Bill & Sue's Genealogy

Welcome! Make yourself comfortable and sit for a while under our family tree. After you look around for a while you might discover some new cousins. If you see a name of interest, please go to the link at the bottom of the page to see our family at Rootsweb WorldConnect. I have tried to make this as true as I know it to be, but errors do occur, so use this as a guide not as gospel! This is under construction all the time, with frequent updates, so check back often and please excuse our dust...


Bill's Family


*   Collins/ Blake:County Clare, Ireland to Upper Ontario to Stearns Co., MN, to Grand Forks, ND

*   Muir/Orr: Ayrshire, Scotland to Mineral Co., West Virginia to Stearns Co., MN

*   McLaren/Crawford:Ontario, Canada to Grand Forks Co., ND


*   Anderson/Peterson:Denmark to Iowa to Grand Forks, ND

*   Lubitz/Meyer: Arnswalde, Prussia to Pembroke, Ontario, Canada to Wylie, MN

Sue's Family


*   Ellison/ Riggs: Cocke Co. to Meigs Co., TN to Lane Co., OR

Includes these surnames: Butler, Sharp, Borden, Churchman, Harrison, Wall, Wilson, McDowell, Carothers

*   Hudelson(Huddleston,Huddleson)/Taylor:Ireland to Nicholas Co., KY, to Adams Co., IL to Missouri to Lane Co., OR

Includes these surnames: Stewart, Sample, Van Houser (Van Hooser), Townsend, Howard, Zirbe


*   Hughes/Chambers:York Co., PA to Trumbull Co., OH; Beaver Co., PA to Trumbull Co., OH  to Lane Co., OR

Includes these surnames: Hubler,Newberry, Guest, Paul, Vass/Fass, Wynn, McMillen, Craig, Yocum, Fortinbaugh

*   Lovejoy/Seals:Washington Co., Pa to Trumbull Co., OH to Lane Co., OR

Includes these surnames: Martin, Baldwin, Kinney, Montgomery, Hood, Brown, Lopp, Archer

Sue's Step-Mom's Family
(Why not!)

  My Step-Mom, Sondra, has wonderful ties to New England families. Many are represented by wonderful websites with terrific historical information. I was sure I would find she had ties to the Mayflower, which I didn't, but she does have ties to the Winthrop Fleet...right after the Mayflower. I am sooooo jealous!

*   Best, Borton, Hayes, Teagarden

*   England, Virginia, New Jersey, Indiana, Wisconsin, Oregon

*   Blanchard, West, Kezar, Whitcomb, Davis

*   Mostly New England, Wisconsin, Oregon

*   And if you have anything on Wessbecher (Southern Germany), my step-dad's family, we could use some information.       

There are still many, many surnames not mentioned here so please click on the link below and visit our family on Rootsweb World Connect Project. I also have my tree at and

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