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This site has been set up primarily for anyone with a connection to or an interest in the BRANDL surname.
This includes name variants such as Brendl, Prandl, Brandel, Praendl, Brindel,
Brindl, Prendl, Prentl, Prantl, Brandle, Brandli, Brendli, Brandal, Prandell, Brundell.

BRANDLs are and have been living mainly in the German-speaking parts of Europe (concentrating in Bavaria &Austria)
and quite a few immigrated to the USA. Therefore our site will mainly concentrate on these regions of Europe.

Name meanings: Ancestry has opened a Learning Center with services mainly for subscribers. A few things however are for free, my personal favorite being 'Name Meanings' with information from the 'Dictionary of American Family Names'. Added to Research xx-xxx-2005
Social Security Death Index: Rootsweb offers this very helpful interactive searchpage for free. Just enter the name(s) you have, and see what's there. Added to Online-Search xx-xxx-2005
Austria-Hungary Maps: The Eötvös Loránd University Budapest has published several detailed maps which aren't available yet in print. In particular the maps of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy from 1910 may be helpful to genealogists. Added to Localities xx-xxx-2005

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DeutschDiese Seite auf DeutschDiese Seite auf Deutsch

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