Bagshaw's 1846 Derby Borough - N to R

Bagshaw's 1846 Trade Directory

Surname Index for Derby Borough - N to R

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Surname/First Name/Occupation/Location & Parish
Nadin Wm. grocer & flour dealer Park st
Nathan Meyer gent. Park fd. cots. Duffield rd
Neal Ed. coach maker Oakes yard St. Peter's st h. Cross In
Neal Nathl. boot & shoe mkr. Cheapside
Needham Wm. butcher 78 New Sh. h. Shirly
Nephew Moseley & carvers gilders silversmiths & ornamental spar manufacturers 36 Corn mkt & 1 Railway ter
Newbold Ben. vict. Black Horse & joiner Nuns st
Newbold Jeremiah Tailor Boulton St Peter's Parish
Newbold Moody & auctioneers & land agents 19.5 Wardwick
Newbold Thos. auctioneer land agent law stationer & clerk to the Shardlow Union Iron gt h. Derwent ter
Newbold Wm. whitesmith Sadler gt
Newham John livery stable kpr. Agard st
Newham John shoe maker Walker ln
Newton Wm. L. Esq. banker h. Leylands
Nicholson Geo. baker Osmaston st
Nicklinson Hy. saddler 8 Rotton row
Norris Hy. vict. Apollo Tavern Ford St
Norton Josiah professor of music & organist St. John's London st
Norton Thos. draper & tailor Tenant St
Norton Wm. tailor & draper Osmaston st
Oakley Jas. shopkeeper & baker Siddals ln
Oakley Roe & English & foreign timber dlrs. wood turners & dealers in Newcastle ties  Siddals lane
Oakley Thos. timber merchant Siddals ln
Odery Jas. tailor Ford st
Oliver Mr. Thos.  Full St
Oliver Mrs. Eliz. bdg & day schl. St Helens st
Oliver Thos. jun. tanner Full St
Onion Geo. blacksmith Bag ln
Ordish Chas. shoe maker Green st
Orenshaw Geo. baker & confectr. Curzon st
Osborne James Farmer Alvaston St Michael's Parish
Osborne Jph. baker & grocer 51 St. Peters St
Osborne Sarah Ann ladies' boarding school 28 St Mary's gt
Osborne Wm. sen. Farmer Alvaston St Michael's Parish
Oshorne Wm. jun. Farmer Alvaston St Michael's Parish
Ostler Drewry hat mfactr. 44 St Peter's St
Otter Elijah hair dresser 102 Friar gt
Ottewell Thos. nail maker Nottingam rd
Outram Ed. Fletcher tea dlr. Nottingham rd
Owen Jas. baker & flour dealer Traffic st
Page David patten & ring mkr. Willow row
Page Ed. patten & ring maker beerhouse
Page Hy. baker & shopkpr. Burton rd
Page Thos. brass & iron fdr. Tenant St h. London rd
Palmer George nursery & seedsm. Mileash Darley/Darley Abbey St Alkmund's Parish
Palmer John nursery & seedsman 28 Iron gt
Palmer Miss boarding school Friar gt
Palmer Mrs. R.  Cherry St
Parke Jas. copper plate printer Ashbourn rd
Parker Chas. bread & flour dlr. Agard St
Parker Eras. Jas. & John iron founders Park foundry Liversage St.
Parker Fras. brazier & tinman Ford St
Parker John brazier & tinman Sadler gt
Parker Jph. Farmer Brackens Alvaston St Michael's Parish
Parker Rd. baker & flour dlr. Market place
Parkes Geo. coal dealer Nottingham rd
Parkes John whitesmith 57 Bridge St
Parkes Marmaduke whitesmith Sadler gt
Parkins Thos. & Son tailors & drs. Sadler gt
Parry Grace shopkeeper Cheapside
Pashley Geo. clerk at station Railway ter
Payne James vict. Waggon & Horses Ashbourn rd
Payne John butcher Manstleld rd
Payne Jph. beerhouse 16 Bold ln
Peach Hy. jeweller Osmaston St
Peach Jph. fishing tkl. mfr. 10 St Peter's St
Peach Mr. John  Searl St
Peacock Thos. hatter hosier & furr.
Peake Samuel baker & flour dealer Devonshire street
Peal Peter printer bookbinder & stationer & dlr. in patent medicines 13 Corn mkt
Pearson Thomas shopkeeper Burton road
Pearson Thomas vict. Red Lion Canal St
Pearson William baker & shopkeeper 21 Bridge street
Peat John butcher 51 New Shs. h. Spondon
Peat Jph. butcher 92 new Sh. h. Duffield
Peat Rd. draper & shoemaker Park street
Peat Wm. shoemaker Copeland street
Peet Jas. & Chas. Septimus silk throwsters & ribbon mnfrs. Nuns St h. Friar gate
Peet My. Ann milliner & ds. mkr. 12 Morledge
Pegg Charles vict. Tanners Arms Wiiliam St
Pegg Elizabeth butcher 33 Bridge gate
Pegg Emanuel vict. Lord Byron Bold lane
Pegg George agent Sacheverel street
Pegg Robert colour gypsum cement & plaster manufacturer old Uttoxeter road & Morledge h. Vernon st
Pegg Thomas Esq. Hollies Litchurch
Pegg William hair dresser Friar gate
Peirce William coml. traveller Siddals In
Pemberton George brazier & tinman 20 St Peter's st
Pemberton Sarah beerhouse 14 Friar gate
Penton John tailor St Helens st
Pepper Edwd vict. Bell & Castle Burton rd
Pepper Fras. livery stable keeper & horse clipper York st
Percival Elisha confectioner 62 St. Peters St
Percival John shoe maker & shopkeeper Sacheverel st
Perfect Geo. carver & gilder Osmaston st
Perfect Harrt. milliner Green st
Perkins Hy. toy dealer 27 Corn market
Perry Miss Mary  Kedleston rd
Pescud John national school Traffic st h. Siddals In
Pheasant Wm. shopkeeper 16 Bridge St
Philips Hy. 2d master diocesan sch. Friar gt
Phillips Hannah Beerhouse Little Eaton St Alkmund's Parish
Phillips Minshull Geo. linen & woollen draper & mercer 40 Corn market
Phillips Thos. hair dresser 22 Bridge gt
Philp Wm. supervisor of excise York St
Pick Abhm. grocer tea dealer soap & candle maker 20 Queen st
Pickering Jph. Hy. solicitor 46 Queen st. h. South terrace
Pickford & Co general carriers Siddals In
Piggin Thos. vict. Bishop Blaize 16 Morledge
Pike Isaac plasterer Parker st
Pike Rev. John Gregory Baptist minister St. Mary's gate
Pike Walter printer & publisher of Derby & Chesterfield Reporter Sat. 39 Crn mkt
Pike Washington corn & fl. dlr. 31 Sadler gt
Pike William & Walter booksellers printers stationers bookbinders & Reporter office 39 Corn market
Pimm Mr. Timothy  Ford street
Pimm Mrs. Anne  62 Friar gate
Pipes Mrs. Catherine manager museum Victoria street
Pipes Saml. tailor King St
Pipes Thomas boot shoe & patten maker 11 St Peter st
Pitt William nail & patten maker Bag lane
Plackett Wm. butcher 80 New S. h. Breaston
Plant James shopkeeper Nuns st
Plant Joseph tailor Chester place
Platts Ann hosier 16 Irongate
Platts Willam joiner Morledge
Platts William vict. Duke of Clarence Mansfield road
Poile Rev. Wm. F. baptist minister Cherry. st
Pool Joseph & William blacksmiths Little Eaton St Alkmund's Parish
Pool William auctioneer & share broker Victoria st. h. 65 Friar gate
Poole Joseph shopkeeper Willow row
Poole Rev. Edwd. Incumbent of Bolton Alvaston St Michael's Parish
Porter John ale & porter brewer upper Friar gate
Porter Richard shoemaker Walker lane
Porter Thos. bricklayer & bird preserver Brook street
Porter William excise officer Derwent terrace
Portmoon George hairdresser Queen St
Potter Chas. butcher Friar gate & Ashbourn road
Potter Dav. wood & ivory turner Talbot yd
Potter David jun. shopkeeper wood & ivory turner Litchurch street
Potter Isaac butcher 61 New S. h. Smalley
Potter James butcher Ashbourn road
Potter James shopkeeper Orchard street
Potter John shopkeeper Mundy st
Potter Thos. butcher 72 New Sh h. Stanley
Potter Wm. hat manufacturer 28 Bold lane
Potts Robert shopkeeper Fowler st
Poulton Thos. vict. Cross Keys 45 Corn mkt
Pountain Thos. wine mercht. h Cowsleyfield
Poxon Samuel bailiff Little Chester St Alkmund's Parish
Poyser Edwin tailor 29 St Helens st
Poyser Geo. boot & shoe mkr. 2 Rotton row
Poyser George tailor Market pl
Poyser Isabella butcher 44 New Sh. h. Langly
Poyser John shoemaker Devonshire st
Poyser Mrs. Mary The Elms Kedleston rd
Poyser Thos. plumber & glazier Market place h. Osmaston road
Pratt Ann dress maker 2 Bridge st
Pratt Chas. treasurer receiver of corn returns & chamberlain of corporation Osmaston st
Pratt John shopkeeper Albert place
Pratt Rev. Jas Mantle incmbt. St. Paul's disct Little Chester St Alkmund's Parish
Pratt Rev. Jas. M. minister St Paul's district Little Chester
Pratt Thos. sexton St Peter's Albion place
Presbury William farmer Little Chester St Alkmund's Parish
Preston Mrs Sarah  Brook walk
Price John architect & agent to Yorkshire Life & fire Office 8 Victoria st. h. Littleover
Price Mrs Sarah Jane  30 St Mary's gate
Prince & Bolsover pawnbrokers 36 Queen st
Prince John baker & confectioner 16 St. Alkmund's churchyard
Prince John millwright Darley/Darley Abbey St Alkmund's Parish
Prince John pawnbroker h. Parker St
Prince John vict. Old Telegraph Morledge
Prince Rebecca dress maker Derwent st
Prince William farmer Little Chester St Alkmund's Parish
Pryer Stephen solicitors clk. 7 St Mary's gt
Quail Edein colour maker Old Uttoxeter rd
Quin Jas. tailor & draper St James' Jane
Quinn Michael tailor & draper 23 Bold ln
Radford Alex. Esq.  new Uttoxeter road
Radford Fras. cabinet maker Brook st
Radford George Bull's Head Duffield bridge Little Eaton St Alkmund's Parish
Radford Hy. butcher Old Shambs. h. Friar gt
Radford Isaac tailor 5 Jury st
Radford John butcher 35 New S. & Liversage St
Radford John butcher 42 New Shambles & Sacheverel st
Radford John miller & baker 26 Corn mkt
Radford Jph. butcher 25 New Sh. & Hope St
Radford Miss Eliza Ann Gentry Little Eaton St Alkmund's Parish
Radford Miss Mary Gentry Little Eaton St Alkmund's Parish
Radford Wm. butcher 5 New Shambles & Normanton road
Randall George silversmith jeweller & toy dealer 12 Rotton row
Randall Henry hairdresser 13 Morledge
Ratcliff Edwin hatter & hosier St Peter's St
Ratcliff Jn. wine & spirit dlr. 11 Corn mkt
Ratcliff Wm. & John ironmongers oil & paint dealers & carpet warehouse 16 Corn mkt
Ratcliffe Elizabeth beerhouse Wright St
Ratcliffe John butcher Siddals
Ratcliffe Joseph boot & shoemkr. Morledge
Rawlins Mr. John  Parker St
Redfearn Godfrey tailor St.Werburgh's ch. yd.
Redfearn Philip butcher 19 New Shambles h. Normanton
Redfearn Philip & Thos. tailors St. James' ln
Redfern Benjamin tailor Osmaston road
Redfern John beerhouse Nuns st
Redfern John butcher Siddals lane
Redfern John stone mason & bdr. Parker St
Redfern John survyr. Derby canal Siddals ln
Redfern Thos. bookkeeper h. Siddals In
Redgate Rd. grocer & tea dealer Friar gt
Redgate Rt. grocer 19 Bridge st
Revell Thos. stone msn. Ford st. h. 49 Brook St
Rewcastle Dvd. hair dresser & umbrella mfr. 3 Queen st
Rewcastle John hair dresser 42 Green In
Rewcastle Nathaniel hair dresser & umbrella maker Willow row
Ricards Geo. agent Derby Canal Co. Siddal's ln. h. Friar gt
Rice Ben. plumber & glazier St. Mary's gt
Rice Rd. agent Pickford's wharf Siddals In
Rice Sarah coal dealer Cavendish st
Richardson Jas. tailor & dpr. Osmaston st
Richardson John brazier & tinr. 38 Bridge gt
Richardson John carrier Peter St. h. Osmn. st
Richardson John hair dresser King St
Richardson Jph. shoe maker 44 Walker ln
Richardson Thos. shoe maker King St
Richardson Thos. tailor Siddals ln
Richardson Thos. & Son publishers & wholesale booksellers Upper Friar gt
Richardson Wm. & John curriers & leather cutters 47 St. Peter's St
Rickard Geo. clerk savings bank & canal agent Friar gt
Rickard Thos. T. joiner York St
Rickard William Derby canal agent Little Eaton St Alkmund's Parish
Rickman Geo. Hy. station master Railway sta
Ride Dorothy vict. Horse & Groom Willow r
Ride Ed. hair dresser & toy dlr. Cockpit hill
Ride Thos. nail maker 30 Green ln
Ride Thos. vict. Duke of Wellington Brook St
Ridgeway John school master Traffic St
Ridley Hy. dispensing chemist 20 Sadler gt
Riggott Eliz. shopkeeper Goodwin St
Riley Richard Farmer Boulton St Peter's Parish
Riley Saml. bricklayer Charles St
Rimington Mr. master of General Infirmary
Rimmington Geo. plumber. glzr & bkr. Park st
Roberts Joseph coal higler Little Eaton St Alkmund's Parish
Roberts Sarah toll gate collector Little Chester St Alkmund's Parish
Roberts Thos. news agent St. James' ln
Roberts Wm. bookbinder Ford St
Roberts Wm. maltster Friar gt. h. Agard st
Roberts Wolston working jeweller silversmith watch & clock maker Sadler gt
Robertson Miss Eliza  21 St. Alkmund's ch. yd.
Robinson Ed. lace maker 44 Nuns St
Robinson Eliz. shopkeeper Goodwin St
Robinson Geo. painter Brook walk
Robinson Jas. iron & wood trnr. St. Mary's gt
Robinson John & Thos. & Co. broad silk manufacturers Sacheverel St
Robinson Jph. coach spring maker Brook st
Robinson Jph. Farmer Stockoff flats Alvaston St Michael's Parish
Robinson Thos. clerk Wilmot st
Robinson Thos. Derby iron merchant boiler boat revit & nail mfr.
Robinson Thos. gent. Agard St
Robotham John bookkeeper Morledge
Robotham Wm. solicitor College
Robson Miss Judith  Park fd. Kedleston rd
Rock Thos. watch & clock mkr. Siddals ln
Rodgers Sarah shopkeeper 27 King st
Roe & Oakley English & foreign timber dlrs. wood turners & dealers in Newcastle ties  Siddals lane
Roe John cattle dealer Osmaston St
Roe Mrs. Ann  Grove terrace
Roe Thos. timber dlr. wood trnr. & dlr. in Newcastle tiles Siddals ln
Roe Wm. chair maker Nottingham rd
Roe Wm. flour dealer St. John's St
Ronald Rt. bank manager Corn market
Ronald Rt. manager Derby & Derbyshire Banking Company Corn mkt
Room Jph. frame work knitter Searle St
Room Saml. butcher 45 New S. h. Mickleover
Rose Jas. vict. Coach & Horses St. James ln
Ross Geo. gent. Burton rd
Ross John infant school master Orchard st
Rowbottom Cantrill & painters Nag's head yd
Rowbottom Jph. painter h. Ford st
Rowbottom Thomas painter & gilder Ford St
Rowbottom William Boot & Shoe Maker Alvaston St Michael's Parish
Rowbottom William printer bookseller stationer & bookbinder music whs. depository for the British & foreign bible society tract prayer book & homily depository & Derbyshire Courier & general newspaper office St. Mary's gate
Rowbottom William Shopkeeper Alvaston St Michael's Parish
Rowland Breary auct. estate agt. & agt. to the church of England fire & life office Corn mt
Rowland John silk weaver Little Eaton St Alkmund's Parish
Rowley Sarah vict. Stag & Pheasant Brook St
Rowley William vict. Rising Sun Friar gt
Roworth John beerhouse Chapel st
Rudkin John Charles surgeon 25 Friar gt
Rushton John boot & shoemaker Bag lane
Russell John vict. & maltster Barley Mow St. Peter's st
Rutherford Mrs. Elizabeth  Wilmot st
Rutland William shopkpr. Mansfield rd 
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