The Genealogical Research of Draper and Sharp Families
Researching the
Draper, Sharp, and Allied Families

Golden and Ruth Sharp Draper

This website is dedicated to my mother, Ruth Sharp Draper. She researched records and collected histories of many of our family. I donít think any of us can even imagine the amount of hours that she put into this effort. Mom cared about family, the living and the dead. She was always found taking pictures at every family gathering, and asking for information to keep her records current. Upon her death, I became the caretaker for these records.

It has been my desire to make them available to as many family members as I can. Many of the pages and pictures are fading, some are even falling apart. It has become important that they be preserved in order to bless the posterities that are to come. In this day of computers, it is so much easier to share pictures and information. Iíve taken every effort to make these computerized copies of the histories and pictures as accurate as possible, but there is still human error. Even as I retyped the histories, I had to double check dates and found some discrepancies in some of the previous copies. This took extra research on my part to verify and put in accurate information. In some cases, I just had to note differences. If you are aware of corrections that need to be made, please advise me of them so that this webpage can be updated and improved. Some of the histories are compilations of notes, audio cassettes, and even briefer histories.

Each history gives credit to who it was written by or by how obtained. I inserted all of the pictures to the histories, so you wonít find them as such in other volumes. I appreciate Clayton and my family for supporting me and allowing me the time and the resources to put together this book. I truly have been blessed to have such a great heritage and ancestors that have sacrificed so much. Through doing this project, Iíve come to know and love each one of them personally, and I hope that you will too.

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Updated Mar 2004