The Genealogical History of the Braswell Family

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    This site is dedicated to furthering our knowledge of the family of Rev. Robert Bracewell (1611-1668) of London and Isle of Wight County, Virginia.
Our immigrant ancestor was Vicar of Lawne's Creek parish church in Virginia
from his arrival in 1649/50 until his death in 1668. His church, built in 1632 and now known as St. Luke's (above), is a National Historic Shrine, the only original English Gothic church edifice in America. While most of his thousands of lineal descendants spell their name Braswell , there are more than fifty different other spellings in use, all of them beginning with either bras- or braz- and
originally pronounced to rhyme with dazzle.  Some of these variants are often confused with Breazeale, a different Southern family who generally pronounce their name bray-zeel.

    Genealogy is always a work in progress.  Despite the devoted efforts of many cousins over the past seventy-five years, much about our family's past  still remains a mystery.  All the materials
contained in these pages are furnished for the use of those engaged in researching their Braswell ancestry.  No genealogical database is 100% accurate, so I'm depending on you to E-mail me below with any errors in documentation or logic you may find.  By placing what has already
been documented and analyzed at this one site, it is hoped that we can avoid going over the same records time and time again.  Instead. let us concentrate on finding and sharing additional new records.  When such new records or interpretations are found, I hope that you will allow me to post
your information on these pages so that we may all benefit together.  You are also invited to post your Braswell findings to our list, Simply E-mail and write subscribe in the Subject line and message body.  If
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