Genealogical Society Journal Transcriptions

Genealogical Society Journal Transcriptions

From Forsyth Genealogical Society Journal
Written by Zelia H. Cline
Edited by Peggy Tesh

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Hans Georg Brendel was born 18 April 1713 in Oberbronn, Bas-Thin, Alsace, France and died cl783 in Heidelberg, Berks Co., PA. On 26 April 1735 George Brendel married Eva Catharina Frey born 9 October 1718, Langersuotzbach, B. France. She was the daughter of Johann Heinrich Frey and Maria Dorothea Rummel. Hans George Brendel came to America on the ship Two Sisters. "September 9, 1738 Palatines imported in the snow Two Sisters, James Marshall Commander from Rotterdam last from Cowes. Forty-one men, thirty women, twenty three boys, sixteen girls,one hundred ten all." There were three Brendels Listed: Hans George, Johann Phillip, and Johann Heinrick Brendel.

The 1770's found Brendle families joining others south down the Wagon Road toward North Carolina from Pennsylvania. "May 22 1773 four more families came from Pennsylvania to settle in Wachovia: Brendle, Beroth, Rothrock Dunkard. "

Johannes Johann (John) Brindel was born 23 June 1746 in Berks Co., PA, the 4th child of Hans Georg and Eva Frey Brendel. The name of his spouse is unknown. "May 16, 1773, Br Bonn asks permission to have his brother-in-law Brendel in his house for a few days. Brendel has moved hither from PA and is waiting for his family. Agreed..." Anna Maria Brendel was the older sister of John who married Jacob Bonn in Salem, NC. On the 3rd day of November 1785 a bond with John Rightz, Hatter of Salem, Surry Co., NC notes that John Brendel acknowledged receiving "sixty pounds bequeathed unto him from his deceased parents, Georg & Eva Brendel lately deceased in Berks County in the state Pennsylvania." The adult baptism of John Brendel was recorded on 2 October 1802. Two children of John Brindle were: John Brendel, Jr. born 8 Jun 1768 in Berks County, PA, and George Samuel Brendel.

George Samuel Brindle was born 28 December 1775 in Salem, Surry now Forsyth County, NC and died by September 1848. On 1 September 1795 "Maria Lang, who has been living at Joseph Spach's has married George Brendle ... and cut herself off from communion." Their marriage record was dated 25 August 1795. On 17 October 1802 George Brendel was the candidate of adult baptism: "the candidate being Br George Samuel Brendel living on Deep Creek 30 miles from Hope, the son-in-law of Freidrich and Sarah Lang." Anna Maria Brendel died 10 February 1819 and is buried in the Moravian Graveyard at Salem, NC. The second wife of George Samuel Brindle was Sarah Wendel born 17 September 1796. "The widower George Brendel was married to the single Sarah Wendel on 30 January 1821." Their children were Henry Francis Brindle, Henrietta Paulina Brindle and Christian Edward Brindle.

Christian Edward Brendle was born 12 July 1830 and was still living in 1880. In 1848 when his father, George Samuel Brendel, died intestate in Stokes/Forsyth County, Christian Edward was included in division of monies made 9 November 1850. He received four dollars eighty one and 10/14 cents."

On 3 July 1850 a marriage bond was issued for Christian E. Brendel to marry Caroline Rebecca Burk in Forsyth County. His bondsman was Michael Fidler. On the 1860 census Edward 30 and his wife Rebecca 28 appear in Broadbay Township, Forsyth County, NC, with children Adelia A. 8, William 6, Henry 4, and Sarah 2. The mortality census of 1860 reveals Rebecca Brendle died in February 1860 of unknown cause having been sick 5 days.

A marriage bond was issued 14 February 1861 for the marriage of Christian Edward Brendle to Julia Christina Hege. Court records of 4 September 1861 state that D. A. Brindle and S. E. Brindle children of Edward Brindle were ordered to be brought into court. These minutes are then missing 25 pages and no further records as to the fate of these children is now known.

Edward Brendle, Private, enlisted in Greene County, VA 1 October 1863 for the war. He was present or accounted for until paroled at Appomattox "the battalion joined the retreat and the remnants under Lt R. W. Woodruff were surrendered and parolled at Appomattox, VA 9 1865." This record is for Company B, 1st Battalion, NC Sharpshooters. It is noted that his signature on clothing issue cards is C. E. Brendle though he is listed as Edward Brandle/Brendle. This gives some credence that this person is Christian Edward Brendle.

On the 1870 Forsyth County, NC census Edward 39 and his wife Julia 29 have in their household Sally Sanders 20 and James Sanders six months old. The People's Press of Salem, NC records an obituary: "....... wife of Edward Brendle died 16 March 1877 and is buried in Waughtown, NC."

Christian Edward Brendle obtained a marriage license 28 February 1878 to marry Cornelia Hege, daughter of Annie and Jacob Hege. His parents are listed as George and Sarah Brendle. Nothing more is known of this marriage. William T. Brindle's Davie County marriage license to marry Louisa Mandora Orrell of 1 February 1880 states that Edward Brindle is living in Davidson County. It is not known when or where Edward Brindle died.

William T. Brindle, son of Christian Edward and Caroline Rebecca Burk Brendle of Salem, NC, is my maternal great grandfather. William became a farmer and a blacksmith. In 1910 he owned his blacksmith shop in Shady Grove Township near Advance, NC. On 1 February 1880, he had married Louisa Mandora Orrell, daughter of Robert and Nelly Call Orrell. Dora was the youngest of the Robert Orrell children. Will was 26 years old and she was 19. They had 13 children and raised 9 of them to adulthood. Advance United Methodist Church is the final resting place of Nelly Call and Robert Orrell, William T., and Dora Brindle and many of their children.


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