Case Direct Line

Case Direct Line

Far left: James F.Case, Bertha Case,
Alta Goade, Leonard Goade, Charlie Case,
Mark Goade, Buelah Goade
Case Family Photo
In front: Adults; Earmel Case, Roy Case
Children: Ralph, Harold, Jerry, Billy, and ?

Photo Contributed by Jerry Goade

Generation No.1

1. John1 Case was born 1795 in Montgomery County Maryland. He married Matilda Williams January 18, 1819 in Mason County Kentucky. She was born about 1799 in Kentucky.

Notes for John Case:

Census Year: 1850 State or Territory: KY County: Bracken Reel No: M432-193 Page No: 408B Reference: Enumerated by Jos. Doniphan on 27th day of July 1850.

LN HN FN Last Name First Name Age Sex Race Occup Val Birthplace MRD. SCH. R/W DDB
24 361 361 Case John 55 M W Farmer 2000 Ma -
25 361 361 Case Matilda 51 F W - - Ky -
26 361 361 Case Sally 27 F W - - Ky -
27 361 361 Case Elizabeth 21 F W - - Ky -
28 361 361 Case Susan R 20 F W - - Ky -
29 361 361 Case Mary M 16 F W - - Ky X
30 361 361 Case James 14 M W - - Ky X
31 361 361 Case Matilda 7 F W - - Ky -

More about John Case:
Census: 1850, Bracken County Kentucky.

Marriage notes for John Case and Matilda Williams:
Source: Case marriages in Kentucky, Mason County
Case, John Williams, Matilda Jan 1819

More about John Case and Matilda Williams:
Marriage: January 18, 1819, Mason County Kentucky.

Children of John Case and Matilda Williams:

Generation No. 2

2. James Allen2 Case (John1) was born May 03, 1835 in Kentucky, and died August 30, 1874 in Arkansas. He married Elizabeth Jane Williams December 08, 1858 in Daviess County Indiana, daughter of Samuel Williams and June McCune. She was born May 17, 1837 in Ohio, and died May 04, 1875 in Ozark Missouri.

Notes for James Allen Case:
Buried: Mt. Hope Cemetery, Webb City, Missouri.
His parents as Ison Case and E. Williams.

Indiana-Knox Co.Vigo Township
Aug 24, 1860 Post Office Edwardsport

James A. Case 25 Day Labor KY
Elizabeth 23 - OH

1870 Census
Ozark Co. Missouri Marion Township Page 211
Enumerated 3 Aug. 1870 by Robert Gillialand

This census shows Allen J, Elizabeth Jane, and William Geo being unable to read or write.

Name Age Occup Val Birthplace
Allen J. 34 farm labor 150 KY
Elizabeth Jane 32 keeping house - Ohio
William, Geo 35 carpenter - Ohio
Sarah Jane 11 at home - Indiana
Samuel 9 at home - Indiana
John 7 at home - Indiana
George W. 6 at home - Indiana
Mary 8/12 - - -

More about James Case and Elizabeth Williams:
Marriage: Daviess County, Indiana
Index to Marriage Record
Daviess County, Indiana
Index to Marriage Record
1850 - 1920 Inclusive
Volume I
Name: James A Case Spouse: Elizabeth S Williams
Marriage Date: 08 Dec 1859
Book: 1
OSPage: 740
County: Daviess

Children of James Case and Elizabeth Williams:

Generation No. 3

3. George Washington3 Case (James Allen2, John1) was born May 09, 1864 in Clay Co. Indiana, and died January 03, 1928 in Webb City Missouri. He married Mary Ann Lowery November 24, 1889 in Douglas Co. Missouri, daughter of George Lowrey and Euphamy Johns. She was born September 05, 1868 in Douglas Co. Missouri, and died December 05, 1930 in Webb City Missouri.

Notes for George Washington Case:
He is buried in the Mt. Hope Cemetery in Webb City, Missouri. The cemetery records there have his parents as Ison Case and E. Williams. has his parents as James Albert and Elizabeth Jane Williams. They appear in the 1870 Missouri Census in Ozark County as Allen J. and Elizabeth Jane. It also has George's father as being born in Kentucky.
Signed,David Case

Land Patent: Douglas County Missouri homestead Cert# 11504 Application# 15210

Patentee Name: 80 Acres
George W. Case
Warrantee Name:
Document #: 11504
Misc. Doc. Nr: 15210
Indian Allotment Nr:--
US Reservations: --
Mineral Reservations: No
Geographic Name: --
Metes/Bounds: No
Survey Date: --

Issue Date: April 17, 1899
Canceled: No
Authority: May 20, 1862: Homestead Entry-Original (12 Stat. 392)
Acres: 80
Land Office: Springfield

More about George Washington Case:
Burial: Mt. Hope Cemetery, Webb City MO
Census: 1870, Ozark County, Missouri/

Notes for Mary Ann Lowery:
Obituary: Click Here

More about George Case and Mary Lowery:
Marriage: November 24, 1889, Douglas Co. Missouri.

Children of George Case and Mary Lowery:

Generation No. 4

4. William Henderson4 Case (George Washington3, James Allen2, John1) was born August 24, 1890 in West Plains, Ozark Co., MO, and died April 20, 1967 in Joplin MO. He married Maggie Reynolds Abt. 1930 in Carthage MO. She was born Abt. 1913 in Carthage MO.

More about William Case and Maggie Reynolds:
Marriage: Abt. 1930, Carthage MO.

Children of William Case and Maggie Reynolds:

5. James Franklin4 Case (George Washington3, James Allen2, John1) was born September 05, 1893 in West Plains MO, and died April 12, 1942 in Webb City MO. He married Bertha Ann Culton September 19, 1912 in Alba, Missouri, daughter of James Culton and Nancy Scott. She was born February 15, 1893 in Cabool, Texas Co. MO, and died May 25, in Joplin MO.

Notes for James Franklin Case:
April 8, 1942
Atlas Worker is Injured
Frank Case Hurt Today in Crash on Narrow Gauge Line
Frank Case, about 45, Atlas Powder Company engineer operating on the narrow gauge line at the plant, suffered a frontal skull fracture
and a fractured left femur in a mishap at the plant early this afternoon. Case was operating his engine with a car in front of it and ran into a loaded car ahead on the track. He was pinned between the cab and a car until other workmen reached the scene and freed him.
Mr. Case was brought to McCune-Brooks hospital in a Hedge-Nelson Ambulance. His injuries are not believed critical. Case's home is at Duenweg.

More about James Franklin Case:
Burial: Mount Hope Cemetery, Joplin Missouri.
Obituary: Click Here

Notes for Bertha Ann Culton:
From my Mother's (Earmel Case) notes:
This is written as she took the notes while talking with her mother and I have left it much the same.

Bertha Ann Culton was born in a log cabin, in Aurora MO. They left there and went to Jasper County. After the third grade, she had to stay home and help out. They rented and moved around a lot. Moved to Mount Grove, was all grown over so they had to clear the land to grow crops. Brother Winifred came home to help farm. They traded a small farm for a larger farm, lived there several years. Went into debt for live stock, when they couldn't pay it off, they sold and moved back to Jasper Co. She was 15 then. Her father built a 2 room log house by a spring. He built a box and let water run through to keep the milk and butter cool. "Every time it rained, we'd have to get it out before it floated away. Chris took a farm across from us. I was living here when I married Frank at age 19." They raised hogs and cattle, wheat and corn. During (*)Mad Dog Days, "chased mad dog all day. During the night, Winifred sleep walked to the field to a straw stack, (let cattle run in field) a wonder he hadn't come across mad dog." "Dad made sorghum from cane after we moved to Jasper. He had a vat 10' long to cook it in. I took the foam off the sugar."

Left there to Texas County in 2 covered wagons, came back in a wagon and covered hack.

At 7 years, went to school at Oceola. Her Grandma had knitted a scarf and mittens for her to wear to school.

"Daddy worked at mines with Mom's half brother Winifred. When first married, they were working at mines in Alba. They would have to wear rain coats and rain hats in the mines. Daddy worked in ground, grandpa was wendlen (?) on top. Later, used a horse to work mine??????. Pulled buckets of dirt up, Grandpa would jig the ore (lead) and take it to Webb City to sell. Mom and Merl Walker went down in the mines at Alba. Their last one was at Duenweg. They had a buyer for it but it caved in that night. Daddy then worked loading gravel. He went to work at Atlas for eight years. He quit and moved to Alba then to Carthage, a farm on spring River and worked mines again."

"I now had three babies and was tired of staying at home. I'd take the horse and buggy and go visit his folks and stay a few days. I'd hitch up the horse and buggy again and go visit my folks at Alba. We then moved from the West end of Duenweg to a log cabin. By then, I had four girls. Worked the mines again. We lost everything and had to sell pigs, cows, horses, kept one to ride, Alta went to school with Sams oldest girl. Cases lived on 7th st. corner near Valentines place. Grandpa went into store business. Sam took over the store and gave credit to the customers. He soon lost the store due to this practice. Moved to Atlas again."

Much of this sounds disjointed and I am not sure of the sequence but the general idea seems to be they were very poor people and couldn't seem to get ahead, no matter what they tried.

* Mad Dog Days were from mid Aug to mid Sept. Dogs would go "mad" at this time. I am sure this was actually rabies.

More about Bertha Ann Culton:
Education: Third Grade.
Medical Information: Diabetes.
Burial: Mt. Hope Cemetery Joplin, MO.
Obituary: Click Here

More about James Case and Bertha Culton:
Marriage: September 19, 1912, Alba, Missouri.

Children of James Case and Bertha Culton:

Generation No. 5

6. William5 Case (William Henderson4, George Washington3, James Allen2, John1) was born October 01, 1921, and died April 21, 1995 in Neosho MO. He married Iris Heinger.

Children of William Case and Iris Heinger:

7. Alta Levesta5 Case (James Franklin4, George Washington3, James Allen2, John1) was born March 15, 1914 in Brooklyn Heights, Jasper Co., MO. She married (1)Thomas Sylvester Bilyeu. He was born June 06, 1917, and died January 21, 1969. She married (2)Leonard Goade October 24, 1931 in Joplin Missouri. He was born September 01, 1911 in Diamond Missouri.

More about Leonard Goade and Alta Case:
Marriage: October 24, 1931, Joplin Missouri.

Children of Alta Case and Leonard Goade:

8. Beulah Fay5 Case (James Franklin4, George Washington3, James Allen2, John1) was born November 25, 1915 in Carthage, Jasper Co., MO and died January 18, 1922 in Joplin Missouri. She married Mark Allen Goade. He was born November 27, 1913, and died January 15, 1975.

More about Beulah Case:
Burial: Ozark Memorial Park Joplin, Missouri.

Children of Beulah Case and Mark Goade:

9. Earmel Irene5 Case (James Franklin4, George Washington3, James Allen2, John1) was born October 21, 1917 in Carthage, Jasper Co., Missouri. She married Lester James Stewart April 05, 1942 in Carthage, Missouri, son of Nathan Stewart and Margaret Ramsey. He was born January 19, 1919 in Cook, Johnson Co., Nebraska.

Notes for Earmel Irene Case:
Graduation: May 10, 1935, Duenweg Missouri.
Medical Information: Diabetes, High Blood Pressure.
Burial: Lane Memorial Gardens, Eugene, Oregon February 15, 2002.
Read Earmel's Biography: Click Here

Notes for Lester James Stewart:
Education: Eight Grade Diploma.
Medical Information: Osteoarthritis, Glaucoma, Cataracts
Read Lester's Biography: Click Here

Marriage notes for Earmel Case and Lester Stewart:
Marriage: April 05, 1942, Carthage, Missouri
Lester and Earmel met on a blind date in Jan 1942 and were married April 5 that year in a double wedding. He courted her on a Harley Motorcycle. He was working long hours at Camp Crowder in Neosho, MO and did not have time to cash his checks so he gave them to Erma to cash, even before they were married. They got their license in Newton Co. and were married in Jasper Co. Missouri.

10. Ople Marie5 Case (James Franklin4, George Washington3, James Allen2, John1) was born January 19, 1919 in Duenweg, Missouri, and died January 26, 1969 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She married Jack Warren Smith November 1939.

Notes for Ople Marie Case:
Obituary: Click Here

More about Jack Smith and Ople Case:
Marriage: November 1939.

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