirs of Southern Arkansas
by Goodspeed
Hempstead County

p. 394/5
    THOMAS BOYET, owner of the general warehouse at Hope, and justice of the peace of the township, was originally from Alabama, where his birth occurred in 1831, and is the eleventh of twelve children born to James and Elizabeth (RODGERS) BOYETT, natives of North Carolina.  James BOYETT was a planter, and was the owner of many slaves prior to the war.  He was in two of the early Indian wars.  His death occurred in Alabama in 1867.  The mother died in 1862.  Both were members of the Baptist Church. Thomas BOYETT was early taught the duties of farm life1 and received his education in the common schools of Alabama.  At the age of twenty two he began farming for himself in Alabama, and this continued until the late trouble between the North and South. His sympathies were with the Southern cause, and in 1862 he joined Company A, Fifty-ninth Alabama Infantry, commanded by J. R. Glasgow, and although he participated in no general engagement, he was in many sever skirmishes.  Returning home after the surrender at Lynchburg, VA, he was busily engaged in tiling the soil in Alabama until 1872, when, in the f~ll of that year, he moved to Greenville, of that State, where he was engaged in merchandising.  This he carried on until 1882, when he sold his stock of goods, emigrated to Arkansas, and located in Hope, where he continued his former Occupation for a short time.  He is now the owner of the large warehouse in Hope, the dimensions of the building being 150X150, built of brick, covered with iron, and capable of holding seven or eight thousand bales of cotton.  Mr. BOYETT is also interested in the large Compress of this city, a description of which is given in another part of this volume. He is one of the directors, the treasurer and superintendent of the Compress.  Aside from this,k he has also engaged in the brokerage business since coming here, and has been very successful1 financially. He has been twice married, his first union being to Miss Mary JOHNSON, of Alabama, who bore him seven children: Martha (wife of T. W. POLLARD, of Alabama), Fannie (wife of J. C. _______ of Alabama), Thomas J. (of Hope), R. A. (also of Hope), Sallie 0. (wife of J. T. HICKS, of Hope), Callie (wife of Sidney REED, of Hope), and Collie (wife of Mr. WILI,IAMS, of Georgia).  The mother of these children died in 1886 (sic) [1856], and was a worthy member of the Baptist Church. In 1858 Mr. BOYETT was united in marriage to Mrs. Docia HINTON, nee GILES, and one child is the result of this union--Fair.  Mr. and Mrs. BOYETT are members of the Missionary Baptist Church, and Mr. BOYETT is a member of the Masonic fraternity, Whitfield Lodge No. 239.  He is also a member of the K. of P. (Hempstead Lodge) of Hope. He is at present holding his second term as justice of the peace.



1778 - 1868
BOYT, William & Ellifell RAWLES, 29 July 1785; David BOYT.-A- -G
BOYT, David (of Nansemond Co., VA) & Nancy GAmING, 19 Nov 1785;
                   William BOYT (of Nansemond Co., VA) -A- & -G
BOYET, David & Alice JOHNSON, 26 June 1807; Henry Goodman DARDEN

BOYET, David & Nansey (sic) LANGSTON 20 Feb 1826; Lewis EURE.
BOYD, John P. & Sarah GODWIN (now of Gate8 Co) 30 July 1827;
                          Charles E. SUMNER -C-

BOYD, David P. & Amanda M. CROSS, 3 Dec 1827; Miles HOWELL

BOYT, James & Ann BABB, 24 Jan 1830; Hardy H. C. JONES.

BOYT, Dempsey & Nancy DARDEN 12 Jan 1832; Dempsey GOODMAN.

BOYET, Moses (free man of color) & Hannah of Dr. J. W. GATLING, 15 Feb
               1866; m. 17 Feb 1066; J. W. WONYCOTT, M.G.  -I-

Note: the introductory material probably included with this volume by Sandra L. Almasy, was not copied, so the various abbreviations and columnar designations as included here are unknown at this time.

"State of North Carolina     No. 131
Edward Moore, Entry officer of Claims for Lands in the County of Nash. To the surveyor of the said County. Greeting You are hereby required as soon as may be to Lay off and survey for William BOYET a Tract or Parcel of Land Containing Two hundred and fifty acres Lying in the County aforesaid beginning at Michael HORN's line, then up lots Branch to a branch called the Maple then out to as to include his own Improve (sic)

Observing the derections (sic) of the Act of Assembly in such case made and Provided for Drumming out Lands, Two Ju8t and fair Plans of such survey with a Proper Certificate annexed to each you are to Transmit with this warrent (sic) to the secretary's office without  delay.  Given  under  may  hand  the  4  of  March 1780      Edw'd Moore::


(continued from page 3)

Attached is the following:    "Plotted by a Scale of 200 Poles to an
Inch    May the 24th day 1780
Surveyed for William BOYETT a Tract or Parcel of Land Containing 214 Acres according to the plan annezed in Nash County and on the S Side of Tarr River on the Waters of Lotts Branch Begining (sic) at the Intersession of Nichael HORNERS line So. 45 degrees H 100 poles to the County line thence along the County line N 5 degrees W 60 poles thence N 30 degrees B 140 poles to a pine thence N 150 poles to a pine thence W 100 poles to a pine on the maple Branch thence down the Branch 5 30 degrees W 56 poles to Lotts Branch thence down the [several words crossed out] Meanders thereof to the Begining (sic) Ben Atkinson, Jun'r
Chain bearers:  Wm BOYET, Jr. and Thos. BOYET

submitted by Ann Berryman

1.    James Wiley BOYETTE b. 31 Aug 1889 Wilson Co. NC
m.    12 Apr 1912 Johnston Co., NC
d. 28 Feb 1975 Johnston Co., NC
bur. Rains Cross roads, Freewill Baptist Church Cem.
2.    Robert Armetus BOYETTE b. 19 Jan 1867 Wilson Co. NC
      d. 29 Nov 1913 Wilson Co., NC (md. 2 Rebecca)
3.    Sally BOYKIN b. 2 Oct 1868 Wilson Co. NC
d.    3 Jan 1899 Wilson Co., NC
4.    Larry Bryant BOYETTE b. 25 Oct 1836 prob Nash Co., NC
      d. 29 Nov 1913 [same day as #2?]
5.    Fannie Simms DEANS b. 8 Jan 1846 Nash Co., NC
6.    Stephen Dains BOYKIN m. 2 Mrs. Mary Ann DEANS WILLIAMS
7.    Jincey BOYKIN
8.    James BOYETTE b. 11 Aug 1806 prob Nash Co., NC
 m.    1 Mar 1832 Nash Co., NC
 d.    5 Nov 1883 Wilson Co., NC
9.    Sidney WILLIAMSON b. 1811
 d.    20 Apr 1889
10.     Wiley/Willie DENS
11.     Martha SIMMS
12.    Stephen BOYKIN b. 1814 SC
13.    Sallie DAVIS b. 1824
14.    Hilliard BOYKIN m. 1 Feb 1836
16.    George BOYETT b. @ 1770 Johnston Co., NC
17.    Tamsey O'NEAL b. 1776/7 Johnston Co., NC
32.    Joseph BOYETT?
34.    Patrick O'NEAL



submitted by Ann Berryman
(source of information: family records)

James Wiley BOYETTE b. 31 Aug 1889 Wilson Co., NC m. 12 Apr 1912
Johnston Co., NC Ella Lee BOYKIN (b. 4 Apr 1890 Johnston Co., NC, d. 12 Dec 1985 Johnston Co., NC, daughter of William Anderson BOYKIN and Tempe Catherine RAINS), James Wiley died 28 Feb 1975 and bur in Rains Cross Roads, Boon Hill twp, Kenly, Johnston Co., NC. James was the son of Robert Armetus and Sallie (BOYKIN) BOYETTE.

1. Sallie Marie BOYETTE b. 14 Mar 1913 Johnston Co., NC
2. Jams Wiley BOYETTE b. 16 Dec 1914 Johnston Co., NC
3. Norma Lee BOYETTE b. 12 July 1917 Johnston Co., NC
4. Robert Kyle BOYETTE b. 2 Oct 1919 Johnston Co., NC
5. Rudolph Armetus BOYETTE b. 14 July 1921 Johnston Co., NC
6. Moline Dorothea BOYETTE b. 24 Feb 1924 Johnston Co., NC
7. William Myers BOYETTE died young
8. Betsy Ann BOYETTE b. 24 July 1930 Johnston Co. NC

(Sources of information: James BOYETTE Family Bible Records, Rains
Crossroads Cm Rec, Cm Rec of Johnston Co., NC, Vol 3 compiled by
Edna Alford Caudill).

Robert Armetus BOYETTE b. 19 Jan 1867 of Wilson Co., NC
m.(1) Sallie BOYKIN (b. 2 Oct 1868 of Wilson Co., NC; d. 3 Jan 1899, daughter of Stephen Davis and Jincy BOYKIN), Robert m. (2) Rebecca.  He d. 29 NOv 1913 Wilson Co., NC.

children by first wife:

1. James Wiley BOYETTE, b. 31 Aug 1889 Wilson Co., NC
2. George BOYETTE  Wilson Co., NC

children by second wife (all children born in Wilson Co., NC):

3. Guy
4. Larry
5. Hugh
6. Roy
7. Frances
8. Beaulah (sic)
9. Lois

Family Bible is the source of information for the following:

(continued on page 6)


(continued from page 5)

Larry Bryant BOYETTE b. 25 Oct 1836 Nash or Edgecombe Co., NC
m.    Frances/Fannie Simms DEANS (b. 8 Jan 1846 Nash Co., NC, daughter of Wiley and Martha (SIMMS) DEANS); he d. 29 Nov 1913.


1.    Robert Aruetus BOYETTE b. 19 Jan 1867 d. 29 Nov 1913
2.    George Anna BOYETTE b. 21 Jan 1868 d. 13 Mar 1954
3.    James Wiley BOYETTE b. 6 Sept 1869 d. 6 July 1870
4.    Cora May BOYETTE b. 6 Nov 1870
5.    Hugh Addison BOYETTE b. 22 Sept 1872
6.    Laurena Maud BOYETTE b. 6 Apr 1874 d. 11 July 1911
7.    Minnea/r Atlanta BOYETTE b. 15 Sept 1875
8.    Lillie Blanche BOYETTE b. 16 Sept 1877
9.    Martha Geneva BOYETTE b.  27 Aug 1879
10.    Sidney Marian BOYETTE b.  26 May 1881
11.    John Bruce BOYETTE b. 19 oct 1882
12.    Grover Cleveland BOYETTE b. 88 oct 1884; d. 11 Nov 1918.
13.    Wade Simms BOYETTE b. 2 oct 1886
14.    Larry Giles BOYETTE b. 12 July 1888
of Hermitage, Gravelridge, & Warren

by Margaret Hollingsworth

Etheldred (Edward) BOYETT (or BOYT) b. 1800, married Sarah Ann SAUCER (sic) [SASSER] b. 1806.
Their son: William C. BOYT b. 1822 in Georgia B. Ann ______
some of their children were:
Susan b. @ 1846 in LA;
John. b. @ 1848 in LA;
Sarah Ann Catherine b. 1850 LA, she m. Phillip Washington
BOYETT 19 Dec 1867;
Daniel b. 1845, B. Mary Ann SMITH, he d. 1904 bur. Gravelridge Cem, Mary Ann b. 1857 and d. 1923 bur. Gravelridge Cem., Bradley Co., Ark.

Daniel and Mary Ann's children:
1.    Elizabeth (Lizzie) Argent, b. 14 Apr 1873,
m. John Lewis HOLLINGSWORTH 28 Dec 1888,
d. 19 Oct 1952, he b. 7 Aug 1860 d. 22
Mar 1922
2.    Callie Donie b. 17 Jan 1890, B. 29 Dec 1909
William (Pete) HINES, d. 16 Oct 1974, he 7 Oct
1886 and d.  11 June 1967 both bur.  at
Gravelridge Cem.
(Continued on page 7)

        (Continued from page 6)
(children of Daniel and Mary Ann - continued)

3. Lee m. Minnie BOYETT on 11 Dec 1906, he d. 19 sept 1949 bur at Hollie Springs Cem, El Dorado, AR.
4. Lula m. Bud HINES
5. William Edward m. Lottie Mae SUTTON, they are bur at Gravelridge Cem.

Family tradition relates that Daniel's children were part Indian.


The State of Arkansas Union County this is to certify that on the 9th day of January 1841 (sic) I joined together as man and wife according to law Etheldred BOYT and Nancy PORTER BOYT 41 years old and Nancy PORTER 29 years old both citizens of Luisianna (sic) given under my hand this 9th January 1842

Joel Tatum J.C.C.U.C.

(torn corner] ate of Arkensay's (sic) Union Countey (sic)
[torn corner] ly 13th 1842
[torn corner] is day Appeared before Me [torn corner] s BOIT and Polly SALLERS and Demanded Marrage (sic) which I Joined together in holy Matrimony by a mutual Concent (sic) Agreable (sic) to the Laws of this state

Done by me John Hill MG

I James Grumbles an acting and duly Commissioned Justice of the Peace in and for the County in the State of Arkansas do hereby certify that on the 30th of September A.D. 1851 at the County of Union in the State of Arkansas I did duly Join in Marriage Noah BOYET of said County aged 21 years and Susan PUTNELL aged 15 years and then and there declared thm to be husband and wife.

Given under my hand this 30th of Sept AD 1851
James Grumbles, J. P.




The State or Texas}     Before me H. Good Clerk of the County
Jasper County     ]     Court of said County personally appeared James R. LEE to me known and being by me duly Sworn upon his oath, says that Kesiah KELLY Signed the Same in his presence and that he signed said deed with Martha HAWTHORNE as a witness at her Kesiah KELLY's request,. . . 9 Nov 1868

Know all men by these presents that Kesiah KELLY also afore said State and County for and in consideration of the Sum of Three Hundred Dollars to me in hand paid by Noah BOYETT also of afore Said State and County   The Receipt of which I do hereby acknowledge have bargained and sold and conveyed and by these presents do bargained Sell and convey unto the afore Said Noah BOYETT and to his heirs or assigns from One and any heirs or assigns forever The following Discribed (sic) track of Land being and be--- Situated in Jasper County and afore Said State on big Creek abit (sic) 7 mills (sic) South West of the town of Jasper. Being a part of the A. C. Parmer track Containg (sic) one hundred and fifty acres more or Less Land (Land that she heired (sic) from her Father's estate) to have and to hold forever I the Said Kesiah KELLY hereby warrent and defend the promised above mentioned unto the Said Noah BOYETT and his heirs or assigns against me and my heirs and assigns forever.  This Sept 14th A.D. 1868
Kisiah “X” KELLY
Witnesses:    James P. LEE and Martha “X” HAWTHORN

This is followed by a drawing of the plot showing the holdings of
A. C. PARMER which is located on the waters of Big Creek and Little Creek.  Adjacent landowners are shown as S. J. BENJANIN, James LEE, N. BOYETT, N. BOYETT, and M. KELLY.  This is followed by a description of the survey.  “Field notes of 67 5/10 acres of land made for N. BOYETT. Being a part of an original Headright of 181 acres of land in the name of Malichi KELLEY Said Survey is SItuated in Jasper County about ten Miles S of the Town of Jasper and partly by the waters of Big Creek a tributary of the Noches (?) River and partly on the waters of Davis Creek a tributary of the Sabine River.
Beginning at the E Corner of A. C. PARMER's Headright which is also the N Corner of Said Malichi KELLEY's headright (made new bearings) from which a hickory 14 inches in diameter bears S 5 W 3 Varas ---- a pine [last line of this page cut off in copying]
Thence S 36 E with NE boundary of Said KELLEY's headright 873 varas to his E Corner from which a hickory 10 inches in diameter bears S 83 E 4 2/10 varas (one of the original bearings dead and down I made a new one) a hickory 11 inches in diameter bears S 84 W 13 2/10 varas
Thence S 54 W with the SE boundary of Said original headright at 155 varas branch which is a tributary of Davis Creek at 450 Varas a Stake in Said line from which a pine 16 inches in diameter
(continued on page 9)

(continued from page 8)
bears N 38 E 8 1/2 varas and a pine 15 inches in diameter bear8 N 14 W 14 ½ varas=
Thence N 30 W 290 varas Spring branch at 873 varas Stake in the SE boundary of A. C. PARMER's Survey and the NW boundary of said KELLEY's Original Survey from which a blackgum 10 inches in diameter bears N 27 W 77 varas and a black gum 6 inches in diameter bears S 6 ½ W 4 3/10 varas
Thence N 54 H 40 varas to the beginning*  Surveyed Dec? 7, 1952 John McCLAMORE and Dan'l Mc LAMORE [chain bearers] *Marginal note adjacent to the last line states "This line when measured for the PARMER tract showed to be 467 varas”
I L. D. SCARBOROUGH County Surveyor for Jasper County do hereby verify that the foregoing...

Filed for Record November the 9th 1868 at 9 o'clock A.M. and
recorded the same day in Record of land deeds book H, pages 243 &
244  Given under my hand & official Seal this the 9th Nov'r A.D.
    Field notes of another Survey of 32 2/10 acres of land made for N. BOYETT being a part of A. C. PARMERs Headright
Beginning at the E corner of said headright which is also the North corner of Malichi KELLEY's headright from which a hickory 14 inches in diameter bears S 9 W 5 varas and a pine 20 inches in diameter bears N 73 E 5 2/10 varas.
Thence S 54 W with PARMERs SE boundary 467* Varas to Stake for Corner from which a black gum 10 inches in diameter bears N 29 W 7 2/10 and a black gum to inches in diameter bears S 6 ½ W 4 53/10 varas
*Marginal note adjacent to the last paragraph states “This line when measured in the KELLEY tract showed to be only 450 varas"
Thence N 36 W 390 varas to a Stake for corner from which a magnolia 16 inches in diameter bears S 52 E 4 1/2 varas and a magnolia 12 inches in diameter bears S 54 W 5 varas
Thence N 54 E 467 varas to Stake in NE boundary of said PARMERs headright from which a hickory 14 inches in diameter bears N 75 W 15 varas and a hickory 8 inches in diameter bears S 71 W 6 1/2 varas
Thence S 36 E with said PARMER's line 390 varas to the beginning Surveyed Dec 8 1852
John McLAMORE and Harry CLARK chain bearers surveyed Dec 8  1852

I L.D. SCARBOROUGH County Surveyor for Jasper County do hereby certify that the foregoing survey was made according to law and that the limits boundaries and corners with the marks natural and artificial are truly described in the foregoing plat and field notes .

Jacket reads Deed Kiseah KELLY to Noah BOYETT Book H, pp 243/4


Book F, pages 449-451

To the Honorable the Judge of the 11th Judicial District Court in & for the Parish of Union state of Louisiana
The Petition of Alvin W. McCORMICK Mrs. Henrita RIPPERD (a ?farm? sale) Fenetta McBROWN wife of James McBROWN who joins herein to aid and authorize his said wife Emily DILDY wife of Charles DILDY who joins herein to aid and assist his said wife; all residents of the Parish and State aforesaid respectfully shows that they together with their five other sisters to wit- Nancy BOYT, Frances JESTER, Sarah McBROWN, Teresia GRIFFIN and Ann SHEPPARD all of whom are now deceased but represented by their descendants (which descendants  are  all  absentees  and  personally  unknown  to petitioners in consequence of which their names and residences cannot now be specifically set forth) are the legal heirs of the Estate of Sarah McCORMICK, dec'd which said estate has been legally administered and is now ready to be partitioned among the heirs according to Law that said Estates consists of Land and notes which cannot be partitioned in Kind but a Judicial Partition is  desired.  Wherefore  Partitioners  pray  that  the  legal Representatives of the said Nancey (sic) Frances Tersia Sarah & Ann McCORMICK be duly cited according to law to answer hereto and that they with petitioners be recognized as the legal heirs of the Estate of Sarah McCORMICK dec'd That a sale of the property be ordered and an inventory of the property as well as a Partition of the said Estates  That W. C. SMITH Parish Recorder together with [blank] &  [blank]  expects be (sic) ordered to make the said partition that a curator and has an attorney for the absentees be appointed in whom service may [words cut off in photocopying] further orders and decrees necessary [missing part of page]
(page 450)
State of Louisiana}  Zn the suit of A. H. McCORMICK vs. heirs of Parish Of Union   }  Mary M. BOYT et al for a partition of the property of the Estate of Sarah McCORMICK dec'd the premises considered and the District Judge being absent from the Parish it is hereby ordered adjudged and decreed that J. E. Trimble be and he is hereby appointed attorney and has for the absentees set forth as defendants in the foregoing partition Done and signed in office on this Sept 3d 1866
J. W. Reid  clerk
                         Dist Court

Service of the Foregoing petition acknowledged this Sept 3d 1866
J.    H. Trumble, Atty for absentees

State of Louisiana} 11th Judicial District Court in the matter of
Parish of Union  }the partition of the Estate of Sarah McCORMICK dec'd the premises considered and the defts by their atty having having (sic) all joined therein by the answer of their attorney

(continued on page 11)

                      (continued from page 10)
it is hereby ordered that the prayer of the foregoing petition be
and the same is hereby granted and A. W. McCORMICK, Mrs. Henrietta RIPPARD, Fenetta McBROWN wife of James BROWN (sic), Emily DILDY wife of Charles DILDY Mary McCORMICK BOYT dec'd Francis McCORMICK Junr dec'd Sarah McCORMICK McBROWN dec'd Tersia GRIFFIN dec'd Ann McCORMICK dec'd the last five representatives by their children are hereby recognized as the sole legal heirs of the estate of Sarah McCORMICK dec'd and it is further ordered that there be a partition of the said Estate among the said heirs and an Inventory of the property to be sold also be ordered and also a sale of the said property for the purpose of affecting said Partition and that
A. W. McCORMICK the former administrator be authorized to make said sale according to law and it further ordered that W. C. Smith notary public make the aforesaid Inventory and appraisement also after the sale that he make the said partition among the heir. and that [blank] and [blank] be and they are hereby appointed experts to assist in making said partition and that the cost of all these proceedings be borne by the estate Done and signed in office on this November 2nd 1866
J.    W. Reid clerk
(page 451)
State of Louisiana} I Harmon K. Hikins and I Thomas J. Stewart do
Parish of Union   } solemnly swear that I will faithfully and
Impartially appraise all the property that may be presented to me
belonging to the Estate of Sarah McCORMICK Dec’d at its cash value     a [illegible] to the best of my Judgement So help me God
Sworn to and subscribed before me this the 4th day of Apr 1866             H. K. Elkins
             T.    H. Stewart
        N. C. Smith recorder
State of Louisiana}  Be it remembered that on this
Parish of Union  }  the fourth day of December A.D. 1866
pursuant to an order from the H---- 11 Dist. Court of LA to me William C. Smith recorder and ex officio notary public in and for said Parish directed authorizing authorizing (sic) m to make an Inventory & appraisement of the property belonging to the estate of Sarah McCORMICK deceased and being assisted by Harman K. Elkins and Thomas J. Stewart residents of Union Parish who being duly appointed & sworn by me as appraisers and in presence of witnesses proceeded to make said inventory and appraisement as herein after set forth
80 acres of Land with the Improvements therein appraised to be worth $1.50 per acres making $120.00  This done and signed in my office in the Town of Farmerville LA in the presence of the undersigned lawfull and competent witnesses called for the purpose
This December 4th 1866
Attest                H. K. Elkins
M.N. Renfro    N.C. Smith        T. J. Stewart
L.H. Thomas    Recorder    .
[note at bottom of page reads as follows: “Robert JETER married
    Mary BOYETT Cy 4 B”]=========================


BOOK A-2, PAGE 415

[Est]ate of Sarah McCORMICK.
[Acc]ount of Sale: Filed [blank].

List of the affects of the Estate of Sarah NcCORNICK deceased sold by A. W. McCORMACK (sic) Admr. December the 6th 1866.

[?] Acres of Land more or less  J. H. McBroom  $120.00
Note on George Walker for six dollars No sail (sic)
do on John Manning for $3.97    John Manning    .25
do on J. H. Guice $100.00
        Cr. $50.00    J. H. Dilday    50.00
do on J. H. NcBroom $75.61
         Cr. $17.90    J. H. NcBroom    57.71
do on Charles Dilday & W. C.
         Porter $34.50    No sale
do W. T. Porter & John Manning
         $27.40    John Manning    27.48
do J. H. Haynie & Jasper Holloway
         $13.00    J. H. Haynie    13.00
account on James Manning deceased
    $1.20    No sale
note on W. T. Porter $40.00 Cr.
            $5.00                  No sale
do on Charles Dilday $20.00     No sale
do on same $93.50 Cr.$12.10     No sale
do on same $46.00 Cr 20.00     No sale
do on W. T. Porter $1.04        No sale
do on J. C. Jones & J.H. McBroom
           $6.70                J. H. McBroom     6.70
do on J. L. Guice & John Manning
           $12.90               J. H. Haynie     12.90
do on J. H. McBroom $9.00
           Cr. $2.00                         J. H. McBroom     7.00
do on A. W. McCormick $18.42

       Cr. $10.00                 H. K. Kikins      8.42
do on H. Jones $2.89                            H. K. Elkins      2.89
do on John Manning & W. T. Porter

       $12.95                 John Manning     12.95
do on A. W. McCormack & J. H.

       NcBroom $17.57    H. K. Elkins     17.37
[?] T. Simmons do certify that the above is a correct account of the sale made by A. W. McCormick Admr. of the Estate of Sarah McCormick deceased on Thursday December the 7th A.D. 1866
M.T. Simmons Clk. of Sale.



Information from Elizabeth Boyett,  1787  112  Elizabeth St.
Shreveport, LA [her husband Wm. Russell BOYETT was a son of Ethel
Ethel D. BOYT and Sarah Ann SAUCER was mar. Sept 5th 1821.
Ethel D. BOYT and Nancy PORTER was married January 9th 1942.
Ethel D. BOYT and El. Jane RUSSEL was m. June 18th 1857.
Ethel D. BOYTT (sic) was born Aug. 10, 1800 Sarah Ann SAUCER wife
of Ethel D. BOYTT was born Oct. 26, 1806.
Nancy PORTER wife of Ethel D. BOYTT was born Dec 15th 1812.
Elisabeth Jane RUSSEL was born May 22nd 1822.
William C. BOYTT son of Ethel D. BOYT was born Oct 1, 1822.
Stephen BOYETT was born January 18, 1825.
John R. BOYETT was born Dec 5, 1828.
Noah BOYETT was born Nov. 8th, 1830.
Mary Ann BOYETT was born Oct 4th 1833.
Sarah Ann BOYETT was born January 22nd 1836.
Martha Ann Sopphia BOYETT was born Dec 22nd 1837.
Samuel M. BOYETT was born Nov. 28th 1942.
Ethel BOYETT wa8 born May 19th 1845.
Ursulia Ann BOYETT was born Oct. 25th 1846.
James R. BOYETT was born April 22nd 1848.
Lafayette B. BOYETT was born Oct 14th, 1850.
Nancy Ann BOYETT was born Sept. 20th 1851.
William T. Porter [BOYETT?] was born May 19th 1857.
Charlotte Ann BOYETT was born July 12th 1859.
Felix BOYETT was born March 17th 1861.
William R. BOYETT was born April 11th 1863.
Eliza Ann BOYETT was born Dec 1st 1865.
Sarah Ann BOYETT consort of Ethel D. BOYETT Departed this life Feb
12th A.D. 1840.
Nancy BOYETT wife of Ethel D. BOYETT departed this life Nov. 25th
Stephen BOYETT Departed this life July 5th 1837.
Mary Ann JETER Departed this life Sept. 15th 1859.
Martha Ann Sopphira BOYETT Departed this life Oct. 7th 1857.
Nancy Ann BOYETT departed this life Sept 3rd, 1855.
Ethel BOYETT BOYETT [(sic) departed this life July 6th 1863.
Felix BOYETT Departed this life Sept. 6th 1863.
[In a different handwriting]:
E. D. BOYETT Departed Dec 27, 1882.
#3 Elizabeth Jane BOYETT Dec 2, 1908.
Family Records
Buried: Spring Branch Ark. Columbia Co.
(continued on page 14)

(continued from page 13)
Children by first wife:

William C. BOYETT b. Oct 1, 1822
Stephen BOYETT b. Jan 18, 1825 d. July 5, 1837
John R. BOYETT b. Dec 5, 1828
Noah BOYETT   b. Nov. 8, 1830  d. Kay 30, 1897 Bur: BOYETT
      Homestead Jasper Co., TX
Mary Ann BOYETT  b. Oct 4, 1833; md. Robert JETER; d. Sept 15, 1859.
Sara Ann BOYETT  b. Jan 22, 1836; d. 1906; bur Zion Hill Cem Jasper Co., TX

Nancy PORTER Born: Dec 13, 1812 Died: Nov 25, 1855
Children by second wife:

Samuel M. BOYETT b. Nov 28, 1842.
Ethel D. (Ethel) BOYETT b. May 19, 1845; d. July 6, 1863.
Ursela Ann BOYETT b. Oct. 28, 1846.
James R. BOYETT b. April 22, 1848.
Lafayette Benjamin BOYETT b. Oct 14, 1849; d. Feb 8, 1916; bur. Boyett           Cem, Erin, Jasper Co., TX
Nancy Ann BOYETT b. Sept 20, 1851; d. Sept 3, 1855.

Elizabeth Ann RUSSELL  Born: May 12~ 1822  Died: Dec 2, 1908 and
                 Bur: Spring Branch Cem, Columbia Co., Ark.
children of third wife:

Charlotte Ann BOYETT b. July 12, 1859.
Felix BOYETT  b. March 17, 1861; d. Sept 6, 1863.
William Russell BOYETT b. April 11, 1863; d. 1949.
Eliza Ann BOYETT b. Dec 1, 1865; d. 1908.

Eathel Dread's children's marriages:

Noah BOYETT married Susan PUTNELL Sept 27, 1851
Sara Ann BOYETT and John McLEMORE
James R. BOYETT and E. WILKINS, June 28, 1871
Charlotte Ann BOYETT and J. H. COYLE 6 March 1879.
Lafayette Benjamin BOYETT and Alita ? md. (2) Francis ?

Lafayette Benjamin and Alita BOYETT's children were:
    Morg (sic), Eaf or Eph (sic), Lon (James Elonzo).

Editor's note: who was the BOIT who married Polly SALLERS?


Nancy BOYET McMAHAN, Et Al     Plaintiffs
              vs #1772
G. C. MASON, Et Al    Defendant.

This cause came on to be heard on the 20th day of September 1955 and the Plaintiffs, Nancy BOYET McMAHAN, Floyd BOYET and Mrs. Floyd BOYET, Lacy BOYET and Mrs. Lacy BOYET, Annie Lee BOYET TEAGUE,  J. H. O'DANIEL, Ida K. COThE WALLER, Sallie B. COOK COYLE, Russie A. COYLE COCHRAN, Genetter LEONARD NEWMAN, Elizabeth LEONARD MANOR, Ruby LEONARD MAXWELL, Turrell LEONARD GANN, Inez LEONARD, James Ethiel BOYET and Mrs. James Ethiel BOYET, Helen Elizabeth BOYET, W. R. BOYET, Jr. and Mrs. W. R. BOYET, Jr., Thomas K. BOYET, Sr. and Mrs. Thomas B. BOYET, Sr., J. T. BOYET, Sr. and Mrs. J. T. BOYET, Sr., Jim BOYET and Mrs. Jim BOYET, Monroe BOYET and Mrs. Monroe BOYET, Mrs. Organ BOYET, John E. O'DANIEL and Mrs. John E. O'DANIEL, Clara O'DANIEL BOULWARB, Elmer M.    O'DANIEL and Mrs. Elmer M. O'DANIEL, Orland O'DANIEL and Mrs. Orland O'DANIEL, Syble O'DANIEL AKIN, Algy O'DANIEL, Mattie
Jr., Mrs. J. H. HALL, Mrs. Johnnie HAWTHORNE, Mrs. M. C. KELLEY,
Mrs. Everett HAMLETT, Jim HALL, Elonzo BEHANON and Mrs. Elonzo BEHANON, Festus BEHANON and Mrs. Festus BEHANON, W. C. COYLE, Jr. and Mrs. W. C. COYLE Jr., Jarmon COYLE and Mrs. Jarmon COYLE, Mrs. Mary COYLE LEONARD, Mrs. Julia COYLE ALFORD, J. K. COYLE, Jr. and Mrs. J. K. COmE, Jr., Lottie V. LEONARD LAND, J. A. LEONARD, Jr. and Mrs. J. A. LEONARD, Jr., Willie Day LEONARD and Mrs. Willie Day LEONARD, Ethiel LEONARD and Mrs. Ethiel LEONARD, Mrs. Ruth LEONARD LINTON, Mrs. Bert WOMBLE LEONARD, Donald Edward BOYET a minor, and James Archie BOYET a minor by the mother and next friend, Mrs. Spicy BOYET, Mrs. Lois BOYET, Mrs. H. P. BOYET PAGE Jr., Mrs. Garland F. BOYET ADAMS, Mrs. Kenneth R. BOYET McALISTER, Mrs. Spicy T. HALL WOOD, Mrs. Lucy HALL SONNIER, Mrs. Jimmie HALL HOLLEY, Mrs. Laverne HALL VANPHELT, Ernest HALL and Mrs. Ernest HALL, Mrs. Martha HALL BROCKMAN, Shirley HALL,[missing page?]
Liquidation by their Attorney, A. R. Cheatham; and Addison Lee Tyler by his Attorney, W. H. Kitchens, Jr.; Frank B. Treat by his Attorneys, McKay, Anderson & Crumpler; and Placid Oil Company by its Attorneys, McKay, Anderson & Cruupler; A. C. Hill and I. A. Brinker by their Attorneys McKay, Anderson & Crumpler; First National Bank of Chicago by its Attorneys, McKay, Anderson & Crumpler; Frank Kelly, Jr., H. L. Havkins and H. L. Hawkins Jr. by their Attorneys, McKay, Anderson & Crumpler; William P. Clark, Helen Tiffany MoCord, Jennie Reed Friedel and Lawrence W. Reed by their Attorneys, Gaughan, McClellan & Laney; and announced ready for trial this being the day set for the trial on this cause.
And  this  cause  is  submitted  to  the  Court  for  its consideration and judgment upon the Bill in Equity for Accounting


filed by the Plaintiffs herein together with Lis Pendens Notice
filed by Plaintiffs, Exhibit A to the Bill in Equity for
Accounting Filed by the Plaintiffs together with Separate Answer
of Shell Oil Company, A. J. McDonald, Bliza J. McDonald, Paralee
McDonald Bowen, Irene McDonal Tyler, Helen McDonald Lamb, W. T.
McDonald and C. H. McDonald; Answer and Cross Complaint of Mid-
Continent Petroleum Corporation; Answer and Cross Complaint of
Deep Rock Oil Corporation; Answer and Cross Complaint of Walter
Keith; Answer and Cross Complaint of A. R. Wherritt and Grady
McLemore; Answer and Cross Complaint of Woodley Petroleum Company,
Premier Oil Refining Company of Texas; and Crow Drilling Company,
Inc., First Supplement to First Amended Answer and Cross Complaint
of Mid-Continent Petroleum Corporation; Separate Answer and Cross
Complaint of Joe W. Downer and Alice Downer Winslett; Separate
Answer and Cross Complaint of G. C. Mason and Ona Mae Mason;
Separate Answer and Cross Complaint of T. C. Browning, Margie
Alice Taylor, Melvin Cecil Browning, Mittie Browning Matlock;
Separate Answer and Cross Complaint of G. I. Reynolds, Dr. James
L. Smith, A. 0. Smith, Novie Thurman Cannon, William Henry
Thurman, Imogene Thurman Stewart; T. J. Barnard, Eveline Thurman
Cannon Irea Elmer Lee, W. E. [missing section or page]
of Louisiana, Comercial Bank and Trust Company of Springhill,
Louisiana, a Louisiana Corporation, Separate Answer and Cross
Complaint of Jesse C. Burns, Lucy Burns, Andy F. Burns, Eva Burns
Wise, Mary Burns Souter, Fred E. Burns, Emil S. Burns, Lloyd G.
Burns, Esther Burns Connelly, Vesta Souter Burns, Elmer Malone
Burns, Ellen Mason Burns, Orlene COYLE Burns; Answer and Cross
Complaint of Pan-Am Southern Corporation; Separate Answers of
Melvin Boucher, Jesse L. Boucher, Drayton R. Boucher, J. P.
Hawkins, H. L. Hawkins, Frank S. Kelly, Jr., William A. Slack;
Affidavit for Warning Order; Separate Answer and Cross Complaint
of Donald F. Overdyke and Jere C. Overdyke; Separate Answer and
Cross Complaint of State Bank Comissioner of State of Louisiana,
Commericial Bank and Trust Company of Springhill, Louisiana;
Adoption of Answer and Cross Complaint of Joe W. Downer and Alice
Downer Winsletet by Aline Sigler, Eleanor McSwain; Proof of
Publication of Warning Order; Report of Attorney Ad Litem by P. C.
Crumpler; Answer by Plaintiffs to Cross Complaint of Frank B.
Treat; Answer and Cross Complaint of A.C. Hill and I. A. Brinker;
Separate Answer of First National Bank of Chicago; Motion to
Suppress Deposition; Separate Answer and Cross Complaint of Frank
S. Kelly, Jr. H. L. Hawkins and H. L. Hawkins Jr., Amendment to
Separate Answer of Shell Oil Company; Separate Answer and Cross
Complaint of William P. Clark, Helen Tiffany McCord, Jennie Reed
Friedel and Lawerence (sic) W. Reed; Reply filed by Defendants and
Cross Complainants and Application to Substitute Sunray Mid-Continent Oil Company, a Delaware Corporation, for Mid-Continent Petroleum Corporation, as Defendant and Cross Complainant, and upon testimony heard in open Court both oral and documentary and by stipulation, said testimony having been presented on the 20th day of September, 1955, and the 21st day of September, 1955.  The said testimony having been taken down in shorthand by the regular


Court Reporter, which in the appeal herein shall be transcribed and filed as deposition and considered a part of the record on appeal, after having heard said testimony the Court requested written briefs of all parties concerned and said briefs having been presented to the Court, the Court having read same now makes the following decree.
    On this the 14th day of December, 1955, the Court doth find from the foregoing that the Bill in Equity for Accounting filed herein by the plaintiffs is without equity and should, therefore, be dismissed.
    It is, therefore, considered, ordered, adjudged and decreed that the Bill in Equity for Accounting filed herein by the Plaintiffs be and the same is hereby dismissed.
    The Court is of the further opinion that the Defendants are the owners in the manner hereinafter set out of Section 12-20S-23W, lying South of the Old Louisiana Line in Columbia County, Arkansas. That they have acquired title by adverse possession under color of title and by laches (sic) and the Defendants are entitled to have their title quieted and confirmed in them as against the Plaintiffs and each of them.
    It is further ordered, adjudged and decreed by this Court that Shell Oil Company, a Delaware Corporation, and Sunray Mid- Continent Oil Company, a Delaware Corporation, (formerly Mid-Continent Petroleum Corporation, a Delaware Corporation) are the owners and holders, 50% each, of good, valid and subsisting oil, gas and mining leasehold estates in and on the following described lands in Columbia County, Arkansas, to wit:
SE/4 NW/4 of Sec 12, T205, R23W, and a Unitized 40-acre Block in the SE Corner of Sec. 12, which Unitized 40-acre Block is described as follows: Beginning at the SE Corner of said Sec. 12 on the Louisiana-Arkansas State Line, thence westerly along said State Line approximately 1320 feet to the SE Corner of a tract of land lying in said Section 12 and owned now or formerly by W. E. THURMAN, thence Northerly along the East line of said W. E. Thurman Tract and an extension of said line approximately 1320 feet to a point for Corner, thence Easterly approximately 1320 feet to the East line of said Sec. 12, thence Southerly along the East line of said Sec. 12 approximately 1320 feet to the point of beginning, and the said North Line of the herein described tract being parallel to the South Line thereof and a sufficient distance Northerly so as to embrace exactly 40 acres.
    It is further ordered, adjudged and decreed by the Court that Sunray  Mid-Continent  Oil  Company,  a  Delaware  Corporation, (formerly  Mid-Continent  Petroleum  Corporation,  a  Delaware Corporation,)  is the owner and holder of good,  valid and subsisting oil, gas and mining leasehold estates in and on the following described lands in Columbia County, Arkansas, to wit:
E/2 SW/4 NW/4 and W/2 Fractional Sw/4 and NE14 and NE/4 of Sec. 12, T20S, R23W less 21.10 acres lying in the SE Corner of said NE/4, which 21/10 acres is included in and a part of the above described Unitized 40-acre Block in the SE Corner

of said Sec. 12.

    It is further ordered, adjudged and decreed by this Court that the following named persons, subject to said above mentioned oil, gas and mining leasehold estates owned and held by Sunray Mid-Continent Oil Company, a Delaware Corporation, and Shell Oil Company, a Delaware Corporation, and easements of record, are the owners of oil, gas and other mineral rights in and under the above described lands in the proportions shown by instruments of record..............

Filed for record 12 January 1956

p. 17
Wm. BOIT  250 acres
George the Third, by the Grace of God, of Great Britain, France, and Ireland, King, Defender of the Faith, and so forth. To all to whom these Presents shall come, Greeting. Know Ye, That we, of Our special Grace, certain knowledge, and mere Motion, have Given and Granted and by these Presents, for Us, Our Heirs and Successors, do Give and Grant unto
William BOIT his heirs and assigns all that tract of land Situated and being in the Parish of St. George in our province of Georgia containing Two Hundred and fifty acres bounded easterly by land of Robert PRIOR Northwesterly by land of Robert BOWLING & on all other sides by land vacant.
Dated 5th Req'd 12th June 1770
. . To have and to hold the said Tract of land containing two hundred & fifty acres and all and singular other the Premises hereby granted, with the Appurtenances, unto the said William BOIT his heirs and assigns forever in free and common Soccage, he the said William BOIT his Heirs or Assigns, Yielding and Paying therefor, unto Us, Our Heirs and Successors, or to Our Receiver-General for the Time being, or to his Deputy or Deputies for the Time being, yearly and every Year, on the Twenty-fifty Day of March, at the rate of Two Shillings Sterling for every Hundred Acres, and so in Proportion, according to the Quantity of Acres contained herein, the same to commence at the End and Expiration of two Years from the Date hereof. Provided always, and this present Grant is upon Condition nevertheless, That by the said William BOIT his Heirs or Assigns
James Wright Esq'r  Capt. Gen'l & Governor in Chief of our said Province, the fifth Day of May in the Year of Our Lord, 1770 and in the Tenth year of Our Reign,
Ja's Wright
Signed by his Excellency the Governor
Cha's Watson C C

[Title, author, and publisher unknown at this time]
p. 897.
[printed marginal notation]: Petition of William BOIT for 250 Acres land and Granted.

Read a petition of William BOIT setting forth that he had been about six Months in the Province had had no Land granted him and was desirous to obtain Land for Cultivation having a Wife and two Children Therefore praying for two hundred and fifty Acres in St. George's Parish at a place called the good Land Pond between Land
this day petitioned for by Robert BOWLING and Robert PRIOR and Land granted William JOHNSTON
Resolved That on Condition only that the Petitioner doth take out a Grant for the said Land within seven Months from this date and that he doth also register the said Grant in the Register's Office of this Province within Six Months from the date thereof that his Majesty may not be defrauded of his Quit Rents the prayer of the said Petition is granted-


Robert BOYETT, b. @ 1791 NC, with brothers Lock and Thomas migrated to Georgia from North Carolina in or about 1810. Lock m. 9 Feb 1811 in Georgia to Nancy FORT, and about this same year Robert married Sarah ________.  Robert reportedly moved back to North Carolina for a brief period.
All three brothers were residents of Autauga Co., AL before 1830, and prior to 1835 the three families migrated to Sumter Co., AL, where Robert and Sarah died on 23 July 1839 and before 26 Feb 1844, respectively.  Sarah's will was probated there on 26 Feb 1844. Robert's nuncupative will was probated in Sumter Co., AL on 26 July 1839 on the deposition of his brother, Lock BOYETT, recorded as follows:
On Sunday, the 21st day of July 1839, I was sent for by my brother, Robert BOYETT, who was extremely low at the time with the fever. . . my brother, about 12 o'clock on Sunday stated to me that he had a fine plantation then and that if not attended he asked me if it would not soon go to rack.  I told him it would. He then told me he had made up his mind how he wanted his property disposed of.  He said he wanted three thousand dollars appropriated to the schooling of his three youngest children and fifteen hundred to his two children at Gainesville . . . all his property to be sold and equally divided . . . I would buy Sally (his wife) a place. My brother died about sundown on 23rd July 1839.  He stated to me several times between Sunday and his death that he should not recover and on the day of his death in the morning
(continued on page 20)

(continued from page 19)

he stated to Sam'l SWILLEY and myself that he ought to see something about his estate; Mr. SWILLEY said no that he was doing well and would be about again in a few days.  Mr. SWILLEY thought it best not to say anything about a written will;  I thought he was better from Sunday evening till Tuesday morning, and on Tuesday stated to my brother that I must go home to see about some business . . . he said if I did go I would never see him again . . . I then staid (sic).

26 July 1839
Sam'l B. BOYD (sic)
The State of Alabama} Personally came Lock BOYETT in
Sumter County       }  open court and being first duly sworn deposeth and saith that Robert BOYETT now deceased did speak the foregoing as therein set forth and expressed whilst of sound and disposing mind and memory on the days and dates herein enumerated.
In testimony whereof, I hereunto subscribe my name this 14th day of December 1839.

Sarah's will follows:   I, Sarah BOYETT of the county of Sumter and State of Alabama, relict and widow of Robert BOYETT, late of said county dec'd and being weak in body, but of sound and disposing mind and memory, and being desirous to arrange my temporal matters whilst I have thought capacity to do so, do make and publish this my last will and testament, hereby revoking and making void all other and former wills by me at any time heretofore made.
First, I desire that all my just debts of every description be paid by my Executors hereinafter named.
Second: I give and bequeath to my daughter Missouri BOYETT my negro slave named Abram, his wife named Becca and their two children, Catherine and Emily with their future increase to her and her heirs forever.
Third, I give and bequeath to my daughter Amanda BOYETT, my negro girl named Lina to her and her heirs forever.
Fourth, I give and bequeath to my son William H. C. BOYETT, my Negro boy slaves Joe and Bailus to him and his heirs forever.
Fifth, I give and bequeath to my son John T. BOYETT, my negro boy slaves Henry and Moses to him and his heirs forever.
Sixth, I give and bequeath to my son Green BOYETT my Negro man slave named Isham to him and his heirs forever.
Seventh, I give and bequeath to my son Jackson BOYETT one feather bed and furniture and my boy horse called Charley.

(continued on page 21)


(continued from page 20)
The balance of my property of every description, I wish to be sold and divided (after paying my debts) equally among my five children first herein mentioned.
And lastly, I nominate, constitute and appoint my friend John W. KERR and William I. STEELE, executors of this my last vill and testament.
In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand and affixed my seal this 25th day of November in the year of our Lord one Thousand eight Hundred and Forty-one.
Sarah “X” BOYETT  (Seal)
Witnesses: J. R. METCALFE, J. P. LANDERS, and Carter ESTES.

Children of Robert and Sarah:

1. Missouri BOYETT, b. 1818 in Georgia.
2. Amanda BOYETT, b. 1820; m. 27 Aug 1844 to Edward SANDERS in Sumter         Co., AL.
3. William H. C. BOYETT, b. 1822.
4. John Thomas BOYETT, b. 3 June 1824 in North Carolina; m. 20
   May 1846 in Sumter Co., AL to Malissa Ann THORN, daughter of
   Jesse and Jerusha; d. 24 Oct 1892 Navarro Co. TX; both bur
   Blooming Grove Cem, Navarro Co., TX
5. Green BOYETT, born 1827; a. 4 Oct 1842 to Mary SWILLY in Sumter             Co.,AL.
6. Jackson BOYETT, b. 1830; m. 23 Dec 1841 in Sumter Co,, AL to Margaret      J. TERRILL, daughter of Thomas P. and Ann.
John Thomas BOYETT, second son and fourth child of Robert and
Sarah, was born 3 June 1824 in North Carolina.  He married
Malissa Ann THORN, daughter of Jesse and Jerusha.  Malissa
was b. 25 August 1832 in North Carolina and d. 7 Oct 1833 in
Navarro Co., TX.

Children of John Thomas and Malissa Ann (THORN) BOYETT:

1. Infant son BOYETT, b. 2 Oct 1847 Sumter Co., Al:.
2. Jesse James BOYETT, b. 28 Dec 1848, Sumter Co., AL.
3. William Jasper BOYETT, b. 16 June 1851, Sumter Co., AL.
4. John Henry BOYETT, b. 16 Jan 1853, Sumter Co., AL.
5. Sarah Jane BOYETT, b. 12 Jan 1855, Sumter Co., AL.
6. Edna Anna BOYETT, b. 27 Aug 1857, Smith Co., TX; m. Mr. FLORES.
7. Maria Elizabeth BOYETT, b. 20 May 1861, Smith Co., TX.
8. Everett Rhodes BOYETT, b. 31 Mar 1863 Smith Co., TX.
9. Luella BOYETT, b. 22 July 1865 Smith Co., TX.
10.Charlie Mack BOYETT, b. 29 Aug 1863 Smith Co., TX.
11.Martha Effie BOYETT, b. 13 July 1870, Smith Co., TX.
12.Charlie Edward BOYETT, b. 25 Aug 1874 Smith Co., TX.
13.Zenaida Ivey BOYETT, b. 20 Mar 1878, Smith Co., TX.

1830 U.S. Census

The following census extracts were submitted by Virginia Kelley

p. 369
BOYT, William W.        1 male between 20 - 30, 1 male between 30 - 40 2 females over five,  1 female between 20 - 30

p. 355  700th District
Hardy BOYET         3 males under 5,  1 male between 20 - 30        1 female between 30 - 40


p. 151 700th G. M.
household #351
BOYETT, Hardy    40 m w Planter  b. NC
“       Charlotte             46 f w             NC
       George W.             14 m w    GA
“       William H.            12 m w    GA
“       John                     10 m w    GA
“       Lucy J.                 8 f w    GA
“       Susan F.                 7 f w    GA
“       Sarah A.                 5 f w    GA


p. 17 Madison Courthouse P.O., 14 June 1860
Household #109
    Hardy BOYTT    51    m w Planter $500 $75    SC
    Charlotte    56    f w    SC
    Henry    23    m w    GA
    Lucy J.    18    f w    GA
    Susan F.    16    f w    GA
    Sarah    13    f w    GA


1870 U.S. CENSUS
    Madison P.O.
p. 16 # 6
    BOYETT, Susan    26    f w keeping house b.    GA
            Sarah    24    f w    GA
    p. 16 #7
     WHITTY, Lucy    34    f w    GA
    “        John     8     m w     FL
    “        Robert      6     m w    FL
    “        Dollie    3    f w    FL


Hardy BOYETT b. 15 August 1911, Duplin Co., NC, probably son of
James BOYET and Mary VANN.  Hardy married 15 October 1835 in
Coweta Co., GA to Charlotte SKIPPER, prob. daughter of Henry
SKIPPER.  Hardy d. 28 Nov 1876 in Madison Co., FL; Charlotte b. 22
May 1804 probably Wayne Co., NC; d. 19 Mar 1866/76 Madison Co.,

Their Children:
1.George W. BOYETT b. Coweta Co., GA
2.    William H. BOYETT b. Coweta Co., GA
3. John Andrew BOYETT b      m. @ 1863 in TN GA
4. Lucy Jane BOYETT, b. 2 Oct 1841 Troup Co., GA; m. 5 Apr
         1863 Madison Co., FL to John Edward WHITTY (b. l 1840 of Madison Co., FL, d. bef 1870 Madi8on Co., FL).
5. Susan Frances BOYETT b. Troup Co., GA; m.
6. Sarah BOYETT b.


Hardy BOYETT and Rebecca Ann HATCH   27 May 1867,  [probably daughter of Paul and Elizabeth HATCH].

William H. BOYETT and Miss C. A. MOZINGO, 16 December 1873.


Appointed Daniel GLISSON, guardian to John BOYET and Hardy BOYET, orphans of Samuel BOYET, dec'd he gave Bond of 300 lbs. Ordered he take Estate of said John and Hardy BOYET into his possession.


by William L. (Bill) Murphy
Rose Hill: Duplin Co. Hist. Soc. , 1982.
William BOYETT witnessed the will of Henry BEST on 5 March 1850.
Ancram A. BOYETT witnessed the will of Peter CARLTON on 13 May 1840.
P. 39
Jesse BOYET witnessed the will of Benadick (sic) DICKSON on 22
June 1833.
Alfred BOYETT witnessed the will of Sally GRAHAM on 20 Sep 1849.
p. Jonas BOYETTE was one of several who proved in court the will
of John HIGHSMITH 4 Sept 1867.
p. 88
In the will of Solomon JONES, his daughter Sarah BOYET and her
[unnamed] children received a negro slave named Bob.  Will dated
30 July 1830 and probated August term 1830.
page 17
Book 2/A page 61
Moses BOYET, will dated 26 Sept 1780 will probated October Court
1780 Duplin County:
To wife Anne 1 horse, bridle & saddle, 1 feather bed & furniture, 1 cow and calf, 1 Rare, land & plantation for her life;
son Arthur BOYET to have land and plantation, 1 year old colt, 1 cow & calf, 1 two year old heifer, 1 feather bed and furniture.
daughter Millae HOLLAND, 1 Shilling sterling
Moses “X” BOYETT

witnesses: Thomas JERNIGAN, Jonathan GORE, Christopher MARTIN

Samuel BOYT will dated 14 May 1791; will probated July term 1791 Duplin County:
Wife Phereby to have manor plantation, mare saddle & bridle, all household furniture, 1 cow & calf & heifer for natural life or widowhood and then to my two sons: John and Hardy.
Son John BOYET manor plantation at wife's death, 1 mare, 1 cow & yearling, 1 two year old steer, 7 silver dollars.
Son Hardy BOYT  tract of land on Ash Branch below & joining the manor plantation, 1 cow & yearling, young sorrel mare, 7 silver dollars.
Samuel “X" BOYET
exec: brothers: William B. BOYET & Arthur BOYET
Witnesses: Thomas PHILLIPS, Ephraim “X” BOYT
(continued on page 25)


(continued from page 24)
Martha BOYETT will dated 25 July 1939, will probated July Term
1840 Duplin County:
Daughters: Betsey Jane JONES to receive 233 1/3 acres whereon
Martha lived and negroes Toney, Rachel, Dolly, Alice, Carolina,
Abram,  and Caesar,  all live stock,  household,  and kitchen
Martha “X” BOYETT
Executor: James K. Hill Witnesses: James K. HILL, Griffin JONES

p. 192
Appendix Duplin County Wills, 1861-1900
BOYETTE, Balaam 9 Mar 1891 8 Aug 1891, Book 4, page 382.
BOYETTE, Susan A. 25 June 1895 - 26 Feb 1897 Book 4, page 499.

by Eleanor Smith Draughon
(Rose Hill: Duplin Co. Hist Soc, 1986)
[Editor's note: in the following Duplin County extracts, the page nubbers cited are those of the published work, not the original deed books.]

Book 1A
p. 10
Deed from Alexander LANE to William KENAN 5 Nov 1784 lists Ephraim
BOYD'S property line as adjacent.

p. 21
Deed from Joseph DICKSON Esqr to Lewis THOMAS mentions Ephraim
BOYD's 100 acre survey on a prong of Ashe Branch . . . land now
John BESTs & with Arthur BOYD'sline. 7 Jan 1786.

William BOYET to Lewis THOMAS, both planters of Duplin Co., 4 Feb 1786, for 80 pds current money 400 acres in 3 tracts (1) 200 acres beg at a pine on the line formerly called Abraham MOLTEN's, but now Lewis THOMAS, formerly taken up by Felix KENAN who conveyed the same to sd. BOYET; (2) 100 acres on the West Side of the Northeast River on the South Side of Nahunga Swamp patented by sd. BOYET; (3) 100 acres on a branch of Nahunga Swamp above sd. BOYET's plantation on both sides of the road, beg. at a pine in a pond his own corner, to Stephen POWELL's line, patented by sd. BOYET. Wit: Jas. KENAN, Leavin WADKINS, Warren BLOUNT. Apr. Ct. 1786.

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pp. 30-31
Deed from Richard PRESCOAT to John WILLIAMS which mentions Northeast River, Peter's Branch, Panther Swamp, Pocoson on the head of Peter's Branch. One of the witnesses was Absalam BOYET Jan Court 1787.

pp. 33-34
Absalum (X) BOYET to John WILLIAMS both planters of Duplin Co., 1 March 1766, for 62 pds 10 shillings, current money of NC 75 acres on the south side of Panther Swamp beg. at a spanish oak, Mr. Alex'r McCullough's line on Peter's Branch to Prescoat's Spring Branch, patented by sd. McCULLOCH 9 Oct 1749 & transferred from him to John WILLIAMS 9 APril 1761 & from sd. WILLIAMS to Richard PRESCOAT & from sd. PRESCOAT to Major CROOM who deeded to sd BOYET. Witnesses: Lewis BARNES, Hall FAUNAU, Lutson STROUD April Court 1787.

p. 36
Deed from James KENAN to William HUNTER mentions  Grove Swamp on
Ash Branch and little branch HUNTER's lower corner, formerly
MOLTEN's corner to Samuel BOYET's corner thence John PHILLIPS.
Also lists adjacent land owners Thomas JERNIGAN and Jesse
JERNIGAN. 3 Mar 1787 July Ct. 1787.

p. 37
In a deed from Lewis BARNES to Bryan WHITFIEW lists land on
Burncoat & Panther branches in & between the old Mill Branch,
Samuel  JONES'  corner,  Jones BOYETT's corner,  MONTFORD's  &
MAXWELL's lines July Court 1787.

pp. 50-51
Absalom (X) BOYET planter of Dobbs County to Obadiah WADE planter of Duplin Co., 1 Oct 1787 for 125 pds current money of NC for sundry pieces of land; 5 acres it being the moiety of 150 acres which was  purchased of Major CROOM of Dobbs County on the north side of a branch called Spring branch near PRESCOT's line & the dividing line runs as the fence runs, being the bound by which is mentioned in John WILLIAMS' deed for the moiety that Absalom BOYET sold to sd WILLIAMS & whereon Lutson STROUD did live & runs down the Spring Branch into Panther Swamp, thence up the sd swamp & so incl. 70 acres on the north side with all buildings, etc., SMITH's line, between the head of Panther Swamp & the dry pocosin, beg. at a pine sd. SMITH's line. RHODEY (R) BOYET also signed the deed. Witness Thos. QUINN and Will. CROOM April Court 1788.

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Deed Book 3A
p. 57
Deed from Abraham POWELL to Lewis THOMAS south side of Nahunga
Swamp, mentions William BOYD's line. April Court 1795.

p. 72
Deed from Jacob POWELL to John GORE 2 Apr 1795 mentions Grove Swamp, William BOYT's line.

p. 89
Deed from John and Frances GORE to Jonathan THOMAS  18 Jan 1796 mentions Grove Swamp and William BOYT's  corner and Lewis THOMAS and Jacob POWELL.

p. 98
Deed from Mary DOBSON and Rebeckah DOBSON her dau to Jacob MEEKS
20 July 1796 witnessed by James (B) BOYET.

p. 107
Deed from Obediah WADE to Jesse WILLIAMS  19 July 1796 mentions
Northeast River of Cape Fear, Panther Swamp, Spring Branch, near
PRESCOAT's line, being part of a tract of 150 acres that Absolem
BOYETT bought of Major CROOM.

Deed Book 4A
p. 140-141
Abel CROOM STROUD of Duplin Co. to Absalom BOYETT of Lenoir Co., both planters, 6 May 1809, for $100 specie 100 acres on the White Oak Swamp, beg. at a lightwood stump the 2nd corner of sd. patent adj. Thomas SHELTON to the mouth of Spring Branch & joining TRUET, being part of 2 patents; one taken up by Antho. WILLIAMS of 93 acres, the other by Mills KUNFORD for 640 acres. Witnesses Wm. H. HERRING, Wm. ALBERTSON. Jan Court 1810.

p. 143
Ephraim (X) BOYET to Francis WILLIAMS both of Duplin Co., 24 Apr
1810, for 230 pds 170 acres on the north side of the Grove Swamp
& both sides of the main road, beg. at the mouth of Rocky Branch
& runs down the run of the Grove Swamp as it meanders to the mouth
of Oaky Branch.  Witnesses: B. BEST J. COOPER Oct Court 1810.

p. 245
Ephraim (X) BOYT to Arthur BOYT both of Duplin Co. 25 Nov 1797, for 57 pds 57 acres on the north side of the Grove Swamp, beg. at a gum in the mouth of Dark Pond Branch, joining the back line of Ephraim BOYT's 100 acre survey. Wit: Benjamin BEST, John BEST October Court 1910.

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p. 246
Jonathan THOMAS to Martha BOYET, both of Duplin Co., 1 May 1810,
for 40 pds 48 acres beg. at a willow in drain of Ash Branch, to a
dead pine formerly Lewis THOMAS' corner a joining BLACKMORE.
Witnesses Benja. BEST, Sarah BEST January Court 1811.

p. 154
A deed from James HOLLAND Sr. to his son James HOUAANI) Jr. mentions 50 acres beg. at the 5th corner of a patent granted to Jones BOYET.  July Court 1811.

p. 185
A deed from Wm. POLLOCK to Henry BEST 20 Oct 1812 witnessed by Francis WILLIAMS and Michael BOYETT,

by Leon H. Sikes
(Rose Hill: Duplin Co. Hist Soc, 1986)

p. 45
BOYETTE CEMETERY located on SR 1111, .3 mile south of the junction with NC 24, .1 mile east of the road, in the edge of the woods. William BOYETTE:  1 Feb 1819  - 3 June 1892

Illegible markers and several other graves here without markers.


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