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Using DNA to prove genealogy.



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The Bracewell Family Archive is a collection of genealogy research from the past 68 years on the Bracewell family. All bracewell researchers are welcome to contribute to the project.


Joseph Marion Bracewell Reunion
April 17th, 2005

 Our reunion is open to anyone that descends from or connects to the Bracewell family. If you want to know more about the Bracewell history or want to meet new Bracewell contacts then I encourage you to attend this years reunion. 65 years of genealogy research will be displayed as well as a 40 foot long family tree. New genealogy research will be discussed and some of the best potluck home cooked food will be available for lunch.



Bracewell World Family Tree: The new family tree is now in beta testing and will allow all Bracewell family members to add their gencom files to compare and match them into one large Bracewell family tree.


  Bracewell family history archive, contains over sixty-five years of genealogy research on the Bracewell family.

   The site was started in May, 2001 to archive the hundreds of research documents from our families genealogist.

   Our researchers have been considered the leaders in Bracewell genealogy information and their work has been spread across the world. Searcy Bracewell Jr. (The Texas Lawyer), Travis Bracewell, and Joe Taylor are just a few of the family members who's original research has been published here.

   Although not all the information has been proven you may find it valuable in researching your family. A lot of misleading information on the Bracewell family can be found on the internet and that is not the intentions of this site.

Russell Bracewell

Research Project:

Braswell Genealogy Library

Using DNA Testing to prove genealogy.

     New family genealogy DNA testing is now available. If you are a direct male descendent of the Bracewell family now with a simple cotton swab test you can determine what Bracewell line you descend from. The testing is confidential and 100% accurate.

Requirements: (from family tree DNA)

must be a male that wants to check his paternal line (father's father's father's...) females should look for a brother or cousin with that surname to be tested.

Testing is open to descendants of Rev. ROBERT BRACEWELL (1611-1668) of Virginia--the largest group-- but also Irish BRASSILs, BRAZILs,and variants; Hugenot BREAZEALEs, Portuguese BRAZILs, or one of the following Soundex B-624 That Rhymes With 'Dazzle'. Inclu, Brasel, Brasell, Braseule, Brasil, Brasile, Brasill, Brasseal, Brassel, Brassell, Brasswell, Braswell, Braswill, Brazael, Brazail, Brazeal(e), Brazel(e), Brazell, Brazial, Braziel, Brazil, Brazile, Brazill, Brazle, Brazzell, Brazzil, Brusselle

If you would like more information visit the Braswell/Bracewell DNA Project. is not affiliated with the project but we do support their effort.
 Please contact the project coordinator for additional information. is in the process of remodeling. A New site with improved user ability will be available soon.

one guy from barlick

This is a local history site for topics in and around the Barnoldswick area including Bracewell itself. (Both in England)

There is a huge amount of historical information, photographs, maps regarding the Bracewells all available to be viewed online.


I will be adding several new features to the site in the near future. Take a look here to get a sneak peak. These services will be moderately priced just to cover expenses.

Own a Family History Print  that can be framed.
 (81/2 X 11 or 11 X 17 print size) This history starts in the early 1500's and continues to present day. Prices will start at $5.00. If you are interested just email me for more information. (I will add a sample soon)

You have seen these type family history prints for sale on line for $50 or more but here I have developed a unique and personalized family history that is only available from this site.

Does anyone know the correct connections from Parson Robert Bracewell in Isle of Wight County, Virginia to the Richard Bracewell of Edgecombe County, N. C. ?


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