Biography of Rebecca Bracewell

Rebecca Bracewell



b. CA. 1650, d. late 1600’s

Rebecca Bracewell, daughter of Rev. Robert Bracewell, was born ca. 1650 and married William West in 1668. (Marriages of Isle of Wight).

William West was very active in Bacon’s Rebellion and when Gov. Berkeley’s forces recaptured "Bacon’s Castle", William commanded a force that marched against the Castle intending to surprise it but he in turn was surprised and captured. William was taken aboard a ship, then to prison and was condemned to death by Berkeley’s Court Martial. However, he escaped and upon petition by nearly half of the inhabitants of Isle of Wight he was pardoned. (Southside VA Families – Boddie, p. 88)

Rebecca must have died in the late 1600’s and William married a second time to Martha, last name unknown.

His will, written Oct. 2, 1708, and probated Feb. 9, 1708/9 lists sons: William, Richard, and Robert, all to receive land; to daughter Mary Green (wife of William Green) an Indian girl; to daughter Rebecca an Indian woman and all the rest of the estate. Appraised by William West, Jr. and wife Martha. (Southside VA Families – Boddie, p. 89.)

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