Bagshaw's 1846 Derby Borough - E to G

Bagshaw's 1846 Trade Directory

Surname Index for Derby Borough - E to G

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Surname/First Name/Occupation/Location & Parish
Earp Fras. share broker h. Grove ter
Earp Geo. baker & grocer 4 Sadler gt brg
Earp Thos & John ale & porter brewers Benj. Hagen agent 26 King st & Uttoxeter
Earp Thos. & Son share brokers & agents Corn mkt h. London ter
Eaton Fras. shopkeeper 49 Friar gt
Eaton John joiner Chapel st h. Parker st
Eaton Miss E.  Larges st
Eaton Soph. straw hat & dress mkr. Queen st
Eccleshare Matilda straw hat mkr Willow ro
Edwards Jas. shoe maker City road
Edwards Mrs.  Wilmot st
Edwards Mrs. Sarah  St Alkmund's Church yard
Edwards Thos. tailor & draper 24 Queen St h. old Uttoxeter rd
Edwards Wm. col. rates St Alkmund's Full st
Edwards Wm. watch maker 10 Rotten row
Eggleston Mathias confectioner 33 Iron gt
Eld Mrs. Sarah  56 Friar gate
Eley George nail maker Nottingham road
Eley John butcher 77 New Shambles h. Horsley Woodhouse
Eley Saml nail maker & beerhse. 36 Bridge st
Ellar Wm. paint & colour manufacturer Markeaton mills Cherry st
Elleby Wm. fitter up Brook st
Elliott James currier & leather cutter 27 Sadler gate
Elliott Leonard machinist 13 St. Alkmund's churchyard
Elphick George tobacconist h. Sadler gate
Elphick Kenney & tobacconists 46 Sadler gt
Elton Mr. Richard  Cowsley field cottage
Emmerson & Boden painters & gilders Market place
Emmerson Thos. painter h. Sacheverel st
Etches Charles gent. Wilmot st
Etches Edward cheese factor h. Liversage st
Etches Jef. W. cheese factor h. 16 Victoria st
Etches Jeffry & Edward cheese factors St. Peter's bridge
Etches John boot & shoe maker Bold ln
Evans Jph. dyer & scourer St Michael's In
Evans Misses Elizabeth & Frances Gentry Darley house Darley/Darley Abbey St Alkmund's Parish
Evans Saml. dyer 4 St Michael's lane
Evans Saml. Harrison surgeon 13 Wardwick
Evans Samuel Esq. Gentry Abbey Darley/Darley Abbey St Alkmund's Parish
Evans Wm. lamp & gas oil mkr. Kensington st
Evans Wm. & Saml. bankers St. Mary's gt
Eyre & Shaw share brokers 5 Queen st
Eyre Arabella fancy repository 4 Friar gt
Eyre Beebe law stationer & colour & varnish manufacturer 28 Pizza Market pl h. 7 Island place Duke st
Eyre Jas. whitesmith Full st. h. Agard st
Eyre Mary milliner & dress mkr. Exeter pl
Eyre Saml. share broker & agt. to the Imperial Fire & Standard Life ofices 5 Queen st
Eyre Timothy butcher 5 King st
Falconer Ann dress mkr. Mansfield rd
Falconer Jph. iron founder City rd
Falkner John Giles beerhs. Canal st
Fallows John boot & shoe mkr. Cock pit hill
Farmer Job wheelwright Tenant st h. Devonshire street
Farmer Thos. gentleman Wilmot street
Farnsworth Isaac chiropodist 26 Bold lane
Farnsworth Mary dressmaker 26 Bold lane
Faulkener Bruce tailor Sacheverel st
Faulkener Thos. printer Burton road
Fawcett Topham & silk throws. Wardwick mill
Fearn Geo. hat maker St. Helen's st
Fearn John coal agent Midland place
Fearn John collector Mileash gate Darley/Darley Abbey St Alkmund's Parish
Fearn Saml. Wright surgeon 53 St. Peter's st
Featherstone Sarah mil. & drmkr. Amen alley
Felton Caroline fancy repository Victoria st
Felton Tatem & Berlin wool & fancy repository 15 Victoria st
Ferguson Geo. M.D.  London St
Fernyhough Wm. tailor & dpr 24 Sadler gt
Fichett Samuel upholsterer Devonshire st
Fidler Mary upholsteress Kensington St
Fields Thos. dealer in game 44 London st
Fisher John painter & gilder 35 Sadler gt
Fisher Rd. shopkeeper Albion st
Fisher Rev. Wm. B.A. curate of St. Peter's Surrogate for the diocese of Lichfield Grove ter
Fitchett Mr. Rt.  Mount Carmel
Fitchett Thos. beer hs. Green st
Fletcher Chas. fancy box mkr. Goodwin St
Fletcher Eliza. day school Mansfield rd
Fletcher Hugh farmer Darley/Darley Abbey St Alkmund's Parish
Fletcher Hugh vict. Black Boy Sadler gt
Fletcher John green grocer Willow row
Fletcher Mr. Wm. Vickers  Nun's st
Fletcher Wm. baker Willow row
Fletcher Wm. green grocer 11 Bold ln
Flewker John solic. Corn mkt. h Osmaston st
Flewker Mrs. Eliz.  Burton rd
Fley Rd. tobaconist 13 Rotten row h Sitwell st
Flint John rope & twine mkr. 40 Green In
Flower Hy. chemist & druggist 43 Queen st
Flude Thos. vict. Castle & Falcon Morledge
Fogg John tailor 27 Bold In
Foottit Rd. cabinet maker & folding chair manufacturer 18 London street
Ford Chas. shoe maker Bridge st
Ford Geo. brush manufacturer 14 Victoria st
Ford Geo. wheelwright Nottingham rd
Ford Jas. beer house Fowler st
Ford Jas. ornmntl. spar manufactr. 48 Nuns st
Ford John tailor 25 Friar gt
Ford John Gervase bookslr. & statr. King st
Ford Sarah dress maker Chapel st
Ford Wm. & Co. manufacturing chemists old Uttoxeter rd. h. new Uttoxeter rd
Forman Elija plumber & glazier Wardwick
Forman Rt. hop & seed mercht. & tobacco manufactr. 9 Corn mkt. h. Abbots hill hs
Forman Rt. jun. maltster Curzon st
Foster Edmund Boot & Shoe Maker Alvaston St Michael's Parish
Foster Thomas vict. Marquis of Anglesea Cheapside
Foster Wm. gardener & seedsmm Sadler gt
Foulke Sarah milliner & dress mkr. Green In
Fowers Wm. collector Ockbrook Field chain Uttoxeter road
Fox Charlotte gentlewoman 6 Wardwick
Fox Cuff & sharebrokers athenaeum bdgs. & Midland hotel Railway terrace
Fox Douglas surgeon 7 Friar gt. h. Wardwick
Fox Ed. gent. Green In
Fox Jph. & Jas. engineers & machine mkrs. City road
Fox Rd. corn mercht. St Marys bd. h. Cherry st
Fox Samuel hosiery manufacturer Wardwick h. 14 North parade
Fox Sophia toy dealer Osmaston st
Francis Miss Maria Partridge  13 St. Mary's gt
Freak Joseph Frederick vict. & auctioneer King's Arms Inn St. Mary's gate
Frear Benj. solicitor St. Mary's gt. h. Friar gt
Frear Simpson & solicitors St Mary's gt
Freckelton John baker & shopkpr. Hill st
Freckleton John whitesmith Bridge st
Fritche Froude professor of music & organist at St. Alkmund's 8 North parade
Fritche George professor of music & organist at All Saints' Rose hill cottage
Frost Chas. boot & shoe maker Park st
Frost John vict. Black's head Devonshire st
Frost Ralph Esq.  Duffield road
Frost William millwright City Road
Frost Wm. Vict Greyhound 67 Friar gate
Fryer Charlotte bonnet mkr. Hill st
Fuller Mrs. Maria  Wilmot st
Furniss Horatio grocer & tea dlr. London St
Gadsby Enoch boot & shoe mkr. 23 Wardwk
Gadsby John jun. solicitor 29 Sadler gt
Gadsby Peter boot & shoe mkr Grove st
Gadsby Thos. joiner & builder 21 Wardwick
Gadsby Wm. relieving officer Sitwell st
Gains Wm. fitter up Traffic st
Gamble Jno. painter North pd
Gamble John gent. 4 Full st
Gamble Stephen cabinet maker & upholster 15 Iron gt h. Park field
Gamble Wm. joiner 81 Friar gt
Garbutt Hithersay & lace manufacturers & hosiery agents 47 Full St
Garbutt Wm. lace & hosiery manufacturer 47 Full st
Gardener Mr. Wm.  South ter
Garforth John wood engraver Uttoxeter rd
Garner Mrs. Eliz.  Wilmot st
Garner Rt. sadler & hrns. mkr. 7 Victoria St
Garner Wm. shopkeeper Ashbourn rd
Garratt Eliz. dressmaker Mansfield rd
Garratt Marriott & joiners Derwent street
Garratt My. milliner & dress mkr. 26 Friar gt
Garratt Robert Farmer Boulton St Peter's Parish
Garrett John beerhouse Nottingham rd
Garton Samuel Beerhouse Little Eaton St Alkmund's Parish
Gascoyne Geo. builder h. Osmaston st
Gascoyne Jph. & Geo. stone masons & builders 22 St. Peter's st
Gaunt Jph. green grocer 21 St. Peters st
Gaunt Ruth straw hat maker 21 St. Peter's st
Gawthorne Rev. Jas. (Indpnt.) Becket well gt
Gawthorne Wm. Ratcliffe private hotel & commercial boarding hs. 17 St. Peter's gt
Gee Emma day school Parker st
Gee Hy. watch maker Bridge gt
Gell Rev. Ph. M.A. min. St. John's Friar gt
George John & Thos. wlsl. dprs. St. Peter's bg
German Geo. linen & woollen draper & silk mercer 8 Corn market
Geuy John beerhouse Walker In
Gibson Miss Fanny  judge's lodgings 18 St. Mary's gt
Gibson Mrs. Susan  London st
Gibson Rd. silk stocking manufctr. Exeter st
Gibson Thos. foundry manager Exeter pl
Gilbert Fras. bookkeeper Liversage St
Gilbert Geo. saddler & harness maker 42 Bridge gate
Gilbert Jas. silk & cotton purse mfr. Traffic St
Gilbert Josiah butcher Green st
Gilbert Thos. gent. Park st.
Gilbertson Mason & brewers Market place & Burton
Gill John bookkeeper Park st
Gill Susan old bookseller 9 Bold lane
Gillam Thos. boot & shoe maker King st
Gillam Wm. boot & shoe mkr 24 Iron gt
Gipson William nail maker 22 Bridge st
Gipson Wm. basket mkr. 23 Bridge st
Gisborne Hy. Fras. surgeon Tenant St
Glazebrook Paul cabinet mkr. & furniture broker Eagle st
Gleadah Thos. manager Upper Friar gt
Glew Hy. butcher Hope St & 29 New sh
Glover Geo. bankers clerk Uttoxeter rd
Glover Thos. plumber & glazier London rd
Glover W. schl. mstr. London St. h. Victoria St
Glue Jph. vict. Talbot & liv. stble. kpr. Iron gt
Godby Wm. John surveyor 59 Friar gt
Godwin Jph. shoe mkr. 2 court King St
Godwin Thos. shoe mkr. King St
Goodacre Rd. & Jph. grocers & tea dealers 4 St. Peter's St
Goodale John & Wm. white & dutch lead manufacturers & tanners depot factory Normanton rd
Goodall Hy. chemist & drugst. 5 St. Peter's St
Goodwin Fras. cheese agent 12 Cock pit Hill
Goodwin Hall & pawnbrokers & silver plate dealers Market pl
Goodwin Rd. grocer & tea dlr. 42 St. Peters St
Goodwin Richard gent. Burton rd
Goodwin S. butcher 17 New sh. h. Chaddesden
Goodwin Saml. shoe mkr. Willow row
Goodwin Thos. cheese agent Devonshire st
Goodwin Wm. pawnbroker Market pl
Gordon Geo. hardwr. rag &c. dlr. 33 Walker In
Gorse Jph. chair mkr. Ashbourn rd
Gough Mrs. Mary  Park st
Gould Thos. cow kpr. Ashbourn rd
Gouldin Hanh. vict. The Turf Victoria St
Gouldin Thos. vict. Angel Inn 29 Corn mkt
Gover Hy. painter 1 Derwent st
Gover Wm. music professor 1 Derwent St
Grace Rt. building surveyor Sitwell st
Greasley Fras. cabinet maker & upholsterer 3 St. Peter's St
Greatorex Ed. vict. Brown Bear Lodge In
Greatorex Henry Boot & Shoe Maker Alvaston St Michael's Parish
Greatorex Jer. grocer & tea dlr. 46 St. Peters st
Greatorex Joseph butcher 21 Friar gate
Greatorex Wm. butcher Osmaston rd
Greaves Aug. Goring surgeon Friar gt
Greaves Jane infant school Rivett st
Greaves John butcher Goodwin st
Greaves Rd. Newton inspector of weights & measures for Appletre hund. 5 St Mary's gt
Greaves Wm. storskpr. Raily. stn. Railway ter
Green Bernard draper & grocer York St
Green Lawrence shopkeeper & Irish linen dealer City rd
Green Thos. bricklayer & builder Victoria St. h. Larges St
Green Thos. ornmtl. spar mnfr. Up. Brook St
Green Thos. vict. Queen's Head Victoria st
Green Wm. bookkeeper Wilmot st
Green Wm. tailor Rivett st
Greensmith Lawr. chemist & dgst. 45 Queen st
Greensmith Lawrence shopkeeper Darley/Darley Abbey St Alkmund's Parish
Gregory Frs. milnr. & dress mkr. 17 Victoria St
Gregory Jas. butcher 26 Queen St
Gregory Jas. furniture broker 9 Jury st
Gregory John painter Sacheverel st
Gregory Samuel Quarry Owner Little Eaton St Alkmund's Parish
Gregory T. vict. & maltr. Acorn 20 Queen st
Gregory Wm. British & foreign lace dealer 17 Victoria st. h. Agard St
Gregory Wm. nail maker Canal st
Gretton John butcher Osmaston rd
Gribble Mrs. Ann  Osmaston St
Griffith Cath. bonnet maker Sacheverel St
Grifiths Rev. Thos. new con. methodist min. Wilmot St
Grundy S. vict. Melboume Arms Siddal's In
Guest Ben. beerhs. & iron dlr. John St
Guttridge Thos. factory manager Castle st 
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