6th Bde CMGC War Diary - March 1916  
6th Brigade Canadian Machine Gun Company
War Diary - March 1916
Transcribed from National Archives of Canada, Records of the Department of Militia and Defence, RG9, Series III-D-3 (War Diaries), Volumes 4982 & 4983, 6th Canadian Machine Gun Company, February 1916 - August 1918; Microfilm Reels T-10813 & T-10814. © National Archives of Canada. Reproduced by Permission.
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Army Form C. 2118.
Place Date & Hour  Summary of Events and Information
Billets France March
Weather fine - aeroplane and anti aircraft guns active.
R.32 D.9.5 2 Morning fine - rain and hail in p.m. - Rumours of engagement near YPRES - sound of heavy guns from N.E. - orders received to be in readiness to move - Zep reported passing just north.
3 Weather fine - barometer still very low - news of BRITISH success near YPRES - Sounds of heavy guns from N.E. all night.
4 Snowed fairly heavily - route march - pay day.
5 Weather fine - Sgt. A.R. Hill received his commission. - Lieut BASEVI reported back from 31st BATTN.
6 Snow - physical drill - route march - Lieut McLELAN reported back from 29th BATTN. - Two O.R. leave to take course at Gas School at CANADA CORNER. Near LOCRE.
7 Rain and snow - roads bad for horse traffic - physical drill - boxing competition to keep men in shape.
8 Cold raw weather - physical drill - orders to move on 9th.
9 Weather fine - snow still on ground - route march - order to leave changed to 10th inst.
Belgium 10 Heavy snow - weather fine roads slippery - Left billetts R.32.D.95 marched via SCHAXKEN . MT NOIR . LOCRE to old quarters M24 D.28 near LOCRE
M24 D.28 
near LOCRE
11 Rain - spent day in improving camp - P P C L I left place in bad condition
12 Weather fine - nothing to report.
13 Weather fine - EATON MMG battery moved out for rest billetts 9.00 a.m. machine gun for stripping purposes at last issued. Relief of first line trenches carried out.
14 Weather fine - aeroplane duels as usual - machine gun school opened again - 20 men from the Battns. And 12 men from 2nd Can Pincer Batty. attending school.
15 Weather fair - draft of 27 O.R. reinforcements arrived in p.m.
16 Weather fine - muster parade.
M24 D.2.8
17 Weather fine - new draft 27 O.R. inspected by G.O.C. - pay day - 5 men of first draft received attached to each 27th and 28th Battns.
near LOCRE 18 Weather fine - nothing to report except usual aeroplane duels.
19 Weather fine - hot - new draft of 27 O.R. Machine Gunners arrived in p.m. aeroplane and anti aircraft guns active. Battalions relived one another in trenches. Two of our aeroplanes brought down.
20 Weather fine - roads dry - 5 men of first draft who were unsatisfactory sent to each 29th and 31st Battns. Lieut TAYLOR promoted to Captain and put in command of Company. Dated Dec 16. 1916.
21 Weather unsettled - nothing to report.
22 Weather unsettled, Gun Crews No 1 and 2 Sections arranged. Gas helmets new draft inspected Captain Taylor visited new positions.
23 Weather unsettled new draft visited trenches for instructional purposes. Seven new horses taken on strength Captain Taylor and 2 O.R. left for England on leave. Lt. EASTHAM acting O.C. in his absence.
24 Weather still unsettled, rain & snow. Improvements two emplacements LA POLKA FARM completed. 33 O.R. arrived from CANADIAN BASE DEPOT.
25 Weather still bad. New draft inspected 9.30 A.M. Afterwards examined M.M.G. work by acting O.C. Route march 2 p.m. OC and party of officers 150th (IMPERIAL) BRIGADE MACHINE GUN COMPANY visited M24 D.2.8 to discuss reliefs and taking over Lt McLELAN reported back from duty with the 27th BATTALION.
26 Weather raw. No 1 Section gun crews relieved in "STRONG POINTS" by crews of No 2 Section. Lt BASEVI relieved by Lt McLELAN. Party of officers from 150th BDE. M. G. COY. in charge of Lt EASTHAM and Lt HILL examined all M.G. positions occupied by 6th CAN. INF. BRIGADE. Proposed positions and indirect firing posts also visited maps showing positions turned over to O.C. 150th BDE. M.G. COY.
27 Weather unsettled. Muster parade 9.30 AM., inspection of rifles and gas helmets Lt HILL visited proposed billets at X1.D.3.3 and X1.A.0.0. Heavy bombardment commenced about 4 AM. Six mch gun M24 A.2.8 fired from 4 a.m. to 8 AM. Also 2 p.m. to 3.30 p.m. Six hundred yards enemy trenches taken by BRITISH at St. ELOI.
28 Weather fine. Parade 9.30. Route march. Acting O.C. and SERGEANT MAJOR visited proposed billets X.1.A 3.3 and found them satisfactory. Pay day. MACHINE GUN SCHOOL closed.
29 Weather fine. Advance fatigue party consisting 5 O.R. proceeded to billets at X.1.A 3.3 and X1.A.0.0. Members of new draft visited front trenches for instruction. Machine gun Section 27th BATTALION relieved by 4 guns of 150th BDE M.G. COY in S.Ps
30 Weather fine. Fatigue parties renovating camp. Parade 11.15 AM. Main body and transport moved off 11.50 AM. Arrived via LOCRE, Mt. NOIR and SCHAEXKEN to billets at X.1.A 3.3 at 2.30 p.m. Handed over M24 D.2.8 and Machine Gun School quarters to 150th BDE M.G. COY at 7 p.m. arriving at billets X.1.A 3.3 at 10.30 p.m.
Rest Billets 
X.1.A 3.3
31 Weather very fine. Physical drill before breakfast. Parade 10 A.M. rifle and kit inspected. Route march 2 P.M. to 4 P.M. Gun crews overhauling guns and ammunition. New draft examined in machine gun practice.
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