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Does anyone know the correct connections from Parson Robert Bracewell in Isle of Wight County, Virginia to the Richard Bracewell of Edgecombe County, N. C. ?
Bracewell Family History By: Russell Bracewell
  Family History of the Bracewells from the 1500's to present day.
Why the Bracewells Came to America BY: Joe Taylor, 1991
  A short look at English History and issues that caused the Bracewells to move to America.
Origin of the Bracewell Name by: John Downing
  History of how the Bracewell name evolved.
Bracewells and the Bacon's Rebellion By: Ronald B.
  History and Bracewell involvement in Bacons Rebellion.
Prince of Powys Bracewell Coat of Arms  
  This is the oldest Bracewell coat of arms that I have found.
         (Coat of Arms are commonly called family crest.)


Master Document List - All the documents I have on file.

Letters Written by Bracewells During the Civil War.

The Reunion (Bracewell News Letter)

A Visit To Our Ancestral Homeland    By: Joe Taylor

A Tribute to Joseph & Emiline Bracewell    By: Ruby Bracewell Dooley

History of Mt. Pleasant Church    By: Kenneth L. Farris

Churches and Cemeteries of the Bracewells


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