My Hungary Connection

Hello! Thank you for stopping by!

First, let me introduce myself and explain my surname.  My name is Darrel Dwayne Boyt and you can e-mail me at [email protected].  My grandfather, Paul Frank Boyt, came to the United States in 1907 from Sármellék, a small village in Zala Megye at the western tip of Lake Balaton in Hungary.  His name was originally Bojt Pál, but he changed it after he came to the United States.

Second, I came across the entry for my grandfather's birth and baptism in the Roman Catholic register and the wonderful people on the HUNGARY-L mailing list helped me translate it.  Here is my original request for assistance and here's the result of the translation.

Third, I need help translating once again!  I've taken it on myself to find out whatever I can about my grandfather's family that stayed in Hungary.  I am trying to understand the civil birth and marriage documents so I will know where to look for names when I look at them on the microfilms.  Please click here to help me translate the civil birth document form.  If this works out well, I will most likely do the same thing for the civil marriage document.