Garris Direct Line

Garris Direct Line

Descendants of Amos Garris I

Generation No. 1

Special thanks to Dr. Charles Garris for his contributions to the Garris research.

1. Amos Garris I 1 was born August 1638 in Yorkshire England (about 90 miles North of London), and died 1684 in Northampton Co. VA. He married Ann Westerhouse.

Children of Amos Garris and Ann Westerhouse:

Generation No. 2

2. Amos Garris II2 (Amos1) was born 1670, and died 1709 in Northampton VA. He married Elizabeth Evans. She was born 1675.

Children of Amos Garris and Elizabeth Evans:

Generation No. 3

3. Amos Garris III3 (Amos2, Amos1) was born 1701, and died 1771. He married Elizabeth Sharp, daughter of Francis Sharp. She was born 1715 in Northampton VA, and died 1765 in Southhampton Virginia.

More about Elizabeth Sharp:
Died2: 1765, Southhampton Co. VA

Children of Amos Garris and Elizabeth Sharp:

Generation No. 4

4. Benjamin Garris4 (Amos3, Amos2, Amos1) was born 1740 in Southhampton Co. VA, and died 1810 in Muhlenburg KY. He married Elizabeth Betsy Sikes 1760. She was born 1742.

Notes for Benjamin Garris:
He was in the Revolutionary War.
He Enlisted for three years and had his son Sikes Garris serve it. More Information Here
Son Sikes was captured by British in Battle of Charleston, SC, held prisoner for 6 years, escaped and, moved to Muhlenberg, Ky. given 640 acres by George Washington. Muhlenberg Co, KY named after Reverend, Major, Colonel, General John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg of Revolutionary War.

He also passed counterfeit money, which now resides in a state museum.
NC, Craven, Court Records, New Bern District Court Records
Folder: 1780
Information: Indictment of Benjamin Garris and John Garris, yeomen, for passing a counterfeit bill ($50) to Jeremiah Trevin.
Date: 23 Oct 1780
County: Pitt

Newbern District Superior Court Criminal Paper
DCR 206 Box 326.2
Folder 1789
Sheriff or goaler of District of Newbern, keep Benjamin Garris and John Garris until discharged by court of law.
County: Pitt

1769 On voting roll of Glasgow County, North Carolina.
1779 Land grant Dobbs County, North Carolina.
1786 sold land in Dobbs County, North Carolina.
1790 In census of Surry County, North Carolina.
1792 Purchased 250 acres of land in Surry County, North Carolina.
1793 Sold 250 acres of land in Surry County, North Carolina.

More about William Garris and Elizabeth Sikes:
Marriage: 1760

Children of William Garris and Elizabeth Sikes:

Generation No. 5

5. Joseph Garris5 (Benjamin4, Amos3, Amos2, Amos1) was born 1765. He married Elizabeth Venablis Grayman. She was born 1775.

Child of Joseph Garris and Elizabeth Grayman:

Generation No. 6


6. John Joseph Garris6 (Joseph5, Benjamin4, Amos3, Amos2, Amos1) was born 1793 in Northampton NC, and died 1869 in Giles County Tennessee. He married Julia.

Notes for John Joseph Garris:
1850 Census: Alabama Limestone County
Giles County TN court records Vol 3 pg 140 show he owned property there at the time of his death.

Garris John 57 NC Farmer
- Julia 47 NC -
- Wade 10 AL -
- Richard 5 AL -
- Margaret Quigly 21 NC -
- William 1 mo. AL -

More About John Joseph Garris:
Census 1: 1850, Alabama Limestone Co. Dist. 4 pg 19a
Census 2: 1840, Lauderdale Alabama

Children of John Garris and Julia:

Generation No. 7


7. William Henry Garris7 (John Joseph6, Joseph5, Benjamin4, Amos3, Amos2, Amos1) was born February 17, 1821 in Halifax Co. North Carolina, and died January 22, 1902 in Barry Co. Missouri. He married Elizabeth Thomas in Limestone, Alabama. She was born 1827, and died March 06, 1901 in Barry Co. Missouri.

Notes for William Henry Garris:
1850 Census; Alabama Limestone County District 4 pg. 19a Dwelling 254

Garris William 29 NC
- Elizabeth 23 SC
- Mary 4 AL
- Sarah Ann 2 AL
- Lusanna 3-1/2 AL

1870 Census: Missouri Barry County McDonald Township pg 705a

Garris William A. 48 NC Farmer
Personal value $600.00
- Elizabeth 44 SC -
- Mary 23 TN -
- William 15 MO -
- Nathan 14 MO -
- Jessie 12 MO -
- Wesley 8 MO -
- George 3 MO -
- Julia 2 MO -

More about William Henry Garris:
Burial: Leann Cemetery

More about Elizabeth Thomas:
Burial: Leann Cemetery Purcell Missouri

More about William Garris and Elizabeth Thomas:
Marriage: Limestone, Alabama

Children of William Garris and Elizabeth Thomas:

Generation No. 8

8. Sarah Ann Garris8, (William Henry7, John Joseph6, Benjamin4, Amos3, Amos2, Amos1) was born April 08, 1848 in Bethel, Giles, Tennessee, and died May 26, 1937 in Alba, Jasper Missouri. She married James Henry Scott October 11, 1866 in Scholton, Barry Co. Missouri Source: Pension Application and marriage records of Barry Co. MO, son of John Scott and Nancy Gipson. He was born July 23, 1844 in DeKalb Alabama, and died January 01, 1931 in Alba, Jasper Co. Missouri.

More about Sarah Ann Garris:
Burial: May 28, 1937, Friends Cemetery, Purcell Missouri.
Obituary: Click Here

Notes for James Henry Scott:
During the Civil War he served as a Private in Co. B. 4th Reg. Missouri State Militia Vol. Cavalry.

Civil War Veteran:
Pension applied for, Widow, Sarah
14 MO S M Cav [State Militia]
4 MO S M Cav
1891 Aug 20 Invalid app# 909168 cert# 754974 MO
1931 Jan 17 widow app# 1614306 cert# a-2-11-31 MO

In the Declaration for Pension, it states his complexion to be fair, eyes, blue and dark hair. He was born July 23rd, 1844 De Call, (DeKalb) Co., Alabama He enrolled at Springfield on the 15th day of March, 1862, as a private, in Co. B. 14th Reg. Missouri State Militia Vol. Cavalry and mustered out March 21, 1865. He was transferred Feb. 1863 to 4th, S.M. Cav.

That his several places of residence since leaving the service have been as follows: to 1900 in Barry Co., Mo., since that time in Jasper County, Missouri. That his post-office address is Alba, R.F.D.#1, county of Jasper, State of Missouri. Has his signature in full. Certificate of Death shows his father to be John Wesley Scott born unknown. Mother's name is also marked as unknown. Informant: James H. Scott address Alba MO

LAND PATENT: Barry County Missouri
Patentee Name:
James H. Scott
Warrantee Name:

Document #: 522
Misc. Doc. Nr: 2119
Indian Allotment Nr: ---
Tribe: ---
US Reservations: ---
Mineral Reservations: No
Geographic Name: ---
Metes/Bounds: No
Survey Date: ---

Issue Date: February 5, 1872
Cancelled: No
Authority: May 20, 1862: Homestead Entry-Original (12 Stat. 392)
Acres: 160
Land Office: Springfield
Comments: ---

More About James Henry Scott:
Burial: Purcell Cemetery
Cause of Death: Chronic Brights Disease
Medical Information: Catarrh, dyspepsia and kidney trouble, per pension application.
Military service 1: 14 MO State Militia Guard
Military service 2: 4 MO State Militia Cavalry
Occupation: Farmer

Marriage Notes for Sarah Garris and James Scott:
Marriage Records for Barry County Missouri
Scott, James H. Garris, Sarah Oct 11, 1866
Married by Justice of the Peace David Sites.

More about James Scott and Sarah Garris:
Marriage: October 11, 1866, Scholton, Barry Co. Missouri Source: Pension Application and marriage records of Barry Co. MO

Children of Sarah Garris and James Scott:

Generation No. 9

9. Nancy Elizabeth Scott9, (Sarah Ann Garris8, William Henry7, John Joseph6, Joseph5, Benjamin4, Amos3, Amos2, Amos1) was born October 22, 1870 in Scholton, Missouri, and died October 06, 1956 in Webb City, Missouri. She married James Alexander Culton September 28, 1890 in Scholton Missouri, son of James Culton and Elizabeth. He was born March 13, 1856 in Arkansas, and died September 06, 1915 in Alba, Missouri.

Notes for Nancy Elizabeth Scott:
She chewed "snoose" and was very adept at hitting the spittoon that was behind the couch.
Marriage Records Barry Co. Missouri

Notes for James Alexander Culton:
James and first wife, Mary.
First state, shows b.p., second, fathers b.p., third shows mothers b.p.
1880 Stone County Missouri Census
Pierce Township
James A. WM 24 - Farmer AR TN TN
Mary M. WF 23 Wife Keeping House MO TN TN
John W. WM 1 Son - MO TN TN
Cultan Sarah A. WF 32 Sister Keeping House GA TN TN

1870 Census: Stone County MO Pierce District pg. 139
Culton, James W. 58 Farmer $700 $700 TN
Malinda M. 46 At Home - TN
James A. 14 - - AR
Short, William 11 - - MO
James F. 6 - - MO

More About James Alexander Culton:
Burial: Brooklyn Heights Cemetery MO
Census 1: 1880, Stone Co. Missouri
Census 2: 1870, Stone Co. Missouri

Marriage Notes for Nancy Scott and James Culton:
Marriage Records for Stone County MO
Scott, Nancy Culton, James A. Sept 28, 1890 N B Garris, Min
The minister was Nancy's Uncle Nathan B Garris

More About James Culton and Nancy Scott:
Marriage: September 28, 1890, Scholton Missouri

Children of Nancy Scott and James Culton:

Generation No. 10

10 Myrtle Culton10 (Nancy Elizabeth Scott9, Sarah Ann Garris8, William Henry7, John Joseph6, Joseph5, Benjamin4, Amos3, Amos2, Amos1) was born June 10, 1891. She married Robert Franklin.

Children of Myrtle Culton and Robert Franklin:

11. Bertha Ann Culton10 (Nancy Elizabeth Scott9, Sarah Ann Garris8, William Henry7, John Joseph6, Joseph5 Benjamin4, Amos3, Amos2, Amos1) was born February 15, 1893 in Cabool, Texas Co. MO, and died May 25, 1991 in Joplin MO. She married (1) Jess Barbee. She married (2) James Franklin Case September 19, 1912 in Alba, Missouri, son of George Case and Mary Lowery. He was born September 05, 1893 in West Plains MO, and died April 12, 1942 in Webb City MO. She married (3) Ora Bottom June 24, 1948 in Bentonville Arkansas.

Notes for Bertha Ann Culton:
From my Mother's (Earmel Case) Notes:

This is written as she took the notes while talking with her mother and I have left it much the same.
Bertha Ann Culton was born in a log cabin, in Aurora MO. They left there and went to Jasper County. After the third grade, she had to stay home and help out. They rented and moved around a lot. Moved to Mount Grove, was all grown over so they had to clear the land to grow crops. Brother Winifred came home to help farm. They traded a small farm for a larger farm, lived there several years. Went into debt for live stock, when they couldn't pay it off, they sold and moved back to Jasper Co. She was 15 then. Her father built a 2 room log house by a spring. He Built a box and let water run through to keep the milk and butter cool. "Every time it rained, we'd have to get it out before it floated away. Chris took a farm across from us. I was living here when I married Frank at age 19."

They raised hogs and cattle, wheat and corn. During Mad Dog Days, (*) chased mad dog all day. During the night, Winifred sleep walked to the field to a straw stack, (let cattle run in field) a wonder he hadn't come across mad dog.
"Dad made sorghum from cane after we moved to Jasper. He had a vat 10' long to cook it in. I took the foam off the sugar."

Left there to Texas County in 2 covered wagons, came back in a wagon and covered hack.

At 7 years, went to school at Oceola. Her Grandma had knitted a scarf and mittens for her to wear to school.

"Daddy worked at mines with Mom's half brother Winifred. When first married, they were working at mines in Alba. They would have to wear rain coats and rain hats in the mines. Daddy worked in ground, grandpa was wendlen (?) on top. Later, used a horse to work mine t??????. Pulled buckets of dirt up, Grandpa would jig the ore (lead) and take it to Webb City to sell. Mom and Merl Walker went down in the mines at Alba. Their last one was at Duenweg. They had a buyer for it but it caved in that night. Daddy then worked loading gravel. He went to work at Atlas for eight years. He quit and moved to Alba then to Carthage, a farm on spring River and worked mines again." (written by Earmel Case)

"I now had three babies and was tired of staying at home. I'd take the horse and buggy and go visit his folks and stay a few days. I'd hitch up the horse and buggy again and go visit my folks at Alba. We then moved from the West end of Duenweg to a log cabin. By then, I had four girls. Worked the mines again. We lost everything and had to sell pigs, cows, horses, kept one to ride, Alta went to school with Sams (Case) oldest girl. Cases lived on 7th st. corner near Valentines place. Grandpa went into the store business. Sam took over the store and gave credit to the customers. He soon lost the store due to this practice. Moved to Atlas again."

Much of this sounds disjointed and I am not sure of the sequence but the general idea seems to be they were very poor people and couldn't seem to get ahead, no matter what they tried.

* Mad Dog Days were from mid Aug to mid Sept. Dogs would go "mad" at this time. I am sure this was actually rabies.

More About Bertha Ann Culton:
Burial: Mt Hope Cemetery Joplin, MO
Obituary: Click Here
Education: Third Grade
Medical Information: Diabetes

Notes for James Franklin Case:
April 8, 1942

Frank Case Hurt Today in Crash on Narrow Gauge Line Frank Case, about 45, Atlas Powder Company engineer operating on the narrow gauge line at the plant, suffered a frontal skull fracture and a fractured left femur in a mishap at the plant early this afternoon.
Case was operating his engine with a car in front of it and ran into a loaded car ahead on the track. He was pinned between the cab and a car until other workmen reached the scene and freed him.
Mr. Case was brought to McCune-Brooks hospital in a Hedge-Nelson Ambulance. His injuries are not believed critical. Case's home is at Duenweg.

More about James Franklin Case:
Burial: Mount Hope Cemetery, Joplin, MO
Obituary: Click Here

More about James Case and Bertha Culton:
Marriage: September 19, 1912, Alba, Missouri.

More About Ora Bottom and Bertha Culton:
Marriage: June 24, 1948, Bentonville Arkansas.

Children of Bertha Culton and James Case:

12. Floyd Culton10 (Nancy Elizabeth Scott9, Sarah Ann Garris8, William Henry7, John Joseph6, Joseph5, Benjamin4, Amos3, Amos2, Amos1) was born July 01, 1897. He married Alma.

Children of Floyd Culton and Alma:

13. Ruby Pearl Culton10 (Nancy Elizabeth Scott9, Sarah Ann Garris8, William Henry7, John Joseph6, Joseph5, Benjamin4, Amos3, Amos2, Amos1) was born August 28, 1899. She married (1) Andrew Taylor Case, son of George Case and Mary Lowery. He was born 1901. She married (2) Elick Hiedel.

Notes for Andrew Taylor Case:
Andrew was killed in an explosion at the Atlas Powder Plant MO. Earmel told me all they found of him was his finger with his wedding ring on it.
Andrew was a brother to James Franklin Case. They married Culton sisters.

Children of Ruby Culton and Andrew Case:

14. Theodore R. Culton10 (Nancy Elizabeth Scott9, Sarah Ann Garris8, William Henry7, John Joseph6, Joseph5, Benjamin4, Amos3, Amos2, Amos1) was born June 11, 1905. He married Dorothy Mackey in Missouri.

More about Theodore Culton and Dorothy Mackey:
Marriage: Missouri

Children of Theodore Culton and Dorothy Mackey:

Generation No. 11

15. Alta Levesta Case11 (Bertha Ann Culton10, Nancy Elizabeth Scott9, Sarah Ann Garris8, William Henry7, John Joseph6, Joseph5, Benjamin4, Amos3, Amos2, Amos1) was born March 15, 1914 in Brooklyn Heights, Jasper Co., MO. She married (1) Thomas Sylvester Bilyeu. He was born June 06, 1917, and died January 21, 1969. She married (2) Leonard Goade October 24, 1931 in Joplin Missouri. He was born September 01, 1911 in Diamond Missouri.

More about Leonard Goade and Alta Case:
Marriage: October 24, 1931, Joplin, Missouri.

Children of Alta Case and Leonard Goade:

16. Beulah Fay Case11 (Bertha Ann Culton10, Nancy Elizabeth Scott9, Sarah Ann Garris8, William Henry7, John Joseph6, Joseph5, Benjamin4, Amos3, Amos2, Amos1) was born November 25, 1915 in Carthage, Jasper Co., MO, and died January 18, 1992 in Joplin Missouri. She married Mark Allen Goade. He was born November 27, 1913, and died January 15, 1975.

Children of Beulah Case and Mark Goade:

17. Earmel Irene Case11 (Bertha Ann Culton10, Nancy Elizabeth Scott9, Sarah Ann Garris8, William Henry7, John Joseph6, Joseph5, Benjamin4, Amos3, Amos2, Amos1) was born October 21, 1917 in Carthage, Jasper Co. MO, and died February 15, 2002 in Springfield Oregon. She married Lester James Stewart April 05, 1942 in Carthage, Missouri, son of Nathan Stewart and Margaret Ramsey. He was born January 19, 1919 in Cook, Johnson Co. NE.

Notes for Earmel Irene Case:
After graduating in 1953, Earmel worked in a candy factory, dipping chocolates, an ice cream place, leveling and smoothing the slabs of ice cream so they could be dipped in chocolate. She also worked in a photography studio. She was living in a boarding house in Carthage when she met Lester.

Lester and Erma moved to Oregon in 1943 when Deanna was 6 weeks old. They lived in Salem OR for 16 years and then moved to Springfield Oregon where Erma worked at the Springvilla Laundromat for 18 years before retiring. Travel was then on the agenda for them. They made a trip to Alaska and then spent their winters in Arizona for many years. They went on several cruises.

More about Earmel Irene Case:
Burial: February 19, 2002, Lane Memorial Gardens Eugene OR
Graduation: May 10, 1935, Duenweg Missouri
Medical Information: Diabetes, high blood pressure

Notes for Lester James Stewart:
Lester worked hard on a farm in Nebraska the first 16 years of his life. He and his brother Earl, plowed the fields with "four horse teams" so they could raise corn, oats and barley. The droughts became so bad, they had to leave the farm. They then moved to Missouri and had a strawberry farm. Again, drought. He moved to San Diego and worked on a dairy farm before returning to MO.
He received his induction papers for World War ll but was declared 4F because of a past knee injury.
After moving to Oregon in 1943, Lester worked in the shipyards in Portland for a short time and then moved to Salem OR where he worked driving a dump truck until 1959. He owned his own trucking business for a couple of years. They moved to Springfield OR in 1959 and went to work in the plywood mills. He first worked for Natron Plywood and then Roseboro Lumber for 21 years.

More About Lester James Stewart:
Education: Eighth Grade Diploma
Medical Information: Osteoarthritis, glaucoma, cataracts

Marriage Notes for Earmel Case and Lester Stewart:
Lester and Earmel met on a blind date in Jan 1942 and were married April 5 that year in a double wedding. He courted her on a Harley Motorcycle. He was working long hours at Camp Crowder in Neosho, MO and did not have time to cash his checks so he gave them to Erma to cash, even before they were married. They got their license in Newton Co. and were married in Jasper Co. Missouri.

More About Lester Stewart and Earmel Case:
Marriage: April 05, 1942, Carthage, Missouri

Children of Earmel Case and Lester Stewart:

18. Ople Marie Case11 (Bertha Ann Culton10, Nancy Elizabeth Scott9, Sarah Ann Garris8, William Henry7, John Joseph6, Joseph5, Benjamin4, Amos3, Amos2, Amos1) was born January 19, 1919 in Duenweg, Missouri, and died January 26, 1969 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. She married Jack Warren Smith November 1939.

Notes for Ople Marie Case:
Cause of Death: Heart Attack
Obituary: Click Here

More about Jack Smith and Ople Case:
Marriage: November 1939

Children of Ople Case and Jack Smith:

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