Bagshaw's 1846 Repton & Gresley - C to E

Bagshaw's 1846 Trade Directory

Surname Index for Repton & Gresley Hundred - C to E

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Surname/First Name/Occupation/Location & Parish
Camp Christopher tailor Chellaston
Camp John shoemaker & parish clerk Chellaston
Campion Jno. Farmer & baker Rosliston
Campion Jph Farmer Stretton-en-le-field
Campion Samuel Farmer Caldwell
Campion Wm Farmer Linton
Cantrell Mrs Elizabeth Gentry King's Newton
Cantrell Samuel bazaar keeper Potter Street Melbourne
Cape Thomas draper Measham
Capewell Elizabeth Carrier from Angel to Marchington Burton-upon-Trent
Carr Mrs Alice spirit vaults Church Street Melbourne
Carter Charles clerk Station st Burton-upon-Trent
Carter Mrs Elizabeth Gentry High st Burton-upon-Trent
Carter Wm. Jph. excise officer Horninglow st Burton-upon-Trent
Cartlidge John Beerhouse Ticknall
Cartlidge John Blacksmith Ticknall
Cartwright John corn miller & farmer Ryle Drakelow
Cartwright Joseph Baker Castle Street Melbourne
Cartwright Miss Mary Gentry Stanton
Cartwright Moses farmer and colliery owner Stanton
Cartwright Moses Coal Master Swadlincote
Carver Elith Farmer Gipsy barn Swadlincote
Carver James Farmer Hall Hartshorn
Carver John bookkeeper Hartshorn
Cash George Butcher Wooden Box Hartshorn
Cash William Shopkeeper Wooden Box Hartshorn
Cater Joseph Tailor Ticknall
Cave Rev. Wm. Astley Cave Browne Gentry  Rectory Stretton-en-le-field
Cave Sir John Robert Cave Browne Bart. Gentry  Stretton Hall Stretton-en-le-field
Chadburn Zillah Shopkeeper Milton Repton
Challener Wm. colour manufr. Normanton & Derby
Chamberlain Thomas burnishing stone mkr Measham
Chamberlain Wm Farmer Leicestershire
Chambers Miss Frances Gentry Potter Street Melbourne
Chambers Thos. Joiner & Builder Lichfield St Burton-upon-Trent
Chambers William Shopkeeper Bridge St Burton-upon-Trent
Chambers William Carrier agent Bridge St. Bond End Wharf Burton-upon-Trent
Chambers Wm. carrier's agent Bridge st Burton-upon-Trent
Chambers Wm. Ship Inn/Tavern Bridge St Burton-upon-Trent
Chandler John Farmer Appleby
Chapman Chase farrier Packington
Chapman James Farrier Church Gresley
Chapman John Brickmaker Church Gresley
Chapman John Farrier Church Gresley
Chapman Robert Brickmaker Church Gresley
Charlesworth William vict. Royal Oak Inn/Tavern Ticknall
Charlesworth Wm Saddler near Ticknall Repton
Charlesworth Wm saddler Ticknall
Charlesworth Wm. vict. Royal Oak Inn/Tavern near Ticknall Repton
Charlton John police-officer Park gate Bretby
Charville Thos. Carrier to Derby Ticknall
Cheatle Benjamin Farmer Ticknall
Chesterfield Right Hon. George Augustus Frederick Earl of Gentry  Bretby Hall Bretby
Child Rd. Beaumont Farmer Swarkeston
Childs Wm. Watch & Clock Maker Chapel Street Melbourne
Chisel John shoemaker Winshill
Choyce Robert Esq. Gentry Field house Measham
Christian Thomas Boot & Shoemaker Oakthorpe and Donisthorpe
Clamp John vict. Holly Bush Linton
Clamp John junr Farmer Linton
Clark Henry timber merchant High st Burton-upon-Trent
Clark Thomas Watch & Clock Maker High St Burton-upon-Trent
Clark Thomas & Son Timber & Slate Merchant Fleetstones h. High St Burton-upon-Trent+D727
Clark Wm. timber merchant High st Burton-upon-Trent
Clarke George Tailor & Draper Horninglow st Burton-upon-Trent
Clarke Joseph Farmer Ravenstone Leicestershire
Clarke Samuel Farmer Leicestershire
Clarke William Stonemason and builder Bridge St Burton-upon-Trent
Clay Frances schoolmistress Bretby
Clay Rev. John M.A. vicar Stapenhill
Clayton George Shopkeeper New Yard Melbourne
Clayton John Shopkeeper Walton-upon-Trent
Cleaver Mary Academy Horninglow st Burton-upon-Trent
Clemson John Hosier Potter Street Melbourne
Cliff James china dealer Church Gresley
Clive Sarah shopkeeper Ingleby
Coates John Carrier from Bear to Tutbury Burton-upon-Trent
Coates John Tailor & Draper High St Burton-upon-Trent
Coates Joseph baker Lullington
Coates Samuel Confectioner High St Burton-upon-Trent
Coates Sauluel Baker & Flour Dealer High st Burton-upon-Trent
Coates Wm Farmer Coton-in-the-Elms
Cockram Walter Joseph vict. Three Tuns Smisby/Smithsby
Cole Jas. vict. Wheel Inn/Tavern and wheelwright Midway Newhall
Cole Mode Blacksmith Midway Newhall
Collier Amelia National school Donisthorpe Derbyshire
Collier Frances Milliner Burton extra Burton-upon-Trent
Collier Jn. Painter & paperhgr Repton
Collier John No Man's Heath school Donisthorpe Derbyshire
Collier Thomas Beerhouse Milton Repton
Collins Mr John Gentry Repton
Collins Thomas Earthenware Manufacturer Church Gresley
Collyer Edwd. Shopkeeper tailor and seedsman Oakthorpe Stretton-in-le-Field
Collyer Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker High Street Melbourne
Collyer Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Russell Street Melbourne
Colville Charles Robert Esq. M.P. Lullington
Cook Ann Carrier from Blue Posts to Ticknall Burton-upon-Trent
Cooke John Grocer Swadlincote
Cooke Thomas Gardener Hartshorn
Cooke Wm. Bromley smallware manufacturer Winshill
Cooper - Earthenware Manufacturer Church Gresley
Cooper George bankers clerk bank square Burton-upon-Trent
Cooper Henry gent Farmer Lullington
Cooper James vict. Boot Inn/Tavern Church Gresley
Cooper John vict. White Lion Castle Gresley
Cooper John Earthenware Manufacturer Church Gresley
Cooper John Hosier High St Burton-upon-Trent
Cooper Joice vict. New Inn/Tavern Church Gresley
Cooper Mary Academy New St Burton-upon-Trent
Cooper Moses tailor Smisby/Smithsby
Cooper Peter Surgeon Appleby Leicestershire
Cooper Samuel vict. Queen's Head Inn/Tavern Measham
Cooper Sarah vict. Bricklayer's Arms Inn/Tavern Donisthorpe Leicestershire
Cooper Thomas Farmer Swadlincote
Cooper Thos. and Son woolstaplers New st Burton-upon-Trent
Cope Thomas brick maker and lime burner near Ticknall Repton
Cope Thomas brickmaker Priory Ticknall
Cope Thos. Lime Burner Priory Ticknall
Cope Thos. Maltster Priory Ticknall
Copestake Mr Thomas Gentry Repton
Cornock Miss Academy High st Burton-upon-Trent
Cornock William Carrier from Angel to Lichfield Burton-upon-Trent
Cotton Samuel Farmer Appleby
Cotton Sml. Innkeeper Red Lion Appleby
Court Mrs Ann Gentry Stapenhill
Cox Hy. vict. Bell Inn/Tavern Horninglow St Burton-upon-Trent
Cox Mary Farmer Walton-upon-Trent
Cox Mrs Elizabeth Gentry Rosliston
Cox Rev. Richardson M.A. ncumbent  parsonage house Ticknall
Cox Thomas Baker & Flour Dealer Common Burton-upon-Trent
Cox Thomas Shopkeeper Common Burton-upon-Trent
Cox Thos. Esq. Farmer Hill Walton-upon-Trent
Coxen Edwin draper Newhall
Coxon Edwin Linen & Woolen Draper High st Burton-upon-Trent
Coxon James stationer &c. Potter Street Melbourne
Coxon Wm. clk. to Union sup. registr. assessor and collector of taxes Horninglow st Burton-upon-Trent
Coxon Wm. County (fire) and Provident (life) Office Agent Horninglow st Burton-upon-Trent
Coxon Wm. Secretary Savings' Bank Town-hall Burton-upon-Trent
Creswell Richard Edward Esq Gentry Ravenstone Leicestershire
Creswell Robert Green Esq Gentry Ravenstone
Creswell Wm. Gentry Long lane Ravenstone Leicestershire
Crewe Chas. Harpur Esq. Gentry Norbury Hays Repton
Crewe Edmund Lewis Esq. Gentry Park House Repton
Crewe Sir John Harpur Bart. Gentry The Abbey Calke
Crookes Joseph Nail maker High Street Melbourne
Cross Edmd. Butcher Horninglow St Burton-upon-Trent
Crossley Edward gentleman Lullington
Crossley Leonard Auctioneer High st Burton-upon-Trent
Croxall Samuel Shopkeeper Rosliston
Curzon EIiz. Shopkeeper Horninglow St Burton-upon-Trent
Dakin Joseph Tailor & Draper Horninglow St Burton-upon-Trent
Dakin Samuel Butcher Hartshorn
Dakin Samuel Farmer Hartshorn
Dalby & Co. Straw Hat Maker High St Burton-upon-Trent
Dallman Augustine Butcher & beerhouse Market Place Melbourne
Dallman Hugh Baker Market Place Melbourne
Dallman John Butcher Market Place Melbourne
Dalman Thomas bricklayer Lullington
Dams Allen Grocer & Tea Dealer Horninglow St Burton-upon-Trent
Daniel John Wilkes cheese factor High st Burton-upon-Trent
Daniel Wm. Farmer Coton pk Rosliston
Daniel Wm. cheese factor High st Burton-upon-Trent
Daniel Wm. and John Cheese Factor Wilkes High St Burton-upon-Trent
Danks Richard Farmer Ravenstone Leicestershire
Darley - Stock & Share Broker High st Burton-upon-Trent
Darley Wm. Butterfield Booksellers Printers Stationers and circulating library High St Burton-upon-Trent
Darley Wm. Butterfield Life Office Agent - Mutual High St Burton-upon-Trent
Davis Frances vict. Shoulder of Mutton Inn/Tavern Coton-in-the-Elms
Davis Mrs Mary Farmer Coton-in-the-Elms
Davison Wm. vict. Saracen's Head Inn/Tavern Bridge St Burton-upon-Trent
Dawes John Sharpe Farmer Smisby/Smithsby
Dawson James excise office Burton extra Burton-upon-Trent
Dawson Mrs Catherine Gentry Repton
Deacon Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker Ravenstone Leicestershire
Dean Benjamin Butcher High st Burton-upon-Trent
Dean George Port Boot & Shoemaker High st Burton-upon-Trent
Dean Philip Port Boot & Shoemaker High st Burton-upon-Trent
Deans Rev. Joseph M.A. vicar Church Side Melbourne
Deaville Benjamin vict. White Lion Inn/Tavern Church Street Melbourne
Dennies Henry Butcher Measham
Dennies Henry jun. Butcher Measham
Dent Elizabeth Academy Newhall
Dent Francis vict. Jolly Colliers Inn/Tavern Newhall
Dent James Boot & Shoe Maker Newhall
Dent John Joiner Milton Repton
Dewes Bryan Farmer Appleby
Dewsbury Edward shopkeeper Edingale Croxall
Dexter Mrs Hannah Gentry King's Newton
Dicken John Carrier from Blue Posts to Egginton Burton-upon-Trent
Dicken Miss Ann Gentry Market place Burton-upon-Trent
Dickin John Builder Ticknall
Dickin John Wheelwright Ticknall
Dickinson Daniel Joiner & Builder (and boat builder) Lichfield St Burton-upon-Trent
Dickinson Mrs. Gentry Horninglow st Burton-upon-Trent
Dimmock Mr William Gentry Hartshorn
Dobson Wm. Baker & Flour Dealer Horninglow St Burton-upon-Trent
Dobson Wm. Confectioner Horninglow St Burton-upon-Trent
Docksey John Grocer & Tea Dealer High St Burton-upon-Trent
Dodsworth Eliza infant school Rosliston
Dolby Wm Joiner Repton
Dolman Edwin Surgeon Church Street Melbourne
Dolman James Surgeon Church Street Melbourne
Dolman John Tailor Repton
Dolman John farmer Stanton
Dolman Wm. basket maker High st Burton-upon-Trent
Domelo Thos. Brown Farmer and maltster Chellaston
Dooley - Tailor Gresley
Dooley Joseph underground bailiff Swadlincote
Dooley Jph. & Sarah free school Coton-in-the-Elms
Dooley Samuel Blacksmith Burton extra Burton-upon-Trent
Douglas - Grocer & Tea Dealer High St Burton-upon-Trent
Douglas - Ironmonger High st Burton-upon-Trent
Douglas George draper Swadlincote
Douglas James grocer &c. High st Burton-upon-Trent
Draper Ann national school Walton-upon-Trent
Draper George veterinary surgeon Church Street Melbourne
Draper Isaac Farmer Osmaston
Draper John wheelwright Oakthorpe and Donisthorpe
Draper John Shopkeeper Oakthorpe and Donisthorpe
Draper John Farmer and maltster Repton
Draper John Boot & Shoe Maker Walton-upon-Trent
Draper Thomas Farmer Stanton-by-bridge
Drewe Robert stationer and druggist Repton
Drewry James Attorney High st Burton-upon-Trent
Duck Thos. Nursery & Seedsman Show Field Melbourne
Ducker John Shopkeeper Newhall
Duckers Charles Farmer and shopkeeper Newhall
Duckers John Butcher Newhall
Duddleston John Basket Maker Repton
Dugmore James collector Wind Mill Field gate Normanton
Dukes John Baker & Flour Dealer New st Burton-upon-Trent
Dukes John Grocer & Tea Dealer New St Burton-upon-Trent
Dumelow Thos. Wm Farmer Ticknall
Dumold Henry plumber glazier & painter Newhall
Dunn Mrs E. Vicarage Stapenhill
Dunnicliffe Charles vict. Lamb Inn/Tavern High Street Melbourne
Dunnicliffe Chas. Butcher High Street Melbourne
Dunnicliffe Fras. Boot & Shoe Maker High Street Melbourne
Dunnicliffe Fras. Shopkeeper High Street Melbourne
Dunnicliffe John Wheelwright Derby Road Melbourne
Dunnicliffe Jph Tailor High Street Melbourne
Dunnicliffe Thos. Farmer Castle Street Melbourne
Dunnicliffe Wm gent. Derby Road Melbourne
Dunwell Wm. Academy (commercial boarding and day) High St Burton-upon-Trent
Durant Abraham Joiner Rosliston
Durant Charles Joiner Rosliston
Durant Francis Boot & Shoe Maker Rosliston
Durant Ths. Joiner & psh. clk Rosliston
Durant Wm Boot & Shoe Maker Rosliston
Dyche John Boot & Shoemaker Bridge st Burton-upon-Trent
Dyche Joseph Beerhouse New st Burton-upon-Trent
Dyche Joseph Nail Maker New st Burton-upon-Trent
Eardley Ellen vict. Fox & Goose Inn/Tavern Bridge St Burton-upon-Trent
Earl George horsebreaker and clipper Chapel Street Melbourne
Earp Abraham Carrier from Blue Posts to Alrewas Burton-upon-Trent
Earp John maltster and woolstapler Church Side Melbourne
Earp John Grocer Draper & Druggist High Street Melbourne
Earp John Iron Monger & Hardware Dealer High Street Melbourne
Earp John Tailor High Street Melbourne
Earp Joseph Farmer King's Newton
Earp Jph. Carrier To Derby Market Place Melbourne
Earp Mr Edward Gentry Derby Road Melbourne
Earp Mr Samuel Gentry High Street Melbourne
Earp Mrs Mary Gentry Church Side Melbourne
Earp Wm. Nursery & Seedsman Castle Street Melbourne
Earp Wm. Shopkeeper Castle Street Melbourne
Eason Joan Carrier from Coach and Horses to Newborough Burton-upon-Trent
Eaton George Clog & Patten Maker Repton
Eaton John Boot & Shoemaker and town crier High St Burton-upon-Trent
Eaton John Blacksmith Repton
Eaton Wm. Farmer Green Church Gresley
Echalaz Rev. John Manuel M.A. Clergy  Rectory Appleby
Edge Benjamin Farmer Normanton
Edge George Farmer Normanton
Edwards Rev. Wm. Baptist minister Measham
Edwards Thomas parish clerk Ingleby
Eehalay Rev. Theodore M.A. vicar Lullington
Elliott John Hosier Manuftrs. Silk Gloves &c. Blanch Croft Melbourne
Elliott John Shopkeeper Blanch Croft Melbourne
Elliott Robert Currier & Leather Cutter High st Burton-upon-Trent
Elson James Rope Maker High St Burton-upon-Trent
Elson Wm. Beerhouse Anderstaff lane Burton-upon-Trent
Elton Joseph Farmer Oakthorpe and Donisthorpe
Elverson Joseph hat manufacturer Derby Road Melbourne
Elverson William Carrier from Fox and Goose to Uttoxeter Burton-upon-Trent
Emery Henry vict. Royal Oak Winshill
Emery Rt. Farmer Woodfield Lullington
Ensor Edward Brickmaker Church Gresley
Ensor Edward Clay Dealer Church Gresley
Etherington Martha Boot & Shoe Maker Newhall
Evans Daniel excise officer Railway bridge Burton-upon-Trent
Evans James Blacksmith Hartshorn
Evans John Baker & Flour Dealer New St Burton-upon-Trent
Evans Miss Rebecca Gentry Hall Caldwell
Evans Rev. John vicar Edingale Croxall
Evans Ths. Grocer Provision & Tea Dealer High st Burton-upon-Trent
Evans William vict. Rodney Inn/Tavern Hartshorn
Everard Wm Farmer Leicestershire
Ewers Wm. Cooper High st Burton-upon-Trent
Eyley Thomas coal agent Church Gresley
Eyre James wheelwright Newton Solney
Eyre Miss Mary Farmer Normanton 
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