Photographs - Alphabetized Individual

Photographs - Alphabetized Individual

Jackie White, Rev. Don and Dustin Ball

Charles "Bud" Brendel, G. T. Brendel, Michael A. Brendel

Fred Brendel

James Arch Brendel

John Frank Brendel

John H. Brendel

Joseph Greenberry Brendel and Family

Mary Eleanor Brendel

Norine, James, Fred and Reiber Brendel

Viola Marie Reiber Brendel

Zella Elkins Brendel

Nathan Brendle and Family

Tandy Brendle and Family

Clyde Wesley Brindel and Family

Ernest Brady and Cassie Leola Jones Brindle

Fountain and Mildred White Brindle

Jasper Alexander and Adeline White Brindle

Jasper Benjamin and Lessie Atkins Brindle

Jasper Elmer and Stella Cave Brindle

John Fletcher Brindle

John Lafayette Brindle

Louisa Mandora Orrell Brindle

Mark and Sarah Clemons Brindle

Mary Faris Brindle

Brindletown/Brendletown-gas station

Brindletown/Brendletown - Vol. Fire Dept.

Brindletown - Community Center sign

Brindletown Community Center

Anna Brindle Calloway

Daniel and Charles Fuller

Marentha Cunningham Fuller and Susan Shuler

Donna Ball, Mike and Jared Johnson

John Wesley and Sarah Ann Brendel Hege

Alvin and Paulette Brindle Hooker and Family

Zeriah Brendle and Margaret Hunter Huff

Mary Huff Loving

Charles and Wanda Faye Brindle Moxley

Merlin and Pearl Brindle Riggs

Patience Brendle Taylor

Abe and Nannie Brindle White and Family

Romulus Sanders and Mary Jane Adams White

Annie Brendle Smiley

James Oscar Young, Sarah Brendel Young, Elanson Reese Young, Annie Laura Young

Sarah A. Brendel Young

Sarah A. Brendel Young

Sarah A. Brendel Young and Elanson Young

Sarah A. Brendel Young and James Oscar Young

Sarah A. Brendel Young, James Oscar Young, Elanson Young, Fred Young

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