Brazzle, Boettcher, Schild, Singleton, Cain, Keenan, King, Brandt Families

Our Family Genealogies

Welcome to our family website! We have worked on our various family lines for about 25 years and present that information here for other reseachers to peruse and future generations to add to. Please scroll down for the various lines we are researching.

We have lots of data to transcribe to this site----so please be patient as we work towards that end. Check back often to see what is new.

Our Singleton and Fielder Families

James Albert and Rhodabell Brazzle Singleton

Albert Boettcher and Rachel Elizabeth Singleton

Mark and Rebecca Honts Fielder

Charles and Louisa McKay Fielder

Our Dawson and Queary Families

Charles Cain and Martha Margaret Dawson

Elmer Morton Dawson and Ella Queary Dawson

James M. and Sarah Laflin Dawson

Matthias and Nancy McIlvain Dawson

Alexander and Sarah Henderson Queary

Our Brazzle Family Line

Our Brazzle family begins with William Brazzel father of Joshua Brazzel, Sr. We trace our family from Franklin Co, Georgia to Daviess and Greene Co, Indiana to Harrison County, Missouri and then on to Washington and Harper Counties in Kansas.

Brazzle/Brassel/Braswell Home Page

Descendent Outline

William Brazel/Brazil

Sampson Brazzel and Catherine Cook

Joshua Brazzel Sr. and Nancy Quillen

Joshua Brazzel Jr.

John Brazzel and Eliza Fancher

Rhodabell Brazzle and James Albert Singleton

Thomas and Unity Brazzle Wilkie

John and Rhoda Brazzel Benham

Solomon and Jane Brazzle Carpenter

Richard and Christine Brazzell Huffman

Philander and Mary 'Polly' Brazzle Hollister

James A. and Sarah Brazzle LeMar 

Other Brazzel Records:

Our Cain Family Line

John Cain and Elizabeth Brandt Mohler Cain

Lewis Cain and Sarah Keenan Cain

Isaiah Cain and Cecelia Caroline Reynolds

James Cain and Ann Maria Decot

Some of the related families included in our Cain line are:

Jacob and Elizabeth Brandt Mouler/Mohler

Thomas and Letitia Davis Keenan

James M. and Elizabeth Dodd King

Adam S. and Susan Wight King

Martin & Anna Margaretta Kroner Brandt

Ludwig and Mary Brandt

Other Cain Families of Perry County, Ohio --

Cain Families of Perry County, Ohio

Abel J. and Sarah Cain

James & Sarah Caine, Sr. and Patrick Caine

Our Boettcher and Schild Families:

Jurn Christoph and Maria Boettcher

Johan Fredrich Christian Schild and Johanne Catherina ? Schild

Christoph Heinrich and Louisa Meyer Boettcher

Wilhelm Heinrich and Johanne Schild Boettcher

Albert August Otto and Rachel Singleton Boettcher

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