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 was started to share and archive our  family history. From inception the site has incurred several hundred dollars in cost. Funding is needed to continue adding new features, documents, and photos.

Several services are offered at cost to help support this site. It was a hard decision to start charging for these services but if you can imagine the expense associated with coping and archiving hundreds of documents, you will find the rates reasonable.

Please consider using these services to support the site.





These services are fee based to raise money to support this site.
All proceeds will be used for this site and reunion handouts.

Photo Restoration
  Have your old family photos restored so they look the same as the day they were taken.



$20 and up. Email your photo for a Quote.

Family History Print

Bracewell Family History
written by: Russell Bracewell

This family history and coat of arms is printed  in Old English Lettering on acid free Parchment Paper. Each document is printed on a high resolution professional printer (no inkjet prints here). The history starts in early England with information about the meaning of our name, the origin, spelling variations, and contains over 850 words. The coat of arms is from the early 15th century and is printed in full heraldic color.

$20   Family history only. Printed on 8X10 parchment.
$15   Coat of arms only. Printed on 8X10 parchment.
$30   Family history and coat of arms printed on two 8X10 parchment rolls.
 (this can be framed in any 8X10 frame)


Family history and coat of arms printed on two 8X10 parchment rolls. Framed in 16X20 gold, black, or wood frame.
Website & Photo CD
$15   Photo CD with over 240 High Resolution Bracewell photos. The photos can be viewed with any computer or taken to a photo processor for printing.
Family Tree Prints  
email for quote   Now you can have your family tree printed on 12" X 36" paper then frame it for everyone to see. All you have to do is give me you family information. If you do not know your family tree information contact me and I will look it up for you.

(photo will be added soon)

Photo Copies  
$   Did you like a particular article from this site. Now you can own the original document.

Documents are available individually or bound in book format.

Reunion Videos  
      VHS DVD
2002 JMB Family Reunion @ Mt. Pleasant $15  
2003 JMB Family Reunion @ Mt. Pleasant $15  


Photo Calendars  

priced per project

  Take your favorite family photos and turn them into a 12 month calendar. You can use 12 - 24 photos, add captions, and special dates to the calendars.
Family Page  
$20/year   Add you family to this web site and leave your legacy for future generations. I will provide you with a ( ) address.


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