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Newspaper Articles

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From the Knob Noster Gem - May 6,1887

Married Reiber-Brendel at the residence of the brides parents in this city on Thursday evening April 28, 1887 Miss Viola Reiber to Mr. John H. Brendel. Rev. W. T. Pyles officiation. After the ceremony the guests were treated to a splended supper. The Gem extends its best wishes to them. We give a parcial list of the presents given to them.

Silver Castor... A. P. Winkler and wife
Silver Butter Dish... Venie and Nettie Hamblen of Sedalia
Silver Butter Dish and knife... Will Carr and Mamie Swearingen
Set Table and Tea Spoons... J. C. Winkler and wife
Set of Sad Irons... S. J. Dudley and wife
Set of knives and forks... Bryant Swearingen
Scissors and table linen... I. V. Dudley and wife
Lamp... Fritz Cronhart
Cake Stand... Mrs. R. L. Ford
Cake Stand... Mrs. Annie Paxton
Preserve Dish... Mrs. Ella Garges
Pitcher... Fred Ramsey
Glass Set... H. E. Weber and Mamie Carr
Fruit Dish and Pitcher... Hattie and Lena Winkler
Table linen and napkins... J. N. Nesbit and J. H. Wills and Wife
Towels... Mary Brendel
Preserve Dish... Mate Shaffer
Counterpane... Mrs. Reiber

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November 1903


Marshall J. H. Brendel Dies from injuries.

The blow struck from behind and in the dark Saturday night Nov. 24 resulted in his death at 11 o’clock Thursday night Nov. 29. Three young men now languish in jail on the recommendation of the coroner's jury to await investigation by the grand jury.

Immediately after the death of Mr. Brendel, Constable Roadruck with a posse started after the six young men whose names were given last week. They were taken to Warrensberg Friday afternoon and placed in jail. Coroner Bills came down Friday and summoned a jury made up of six of the best men in the community as follows:

B. Littlefield, Ed S. Harte, Charles Parsons, J. C. Metts, B. F. Summers and A. P. Winkler.

The Jury went to the home where the body lay and an autopsy disclosed the fact that the skull had been fractured but not indented. The brain cavity was filled with blood and a large clot was found on the side opposite where the blow fell which was on the right side above the ear and near the top. After the autopsy the Jury repaired to A. M. Craig office where testimony was taken.

J .B. Wampler was called first and testified in substance that he saw Marshall Brendel trying to quiet a crowd of noisy young men in the alley in the rear of the peanut stand and stopped to see what was the matter. He heard John say to them that this was the second time he had spoken to them and that they must disperse. He was talking to some one behind the peanut stand from witness. Fine Hanna who stood out in the alley denied the Marshall’s statement. Brendel then turned to speak to Fine when the man who was concealed behind the stand struck the fatal blow. Witness could not say who he was as he only saw his arms. Witness saw a man run across the alley to the rear of Littlefield’s office and the witness went to the assistance of Brendel who was knocked down by the blow.

Dr. Miller was called to testify and said that Brendel died from a blow on the head and described the condition revealed by autopsy.

Ben Miller was the next witness. He was with Brendel just before he went into the alley. Brendel remarked that he would scatter the crowd and Miller waited near the corner of B. C. Littlefield’s office to observe results. He saw Brendel talking to some one concealed behind the peanut stand and recognized the voice as that of Wm. Roberts. Heard Fine Hanna call Brendel a liar. Brendel turned east towards Hanna and took three or four steps when some one behind him struck the blow which felled Brendel. He did not know who struck the blow. Chas. Hunter was also there and stood just east of Roberts when the latter was talking to Brendel.

John Dow was also examined but gave no material facts to enlighten the jury.

The Jury arrived at a decision about four o'clock in the morning. Their verdict was that Brendel came to his death by violence and recommended that Chas. Hunter, Wm. Roberts and Tom Roberts be held for murder. These are now in Jail and the Grand Jury is investigating the charges against them. We hope that the guilty man will be found and the innocent exonerated.

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From the Knob Noster Gem - March 4, 1904.

6 men arrested in the death of John Brendel

Tom Roberts
William Roberts
Lodge Roberts
Fine Hanna
Chas. Hunter
Elmer Lemley

All were placed on $500.00 bond except Will Roberts whose bond was $1500.00

Warrensburg has been the destination of a good many Knob Noster citizens during the past week. About 40 to 50 have gone up to testify before the Grand Jury in the Brendel Murder Case or to disclose where they may have been drinking in recent months.

The case against Chas. Hunter accused of killing John Brendel was terminated Wednesday night late by a verdict from the jury finding him not guilty. The case against Will Roberts will probably be dismissed. This leaves the killing of Brendel unavenged because his slayer cannot be discovered. It seems passing strange that a dozen men looking at him and his slayer not be known. It does not seem reasonable. There are men who know who did the killing. Of this there is no doubt.

Submitted to Brendel Brendle Brindel Brindle Forum by Dorothy Bonar - January 13, 2000.

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