Bagshaw's 1846 Repton & Gresley - I to M

Bagshaw's 1846 Trade Directory

Surname Index for Repton & Gresley Hundred - I to M

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Surname/First Name/Occupation/Location & Parish
Nadin Elizabeth joiner Wooden Box Hartshorn
Nadin Joseph Esq. colliery owner Stapenhill
Nadin Nathaniel Esq. colliery owner Stapenhill
Nail John Boot & Shoe Maker Newhall
Naylor Rt. vict. Old White Lion Inn/Tavern Market place Burton-upon-Trent
Neal John Shoemaker Appleby
Newbold Geo. Painter Burton extra Burton-upon-Trent
Newbold James Farmer King's Newton
Newbold John Tailor & Draper Brook St Burton-upon-Trent
Newbold John Farmer Daniel Hay Repton
Newbold Robert vict. Malt Shovel Inn/Tavern Donisthorpe Derbyshire
Newbold Robert Farmer Donisthorpe Derbyshire
Newbold Thomas Rope Maker High St Burton-upon-Trent
Newbold Wm Farmer Southwood Repton
Newbold Wm. valuer Walton-upon-Trent
Newbury Ann Academy Market place (takes Boarders) Burton-upon-Trent
Newton - Milliner High St Burton-upon-Trent
Newton - Plaster Cement & Gypsum Manufacturer (& Guano dealers) Pinfold lane Burton-upon-Trent
Newton George Farmer Chellaston
Newton Henry sheep dresser Packington Leicestershire
Newton Henry plaster cement and gypsum manufacturer Pinfold lane Burton-upon-Trent
Newton Hiram Boot & Shoe Maker Castle Street Melbourne
Newton John Carrier from Horninglow st. to Lichfield Burton-upon-Trent
Newton John Monday Horninglow st. Uttoxeter Burton-upon-Trent
Newton William Farmer Winshill
Nicholas Joseph Tailor Hartshorn
Nichols Jas. vict. Dog Inn/Tavern Lichfield st Burton-upon-Trent
Nichols Thomas Beerhouse prop. Measham
Nichols Wm. Plumber & Glazier Horninglow St Burton-upon-Trent
Nichols Wm. Redborough Farmer Leicestershire
Nicklinson John Baker Ticknall
Nicklinson John Grocer Ticknall
Nicklinson Richard gentleman Ticknall
Nixon James draper and grocer Church Gresley
Noon Wm. Turner & Chair Maker Anderstaff lane Burton-upon-Trent
Norton Thoms Boot & Shoemaker High St Burton-upon-Trent
Norton Wm. shopkeeper and baker Caldwell
Nunneley Joseph brewer Bridge st Burton-upon-Trent
Nutt George veterinary surgeon Smisby/Smithsby
Nutt Henry Boot & Shoemaker Burton extra Burton-upon-Trent
Nutt Wm. Wheelwright Pinfold lane Burton-upon-Trent
Oakey Thos. jnr Farmer Leicestershire
Oakey Thos. senr Farmer Packington Leicestershire
Oakhill Jas. farmer Hill Willesley
Oakley Thos. Jnr Butcher Leicestershire
O'Donoghue Rev. Frederick F. curate Chellaston
Orange Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker Potter Street Melbourne
Orchard John Shopkeeper & provision dealer Repton
Orchard William Carrier from Fox and Goose to Ashby-de-la-Zouch Burton-upon-Trent
Orchard Wm Farmer Milton Repton
Ordish Danl. & Sons Linen & Woolen Draper High St Burton-upon-Trent
Ordish Danl. & Sons Grocer & Draper Repton
Ordish Edward Farmer Ingleby
Ordish Harriett School Newton Solney
Ordish James farmer Pinfold lane Burton-upon-Trent
Ordish Joanna Shopkeeper Newton Solney
Ordish John baker & shopkeeper Swarkeston
Ordish Ralph Bookkeeper Ticknall
Ordish Rowland Lime Burner Ticknall
Ordish Rowland Maltster Ticknall
Ordish Thomas Farmer Ingleby
Ordish Wm. Perfumer & Hair Dresser High St Burton-upon-Trent
Orgill Henry Grocer Measham
Orgill Joseph Farmer Walton-upon-Trent
Orgill Mary Baker Swadlincote
Orgill Matthew Tailor & Draper High St Burton-upon-Trent
Orgill Thomas gent. Field Smisby/Smithsby
Orme Frances Milliner Horninglow St Burton-upon-Trent
Orme James wheelwright Hartshorn
Orme John blacksmith Castle Gresley
Orme Richard Beerhouse Church Street Melbourne
Orme Thomas saddler Castle Gresley
Orme William Baker & Flour Dealer High St Burton-upon-Trent
Orton Henry Farmer & maltster King's Newton
Orton Henry Charles Farmer Stanton-by-bridge
Orton Thomas Farmer Smisby/Smithsby
Osborne William gent. High st Burton-upon-Trent
Outram George coal agent Swadlincote
Owen Mr Wm Gentry Repton
Owen Samuel Grocer & Tea Dealer Lichfield St Burton-upon-Trent
Page Bn. Farmer Pistern hills Smisby/Smithsby
Page Joseph Farmer Appleby
Palmer Ann Grocer Swadlincote
Palmer Wm Tailor Repton
Palnler Charles Farmer Parsonage Calke
Park Saml. Carrier Appleby
Park Saml. Innkeeper Black Horse Appleby Leicestershire
Parker Benjamin tinman and brazier Repton
Parker Hannah Shopkeeper Repton
Parker James Farmer Appleby
Parker Jas. Church Academy Repton
Parker John gentleman Hartshorn
Parker Martha school Hartshorn
Parker Philip confectioner Measham
Parker Thomas Butcher Repton
Parker Wm. Boot & Shoemaker Horninglow St Burton-upon-Trent
Parker Wm. ironmonger Repton
Parkes Wm. vict. Old Spread Eagle Inn/Tavern Lichfield st Burton-upon-Trent
Parr Miss Gentry Repton
Parrott Mrs Elizabeth Gentry Horninglow St Burton-upon-Trent
Parsons Frederick John clerk High st Burton-upon-Trent
Pass Samuel stone cutter King's Newton
Pass Thos. Grocer Draper & Druggist Potter Street Melbourne
Pass Thos. Hosier Potter Street Melbourne
Pass Wm. Gardener & Seedsman Castle Street Melbourne
Pasteur Miss Eliz. Academy bdng. & day Castle Cottage Castle Street Melbourne
Patrick Ann Baker & Flour Dealer Pinfold lane Burton-upon-Trent
Patrick Samuel farmer Warren Drakelow
Patterson John head gardener Bretby
Payne Gregory Farmer Smisby/Smithsby
Payne Thomas Corn Miller High st Burton-upon-Trent
Payne Thomas Maltster High st Burton-upon-Trent
Peace George vict. Plough Inn/Tavern Horninglow St Burton-upon-Trent
Peace Valentine boot and shoe maker Linton
Peace Wm Farmer Castle Gresley
Peace Wm. Boot & Shoemaker Horninglow st Burton-upon-Trent
Peach Charles Tailor Ticknall
Peach John Farmer Normanton
Peach Thomas Wheelwrt Repton
Peach Wm. shopkeeper and beerhouse Caldwell
Pearce Wm. Surgeon Wall Measham
Pearson George schoolmaster Linton
Peat Henry butcher Smisby/Smithsby
Peat James bricklayer Melbourne
Peat Robert Saddler & Harness Maker Russell Street Melbourne
Peat Wm. parish clerk Swarkeston
Peck Samuel Postmaster Lullington
Peel John Esq. Gentry Abbey Burton-upon-Trent
Peel Robert John Esq. Gentry Burton extra Burton-upon-Trent
Pegg John Farmer Field Normanton
Pegg Miss Mary Farmer Calke
Pegg Wm. beerhouse Chellaston
Pegg Wm. Baker & cement & plaster dealer Derby Road Melbourne
Peile Rev. T. W. D.D. head master Grammar Academy Repton
Peile Rev. T.W. D.D. head mr. Repton school Repton
Percival Wm. sexton and gardener Church Gresley
Perkins John chair turner Measham
Perks Chas. & Son Timber & Slate Merchant Bond end Burton-upon-Trent
Perks John brewer h. Burton extra Burton-upon-Trent
Perks John Attorney and commsnr. for taking acknowledgements of married women Lichfield st Burton-upon-Trent
Perks Wm. Sherratt brewer h. Sinai park Burton-upon-Trent
Perrott Rev. Thos. rectory Walton-upon-Trent
Perry John Farmer & farrier Repton
Phillips Edward Attorney High St Burton-upon-Trent
Pickard Jph. National Academy and registrar for Measham dist. Measham
Pickering Edward Farmer Newhall
Piddock Mrs Mary Gentry King's Newton
Piddocke Morris gent Stanton cottage Stanton
Pilkington Henry Esq Gentry Packington
Pimm Mrs Mary Gentry Croxall
Pipes George vict. Jolly Farmer Winshill
Pitt Wm Shopkeeper Blanch Croft Melbourne
Platts Robert and John wheelwrights Chellaston
Plummer John shoemaker Winshill
Pollingdine Samuel butler Melbourne hall Church Street Melbourne
Port Alonzo Hatter High St Burton-upon-Trent
Port Francis Butcher Market pl Burton-upon-Trent
Port Horatio A. Perfumer & Hair Dresser Market place Burton-upon-Trent
Port Jane Milliner Market place Burton-upon-Trent
Port Mr John Gentry Burton extra Burton-upon-Trent
Port Philip Wheelwright Horninglow St Burton-upon-Trent
Pott Joseph Farmer Linton
Potts Samuel shoemaker Swarkeston
Pountain Wm Beerhouse Repton
Pountney Wm. Surgeon High St Burton-upon-Trent
Poynton John sawyer Church Gresley
Poyser Thos brewer Allsopp & Co.'s High st Burton-upon-Trent
Pratt Henry farmer Mansditch Catton
Pratt Misses Gentry High st Burton-upon-Trent
Pratt Rev. Charles junr. B.A. urate  Packington Leicestershire
Pratt Rev. Charles M.A. vicar Packington Leicestershire
Pratt Thomas Farmer Appleby
Pratt Thomas Farmer Caldwell
Price Jesse shopkeeper Stanton
Price Thomas Boot & Shoe Maker Ravenstone Leicestershire
Prickett Rev. Giles A.M. rector Ravenstone
Princep Misses Jane and Ann Gentry  Appleby Leicestershire
Procter and Marshall ladies' boarding school Packington
Proudman Caroline Grocer Measham
Proudman Miss Caroline postmistress Measham
Proudman Thomas Tailor & Draper Measham
Pulsford Anthony Shopkeeper New York Melbourne
Pycroft John Winter Farmer Croxall
Pym Luke shopkeeper Chellaston
Radford Francis traveller Horninglow st Burton-upon-Trent
Radford John Farmer Borough field Walton-upon-Trent
Radford Richard Farmer Normanton
Radford Thos vict. Three Horse Shoes & blksmth Lullington
Radlord Rt. Cottons Farmer Normanton
Ratcliff Jas. & Saml. Chemist & Druggist High St Burton-upon-Trent
Ratcliff Jas. & Saml. Grocer & Tea Dealer High st Burton-upon-Trent
Ratcliff John blacksmith Newton Solney
Ratcliff John Farmer St. Brides Stanton-by-bridge
Ratcliff John blacksmith Winshill
Ratcliff Joseph Boot & Shoe Maker Ticknall
Ratcliff Richard Farmer Ingleby
Ratcliff Samuel brewer High st Burton-upon-Trent
Ratcliff Wm Farmer Stanton-by-bridge
Ratcliffe Jph vict. Pack Horse and gardener King's Newton
Ratcliffe Wm Boot & Shoe Maker Repton
Ratcliffe Wm. wheelwright Bretby h. Repton
Raven John Rope Maker High St Burton-upon-Trent
Read Geo. Simpson Earthenware Manufacturer Wooden Box Hartshorn Leicesterhire
Reader Miss Mary boarding school Ingleby
Reader Mr John Gentry Ingleby
Redfearn Philip butcher Normanton
Redfern Elizabeth Carrier from Angel to Walton Burton-upon-Trent
Redfern John Boot & Shoemaker High st Burton-upon-Trent
Redfern Joseph vict. Gate Stanton
Redfern Thomas shopkeeper Coton-in-the-Elms
Redfern Thomas Brick Maker Swadlincote
Redfern Thos. Boot & Shoemaker High st Burton-upon-Trent
Redgate John hairdresser Repton
Redgate William Carrier from Saracen's Head to Ashby-de-la-Zouch Burton-upon-Trent
Reeves Mr John Gentry Normanton
Reson Mary Farmer Measham
Rhodes Charles collector Canal stop Swarkeston
Rice John Blacksmith Measham
Rice Joseph gent Packington Leicestershire
Rice Thomas Baker & Flour Dealer New St Burton-upon-Trent
Rice Thomas Beerhouse New St Burton-upon-Trent
Rice Wm. Hat Manufacturer Burton extra Burton-upon-Trent
Richards Wm. Ironmonger High st Burton-upon-Trent
Richardson Jas. Brewers Lichfield st Burton-upon-Trent
Richardson Jas. Corn Miller Lichfield St Burton-upon-Trent
Richardson Jn. & Jph. Attorney High st Burton-upon-Trent
Richardson Richard Farmer Chellaston
Richdale James glover Ticknall
Richdale John stonemason & engraver Ticknall
Richdale John Farmer Ticknall
Richdale Mary Shopkeeper Ticknall
Richdale Wm Butcher Ticknall
Riddell William brewer Horninglow st Burton-upon-Trent
Ridgway James Esq Gentry Walton-upon-Trent
Riley Mrs Sarah Gentry Horninglow st Burton-upon-Trent
Riley Robert joiner and wheelwright Croxall
Riley William Farmer Edingale Croxall
Riley Wm Boot & Shoemaker Donisthorpe Leicestershire
Riley Wm. Hoop Maker Horninglow St Burton-upon-Trent
Riley Wm. Joiner & Builder Horninglow st Burton-upon-Trent
Riley Wm. gamekeeper and farmer Park Drakelow
Roberts John land agent Park Willesley
Roberts Wm Farmer Stanton-by-bridge
Robinson Benj. Linen & Woolen Draper Horninglow. st Burton-upon-Trent
Robinson Francis Shopkeeper Burton ex Burton-upon-Trent
Robinson Fras. Butcher Burton extra Burton-upon-Trent
Robinson George Blacksmith High St Burton-upon-Trent
Robinson John Linen & Woolen Draper High st Burton-upon-Trent
Robinson Josiah Baker Repton
Robinson My. Milliner Horninglow St Burton-upon-Trent
Robinson Samuel Boot & Shoe Maker Hartshorn
Robinson Samuel Farmer Shaw House Melbourne
Robinson Sarah Milliner High St Burton-upon-Trent
Robinson Thomas brewer High st Burton-upon-Trent
Roe Edward coachbuilder Station st Burton-upon-Trent
Roe Richard police officer Abbey gate Burton-upon-Trent
Roe Richard Blacksmith Burton extra Burton-upon-Trent
Roe Richard vict. Royal Oak Inn/Tavern Market Place Burton-upon-Trent
Roe Thomas Fire & Life Office Agent - Birmingham High st Burton-upon-Trent
Roe Thomas Hatter High St Burton-upon-Trent
Roe Thomas Hosier High St Burton-upon-Trent
Roe Thomas Joiner Milton Repton
Roe Thos. Boot & Shoemaker High St Burton-upon-Trent
Rogers Stephen Hat Manufacturer Burton extra Burton-upon-Trent
Rogers Wm Blacksmith Newhall
Rose Frederick rope & twine maker Ravenstone
Rose Frederick Shopkeeper Ravenstone
Rose Robert oil cloth maker Ravenstone Leicestershire
Rose Sml. Farmer & plstr dlr. Chellaston
Rosentall Joseph Watch & Clock Maker High St Burton-upon-Trent
Roulston Joseph baker & shopkeeper Stanton-by-bridge
Rowbottom Wm. Derby canal agent Swarkeston
Rowland Charles Cabinet Maker & Upholsterer High st Burton-upon-Trent
Rowland Jph.  Shopkeeper & baker Oakthorpe and Donisthorpe
Rowley Charles schoolmaster Croxall
Rowley James Farmer Hall Church Gresley
Rowley John F. Brick Maker Swadlincote
Rowley John Fletcher Grocer Swadlincote
Rowley Joseph Benson pottery agent Swadlincote
Rutland James Academy Newhall
Rutter Catherine straw hat maker Measham
Rutter John Boot & Shoemaker Anderstaff lane Burton-upon-Trent 
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