6th Bde CMGC War Diary - May 1916  
6th Brigade Canadian Machine Gun Company
War Diary - May 1916
Transcribed from National Archives of Canada, Records of the Department of Militia and Defence, RG9, Series III-D-3 (War Diaries), Volumes 4982 & 4983, 6th Canadian Machine Gun Company, February 1916 - August 1918; Microfilm Reels T-10813 & T-10814. © National Archives of Canada. Reproduced by Permission.
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Army Form C. 2118.
Place Date & Hour  Summary of Events and Information
Gas alert, heavy bombardment and gas attack KEMMEL. "Stood Too" from 12.30 A.M. until 10.30 A.M. Limbers loaded and horses harnessed. Parade 11 A.M. Inspection of Rifles and Gas Helmets. Gas alert 10 P.M. VIERSTRAAT SOUTH. Orders to move camp. Eight Colt Machine Guns sent to Brigade Armourer to fit new Barrels and Trips.
2 Weather fine. Moved camp for 3rd time. Tents struck 11.30 A.M. New Camp 200 yards SE of windmill. New camp erected 4.30 P.M. Lt. EASTHAM goes to VOORMEZEELE to arrange releifs with 5th CDN INF BDG MACH GUN COY. Thunder storm and Heavy Rains. Usual aerial duels.
3 Weather fine. Parade 10 A.M. Orders to move into line. Moved off 7.30 P.M. Releived 5th CDN INF BDG MACH GUN COY. Releifs completed by 12.30 A.M. with eight guns 5th CDN INF BDG MACH GUN COY held in reserve.
VOORMEZEELE 4 Weather fine. Enemy planes active. Building operations on dugouts at HEADQUARTERS MIDDLE FARM and SPOIL BANK commenced. Positions visited at right.
5 Weather fine. Hun quiet. Signallers dugout at HEADQUARTERS fired up. Other work commenced. Enemy machine guns active. One presumably in PICCADILLY FARM. Other presumably in BOIS QUARANTE. Intermittent shelling during day. Night quiet. 2 O.R. proceeded on leave.
6 Weather cooler. Planes active. Enemy quiet. Lt EASTHAM and Sgt Major visited Left Sector and examined work being done. Great possibilities but very short handed. Two O.R. reported for duty from CANADIAN BASE DEPOT.
7 Fine but dull. VOORMEZEELE and Headquarters shelled with 5.9 and 4.15 about 6 P.M. Light fire. Undercut fire carried out from SUNKEN ROAD by MIDDLE FARM on DAMME STRAINE (O.1A 1.3½)
8 Weather wet. Intermitted shelling vicinity of VOOMEZELLE. Nothing else to report.
RENINGHELST 9 Weather very wet. 6 guns releived by 5th Can. Inf. Bdg. Mach. Gun Coy. and 6 moved into reserve trenches at VOORMEZEELE.
10 Weather still unsettled. No parades. Men resting.
11 Weather fine. Parade 10 A.M. rifles and gas helmets inspected. Machine guns inspected by Brigade Armourer Sgt. Major. Lieut EASTHAM proceeding on leave. Lieut BASEVI assumed Command. Inspection of Transport by General TURNER.
12 Weather very fine. Machine guns tested. 2 O.R. proceeded leave. Usual aerial activity.
13 Weather still fine. Nothing to report.
14 Weather still fine. Parade 10 A.M. Rifles & Gas helmets inspected. Route March. "Base ball practice". Usual aerial activity.
15 Weather inclined to be damp. Heavy aerial duels in morning. 6 Guns left in Reserve at VOORMEZELLE were releived.
16 Weather fine. Parade 10 A.M. rifles & gas helmets inspected. Cleaning guns and ammunition. Base Ball match in afternoon.
17 Weather fine. Parade 10 A.M. Route march. Afternoon men resting Gas Alarm during night of 17th - 18th.
18 Weather fine. Heavy aerial duels in Early morning. Parade and Route March 10 A.M. - 12 noon. Afternoon "Base Ball" match. Heard bombs dropping in vicinity of RENINGHELST no damage reported.
19 Weather fine. Parade 10 A.M. Route march until 1.30 P.M. Afternoon Cricket Match v. 31st Canadian Battalion. Enemy Aeroplanes very active.
20 Weather fine. Parade 10 A.M. Rifles & Gas helmets inspected. Crews Cleaning & Testing Guns and Ammunition.
21 Weather very bright & warm. Church parade 10 A.M. Lieut. EASTHAM returned from leave and assumed command. Usual aerial activity.
22 Weather stormy. Parade 10 A.M. for pay. Received orders to take up positions in the line, heavy rain during evening.
23 Weather fine. Left for VOORMEZELLE with 16 guns and crews complete with Transport at 7.10 P.M. and proceeded to releive 5th Cdn. Inf. Bdg. Mach. Gun Coy. Releif completed by 1.30 A.M. May 24th 1916
24 Weather fine. Slight shelling in vicinity of VOORMEZELLE. Lt. EASTHAM visited positions at TRENCHES 15 and 16 also position at BUS HO.
H.36 d.8.2½
25 Weather showering. Changed guns in positions V4 and NEW TRENCH to ARUNDEL HOUSE and S P BURNHAM. Guns from last named position move to TRENCHES 22 and 27. 31st Cdn. Inf. Batt. Mach. Guns taking over positions in V4 and NEW TRENCH. Shelling in vicinity of VEERSTRAAT and portions of FRONT LINE. Enemy Machine Guns busy right, especially along St ELOI ROAD. Lt. GALBRAITH visited positions at TRENCHES 15 and 16 and BUS HO.
26 Weather showering. Usual aerial activity. 31st Batt. Guns in V4 and NEW TRENCH releived by guns of 5th Cdn. Inf. Bdg. M.G. Coy. Shelling in vicinity of Scottish Wood. Enemy Machine Guns along St Eloi Road and vicinity of BUS HO. Lt. EASTHAM and GALBRAITH visited our gun positions on Right Sector.
27 Weather fine. Enemy quite. Usual aerial activity. Few shells dropped in vicinity of SCOTTISH WOOD and back Country. Lt EASTHAM visited Divisional Headquarters at RENELIGHST. Lts. GALBRAITH and CUMMINGS visited positions at TRENCH 15 & 16 and BUS HO.
28 Weather fine. Enemy planes very active. Intermitted shelling in vicinity of VOORMEZELLE. One O.R. wounded at S.P. BURNHAM. Indirect fire conducted from MOATED GRANGE on Roads in rear of Craters 2 & 3. Lt CUMMINGS and GALBRAITH visited Front Line trenches and endeavour to ascertain the effects of our indirect fire.
29 Weather fine. Staff Officer and Lt. EASTHAM visited Gun positions. Usual aerial activity. British plane shot down. Carried out indirect fire on roads in rear of craters two and three. Usual aerial activity.
30 Weather fine but somewhat cooler. Staff Officer and Lt Eastham visited lines. Planes were very active. One O.R. wounded TRENCH W.28. Lt EASTHAM and CUMMINGS visited Left Sector.
31 Weather fine. Intermitted shelling vicinity of VOORMEZELLE, CAFÉ BELGE and back Country. Enemy machine guns active. Releif commenced by 5th Bde M G Coy.
[Signed] W.? EASTHAM  Lt.
6th Cdn. Inf. Bdg., Mach. Gun Coy.
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