Bagshaw's 1846 TD - Appleby

Bagshaw's 1846 Trade Directory of Derbyshire

APPLEBY, parish and considerable well-built village, partly situated in Leicestershire, 5¾ miles S.W. by S. from Ashby-de-la-Zouch, 10 miles S.E. by S. from Burton-upon-Trent, forms the south extremity of the county of Derby, and of a detached portion of Derbyshire, containing Chilcote, Measham, Oakthorpe and Willesley, and a part of Donisthorpe and Stretton-en-le-Field, parishes locally situated in the West Goscote Hundred of the county of Leicester.  The entire parish of Appleby contains 2,813A. of fertile clay land and 1,075 inhabitants; 1,113A. are in Derbyshire, 139 houses, and 570 inhabitants, of whom 276 were males, and 303 females, rateable value £2,400 : in Leicestershire 1,700A., 112 houses, and 496 inhabitants, of whom 236 were males, and 260 females, rateable value £3,360.  Market Bosworth Grammar School owns the estate and manor of the Derbyshire part, to whom it was given by the son of Sir Wolstan Dixie, who had purchased it from the co-heirs of the last of the Appleby family, who died in 1636. George Moore, Esq., is the principal owner and lord of the manor of the Leicestershire part.  The church, dedicated to St Michael, is a rectory valued in the King’s book at £20 9s. 4½d, now £1,000.  George Moore, Esq., patron, Rev. John Manuel Echalaz, M.A., incumbent.  The church, a large handsome structure, has nave, chancel, side aisles, tower and spire with 6 bells, was thoroughly restored in 1830, at a cost of £5,000, towards which the late Mrs John Moore had left £1,000, the remainder was raised by subscription.  The chancel was restored at the rector’s own expense.  All the windows are ornamented with beautiful stained glass, and the pews are oak.  It is situated in Leicestershire, in which county the south end of the village mostly stands.  The houses are considerably intermixed ; each division keeps its own poor, but in all other respect are one township, and are generally distinguished by Appleby Magna, (the Derbyshire end,) and Parva, (the Leicestershire end.)  The rectory is a handsome mansion ¼ of a mile west.  The hall, a handsome modern structure ½ a mile south from the village, and in Leicestershire, was enlarged about 11 years ago, and is the seat and property of George Moore, Esq.  White House, ¾ of a mile north of the church, is the seat of the Misses and John Moore, Esq.  Moat House, in the village of Leicestershire, now a farmhouse, is an ancient building, formerly the seat of the Appleby family, who held this manor as early as 1166.  The Moore family became possessors of the estate early in the 17th Century.  The Grammar School, ¼ of a mile south from the church, is situated in both counties.  It was founded and endowed by Sir John Moore, Knt., in 1697, he was some time lord mayor of London, and died in 1702.  The school room was designed by Sir Christopher Wren, and is 100 feet in length, 50 in breadth, and 30 in height, with an extensive playground in front.  It was originally intended for the children of Appleby and this detached portion of Derbyshire, and certain parishes in Leicestershire, but by the statutes of 1706 it was made free to all England.  West of the church is a handsome school room for girls and infants, in Derbyshire, where the Methodists have a chapel ; the General and Particular Baptists have each chapels in Leicestershire.  In 1839, the Misses Moore, of White House, erected 5 dwellings to be let at low rents to poor persons, and the rents are applied for the improvement of the premises.

POST-OFFICE. - James Hatton, postmaster.  Letters by mail-gig from Coventry 7 morning, and from Ashby 7 evening.

Marked 1 are in Leicestershire.
1 Alldritt John, Esq.
1 Allwood Henry, gamekeeper
Anscomb John, Grammar school
Baker Henry, watch and clock maker
Echalaz Rev. John Manuel, M.A. Rectory
Foster Thomas, gent.
German Geo. steward, Ashley Old Park
Gill Geo. music master
Gresley Wm. wheelwright
Grundy Mrs
Hague Edwin, Grammar school
Hall Robert, butler, White House
1 Hudson Joseph, gardener, The hall
1 Moore George, Esq., The hall
Moore John, Esq., and Misses, White House
1 Mould Rev. John, M.A., Grammar school
1 Princep Misses Jane and Ann
Saddington Edward, saddler
Shaw James, dogbreaker
1 Shutt John, butler, The hall
Tylecote Mrs Sarah
Yardley James, seedsman

1 Litherland Samuel
1 Wyatt James

1 Fernyhough Wm
1 Hatton James
Neal John

1 Saddington Bateman
1 Saddington John
Tunnadine Joseph

Tunnadine Thomas
1 Wilson Grimley

1 Lees Henry
1 Welch John

1 Arnold James
Boden Edward
1 Boss John
1 Bowley William
Chandler John
Cotton Samuel
Dewes Bryan
Frith Frederick
Garner Thomas
Gilham John
Marshall George
Page Joseph
Parker James
Pratt Thomas
1 Saddington Bateman
Saddington Wm
1 Skearmer Wm
1 Stevenson Wm
Swinnerton Issac
Taverner Thos., Moat
Tunnadine James
1 Wyat James
Wyatt Thomas

Garner John
Hear George
1 Jordan George
1 Saddington John
1 Welch John

1 Anchor, Jno. Bowley
1 Black Horse, Saml. Park
Crown, Jas. Yardley
Red Lion, Sml. Cotton

Garner Thomas

Bowley James
Bowley John
Garner John

Boden Edward
Saddington Wm

1 Cooper Peter
1 Taylor Joseph

Saml. Park to Burton-on-Trent, on Thursdays

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