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History of the Breedlove Family

Origins of the Breedlove Name

In addition to the circulating theories, genealogist studying the Breedlove name, have published their opinions of the origin. The following on the origin of the name Breedlove was furnished by C.R. Humphrey-Smith, Esq., B.S.C, F.H.S., a member of the Heraldry Society of England and a certified Genealogist. He was the director of The Heraldry Centre, 58 Northgate Canterbury, Kent, England.

In his accounts and records of the Breedlove family in the 1965 book "Breedlove Genealogical History", Hope Perry Breedlove of Stone Mountain, Georgia, offers the following observations.

Several accounts of learned scholars concerning the origins of the Breedlove name have been published. While each in their own right have valid opinions of the origins of the name, no one to date can say for certain where the Breedlove clan originated. Aside from the extensive research from credible genealogists, two theories have surfaced that I think deserve consideration.

The first is a somewhat simple theory. Our ancestors arrived in America in 17th Century British Colonies. If they did not have the ability to read or write (which is highly probable), the name Breedlove could have been a phonetic translation given to officials when our ancestors arrived at their destination. Given the wide spread accounts of our probable origins, our ancestors may have had a thick accent from their native land and gave the name Breedlow (German), Bredelou, Bredelouue, or Breedlaugh (England). When the clerk scribed the name into official documents, the name Breedlove was born.

The second is a highly credible theory. Again, our ancestors arrived in America in 17th Century British Colonies. Many of our puritan ancestors "escaped" to the British Colonies to pursue religious freedom and some were even given the alternative of colonization over imprisonment. One account related the story of a young man (a Breedlove) who was walking down a county road in England with his rifle. He spotted a rabbit and shot it. The rabbit hopped onto a neighboring property where the land was "posted." Fearing prosecution for hunting on posted land (a serious offense), he fled England for the new colonies. For whatever reason, in order to truly get a fresh start, a young man could assume a new identity. This could explain why the parents of our earliest ancestor, Charles Breedlove cannot be located in any books or registers, although I have read at least one account that his mothers name was Kindness Breedlove, however, this is unconfirmed.

What has been discovered by tracing the family back to Charles Breedlove is that our Breedlove ancestors were involved in helping to shape this country. Breedlove's have given supplies to the army of the rebellion during the Revolutionary War and served honorably in the ranks of its military units. Breedlove's helped pioneer the untamed west all the way to California, and Breedlove's have served as both Union and Confederate soldiers during the great Civil War.

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