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Just outside of Morganton, NC on HWY 64 west is a little community known as Brindletown/Brendletown. It has long dissappeared off the NC road map, but you can still find it on a printable map by accessing AOL's Mapquest.

In 1828, Sam Martin (almost completely broke) of Connecticut, stopped in Brindletown, NC at the log home of cobbler Bob Anderson for a shoe repair. The Anderson family let Sam Martin spend the night. The next morning Sam Martin noticed flecks of gold in the clay (from nearby Brindle Creek) between the logs of the Anderson's home. The Andersons and Sam Martin went to Brindle Creek that same day and panned 3 dollars worth of gold. They then agreed to be partners for six months. Martin would teach Anderson how to pan for gold, and in return for the knowledge, Anderson would provide the land containing gold. Thus, Brindletown became one of the bustling Burke County, NC gold boom towns . Sam Martin made eighteen thousand dollars. And one day, with his saddlebags loaded with gold, he climbed into a handsome carriage with black hat atop his head, clothes no longer patched, but tailored of the finest broadcloth, and rode out of Brindletown up the Morganton turnpike-making his historical exit. The Andersons were thought to have frittered away their sudden riches. Brindletown flourished for a while and then it, too, dissappeared even from most maps.

The attached photo (Jpeg) file shows what I could find left of Brindletown today—a gas station, community center, and fire station. Interestingly, spellings vary from Brindletown to Brendletown on signage.

HERE'S A HISTORY MYSTERY TO SOLVE FOR ALL YOU BRENDLE RESEARCHERS: In 1775, Burke County did not exist. Its area was then considered Rowan County. In 1780, Burke County was on the map in NC. We know from tax records that Johannes "John" Brendel owned land in Rowan County, NC in 1778. And too, many times his name was also spelled Brendle/Brandle/Brindle. The names Brindletown/Brindle Creek appear to have been in place long before the NC gold rush. Could Brindletown/Brindle Creek have gotten their names from our ancestor, Johannes "John" Brendel? I look forward to your responses.

Renita Brendle

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