6th Bde CMGC War Diary - February 1916  
6th Brigade Canadian Machine Gun Company
War Diary - February 1916
Transcribed from National Archives of Canada, Records of the Department of Militia and Defence, RG9, Series III-D-3 (War Diaries), Volumes 4982 & 4983, 6th Canadian Machine Gun Company, February 1916 - August 1918; Microfilm Reels T-10813 & T-10814. © National Archives of Canada. Reproduced by Permission.
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Army Form C. 2118.
Place Date/Hr  Summary of Events and Information
M24 D.2.8
Weather cold - tried out new circular parapet m.g. mounting very satisfactory - No 79728 Pte J.M. Donald sent to hospital with bad cold. - Dugout built at Regent St Dugouts for crews manning m.gs at indirect fire positions.
    7.30 pm The following new officers arrived 7.30 pm. Lieuts Basevi J. Beck C.L. Eastham Lt. A. McLelan A.G. White G.G.
2 New officers sent to front line trenches E1 north & H1A for instruction
3 New officers sent to second line of S.P.s Frenchmans Farm to FARM PARRAIN for instructional purposes.
4 New officers sent over VIERSTRAAT and 2nd G H Q Line for instruction. New officers except Lieut EASTHAM sent to different Battns for instructional purposes.
5 Weather fine - sunny - air duels all day our anti aircraft guns busy Lieut Taylor went over the 6th Brigade M.G. emplacements and positions with Capt Cock B.M.G.O. 7th Can Inf. Bde.
6 Church parade in stable - fine weather - started to get things ready to move into rest billetts near MONT des CATS. - Transport section PPCLI are going to take over our billetts.
R32 D.9.5.
7 BORDEN M G BATTERY are going to put four machine guns in the SP's while the 6th Brigade are in rest billetts. - 6th Bde M.G. Coy leaves M24 D.2.8 at 1.00 pm. Reaches rest billetts R32 D9.5. near MONTE des CATS (France) at 4.30 pm. Weather fine sunny.
8 Weather fine - spent the day in fixing up billets.
9 Weather fine - party sent out to find a suitable place for MG range. Forage for horses is short hard to buy150 lbs pay from farmer.
10 Weather fine - physical drill (running) in the morning the men are in bad physical trim - not enough exercise in trenches.
11 Cold raining - put targets in on M.G.range R32 A5.9
12 Fine weather - Battn. M.G. sections met at R32 D.9.5 to exchange M.G's and accessories. Commenced rain p.m. No 1 section with four guns went for firing practice. Heavy bombardment heard from N.E.
13 Fatigue party sent to make better stop butts at M.G. range
14 Cold windy - No 1 section and four guns went for firing practice in afternoon.
15 Windy - rain. Lecture to No 1 section (by LT. TAYLOR) indirect fire. Quota of five (5) men arrived from each battn. to take course in M.G.s
16 Windy - rain. Three guns sent to range for firing practice. Draft of 31 arrived
17 Cold - 29th Battn. ordered to trenches
18 Cold - raining. No 1 section (4 guns) under Lieut EASTHAM reported to OS. 28th Battn at SCHAEXKEN 9.00 a.m. Zep. reported over HAZEBRUCK.
19 Weather fine - No 1 section located in S.Ps near DICKEBUSH. Transport at HYDE PARK corner.
20 Weather fine - sunny. Enemy aeroplanes overhead Bomb dropped on BAILLEUL. Air duels.
21 Rain. Sounds of heavy bombardment E and SE.
22 Light fall of soft snow cleared in p.m. No 1 section transport located at LA CLYTTE. Zep passed overhead near midnight.
23 Slight snowfall - cold - route march for all ranks.
24 Snow - cold. Roads slippery for horses. M.G. school finished average percentage of class 79%. Enemy planes overhead.
25 Cold - snow. Roads bad for horses - bath parade for all ranks - men attending M.G. school return to respective Battns.
26 Thaw commences - sunny day in a.m. drizzle rain in p.m. Enemy aircraft dropped bomb on LOCRE five bombs reported - Exhibition trials of STOKES GUN - why did we not have these before?
27 Still thawing - snow has nearly disappeared - Route march for all ranks.
28 Thawing - fine weather in a.m. slight rain p.m. - Cpl Cartwright returned from leave - Gas alert signal received from 3rd CAN. DIV.
29 Weather fine - Gas alert precautions dropped - No 1 section moved into Strong Points near LINDENHOEK - No 1 section transport at Bde. M. G. school 7th Bde.
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