6th Bde CMGC War Diary - November 1917  
6th Brigade Canadian Machine Gun Company
War Diary - November 1917
Transcribed from National Archives of Canada, Records of the Department of Militia and Defence, RG9, Series III-D-3 (War Diaries), Volumes 4982 & 4983, 6th Canadian Machine Gun Company, February 1916 - August 1918; Microfilm Reels T-10813 & T-10814. © National Archives of Canada. Reproduced by Permission.
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Army Form C. 2118.
Place Date/Hr  Summary of Events and Information
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Hondeghem November
Weather cloudy. Company at Drill and Training for offensive Action. At 8 p.m. the 8 fighting limbers moved off for Potijze via Steenvorde, Abeele and Poperinghe, arriving at destination at 5 a.m. Nov. 2nd.
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Sheet 28
2 Weather cloudy. Company paraded at 10.45 a.m. and marched to CAESTRE arriving 12.45 p.m. [O.O. No. 85 attached]  Here the Company entrained and proceeded to YPRES where company detrained and marched to Potijze I.3.d.0.4 arriving at 3.30 p.m. Remaining transport travelled by road via STEENVORDE and POPERINGHE arriving at 8.30 p.m. Company remained at transport lines of 12th Cdn M G Coy.   These lines were taken over when the 12th Cdn M.G. Coy moved at 7 a.m. 3/10/17. No. 3 Section 6th Cdn M G Coy proceeded to relieve the corresponding section of the 12th Cdn M G Coy in Battery Position at D.16.d.3.6. This section was under command of Lt. Leslie Withrow who was wounded on the way in. Sgt. F Eustace then took command and completed the relief. Relief was complete by 9 p.m. This section now formed part of No. 3 Battery composed of 4 Guns 14th C M G Coy and 4 Guns 6th C M G Coy. and under the command of Lieut. Moseley 14th Cdn M G Coy. The O.C., Capt. C.V. Grantham becoming group commander of Barrage Guns for the Division, Lieut J. Stonehewer remained in command of Company.
Potijze 3 Weather cloudy. Lieut. W.G. Broadbridge proceeded to the line and took command of No. 3 Section. This Section fired 8000 rounds during morning in answer to our S.O.S. 4000 rounds were fired on Special Harassing targets during night 3/4th. No. 898161 Pte. Belshaw T.G. was killed by H.E. shrapnel while acting as runner. Ration and ammunition parties made good trips.
4 Weather cloudy turning fine. Ration and ammuntion parties made successful trips. 32,000 rounds S.A.A. were carried up. In consequence of 2nd Divl M.G. Bn Operation Order Nos. 7 and 8 gun crews with an attached gun from 5th Cdn M.G. Coy under command of Sgt. L. Tingley relieved corresponding guns of the 4th Cdn M.G. Coy. [O.Os. Nos 86 and 86B attached]  Relief was complete by midnight night 4/5th. During afternoon and latter part of the night camp was heavily shelled. 7 O.R's were wounded chiefly by overhead shrapnel. An anti-aircraft position at D.16.b.60.20 was manned by a No. 4 Section Crew. Line positions heavily shelled but no casualties.
5 Weather cloudy. Ration and ammunition parties made successful trips although heavily shelled. In consequence of 2nd Divl M.G. Bn. Operation Orders Company prepared to take in operations as follows :- No. 3 Section under Lt. Broadbridge forming part of no. 2 Battery on Barrage Work under Lt. Moseley 14th C M G Coy. and moving to position at D.17.a.10.90. No. 1 Section less 2 guns under Lt. Tucker proceeded at 2 p.m. to take up a suitable position in rear of the most convenient attacking Battalion preparatory to advancing to selected positions for Local Defence Work after the attack as also did Nos. 5 & 6 Guns of No. 2 Section under command of Lt. Pearce. No. 4 gun under command of Sgt. R.D. Boddie moved to a reserve position to be used only if necessary. The 2 guns under command of Sgt. Tingley also came into a reserve position. [O.O. No. 87 attached]
Capt. Grantham O.C. being group commander of the Barrage Guns and Lieut. Stonehewer taking up the duties of Liaison officer with the G.O.C. 6th Cdn Inf Bde command of Company was taken by Lieut. J.D. Wallbridge. At 3.40 p.m. Camp was again heavily shelled with H.E. shrapnel. No casualties were caused. Supplies for Mobile Guns were sent up by a Pack Train of 26 Annimals. This train was heavily shelled near Zonnebeck Station causing several casualties. 1 man missing and 6 men wounded, one of whom afterwards died of wounds. 5 Animals were killed and 5 wounded. Despite the shelling, train reformed and proceeded to destination safely delivering all the guns, tripods and supplies with the exception of 24 hours rations for No. 2 Section. 3 loads of S.A.A. and 2 of water were also lost. No. 2 Section was therefore on short rations during the next 48 hours. During this trip Pte T Wolfenden showed an excellent example. Although severely wounded he stayed at his post and safely delivered his load at the Dump. Afterwards collapsing on the return trip. Anti-aircraft gun manned by No. 16 Crew 4 Section was sent forward and located at D.17.a.30.20. No. 3 Section dumped 40,000 rounds S.A.A. and partially completed gun positions in Augustus Wood (D.17.a.10.90.) night 4/5th and finished work night 5/6th in readiness for attack. Lieuts. J.E. Ritchie, G.G. Frost and T.H. O'Rourke reported for Duty. 20 O.R's reinforcements received.
6 Weather unfavorable. Promptly at Zero hour (6.00 a.m.) Barrage guns opened up according to M.G. fire organization Orders No. 12 attached. Casualties in Barrage Batteries nil during firing. At 8 a.m. guns were heavily shelled causing 5 Casualties and destroying 1 gun which was replaced during the evening. S.O.S. went up at 6.45 p.m. and only 3 guns were able to fire. 28,000 rounds were fired according to Barrage Scheme and 4000 rounds on S.O.S. The Mobile guns under Lieut. Pearce had taken up a favorable position in Rear of the 28th Bn. being settled in funk-holes by 12.30 a.m. At Zero hour these 2 guns went over in rear of Bn. and got into positions at D.6.a.50.49 and D.6.a.55.39. Guns were in position at 8 a.m. with a clear field of fire of 1000 yards. Guns were dismounted as soon as it was seen that the infantry had reached objective and were again mounted at dusk. These guns were subjected to heavy shelling with numerous casualties. No. 8 gun having only its No. 1 L/Cpl J.M. Donald left. Although wounded he stuck to his post until Battery was relieved. Total Casualties for the day were 3 O.R's killed 20 O.R's wounded and 1 O.R. missing. 5 O.R's reinforcements were received.
7 Weather unfavorable. Barrage guns fired during night. 6000 rounds on S.O.S. line. Mobile guns spent a comparatively quiet day. Ration parties made successful trips without casualties. Guns of No. 1 Section suffered heavily during the day. On Lt. MOSELEY being relieved by Lieut. Beatty 14th C.M.G. Coy. Lt. BROADBRIDGE became O.C. No. 2 Battery.
An advanced armourers shop was established at SEINE CORNER which made minor repairs and did excellent work. Armourers of the 6th and 5th Companies were in charge. Total Casualties for the day were 6 O.R's killed 7 O.R's wounded and 3 O.R's missing. 10 O.R's reinforcements were received.
8 Weather cloudy. Day comparatively quiet but men were exhausted from exposure. Barrage guns fired 8,000 rounds on S.O.S. line during night 7th/8th. Mobile guns were again heavily shelled. During night 8/9th reliefs took place as follows :- Guns of the 6th C.M.G. Coy in Nos. 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 13 positions were relieved by corresponding guns of 4th, 5th, and 14th Coys. Guns of 6th Coy in Nos. 10 and 14 positions were relieved by Nos. 13 and 15 Crews of 6th Coy. Guns of 6th Coy. in Nos. 12 and 16 Positions were relieved by Nos. 14 and 16 Crews 6th Coy. [O.O. No. 88 attached] Relief was successfully carried out, but crews on relief had to pass in the dark through area shelled with gas which caused some casualties. Casualties for the day numbered 1 O.R. killed 2 O.R's wounded and 1 O.R. missing.
9 Weather cloudy with rain. No. 3 Section moved forward into new Barrage Position located approx. at D.11.b.40.25 and became part of No. 2 Battery under command of Lieut. McBurney 5th C M G Coy as Battery Commander. During the night the gun crews of this section were relieved by crews made up of spare and draft men under Lieut. Frost. Relief complete by midnight. This battery had been in the line continuously since night Nov 2nd/3rd and was completely exhausted. Casualties for the day 1 O.R. wounded. Mobile guns spent a fairly quiet day.
10 Weather stormy with heavy rain. The 2nd Cdn Div again attacked on the left sector. Barrage guns in positions taken up on the 9th opened fire in accordance with Fire Organization Table attached. [F.O. Table 13 attached]  Zero hour was 6.05 a.m. Atttack was successful but units were subjected to one of the heaviest barrages they have yet endured. On account of the heavy rain which set in during the early morning and converted the countryside into a quagmire the men suffered severely from exposure, the heavy shelling causing trenches and shelters to cave in and burying men, guns, and ammunition. It was impossible to keep guns clean. Casualties for the day were 3 O.R's killed.
Potijze 11 Weather cloudy. Day spent in making preparations for relief. During night reserve guns were withdrawn to the transport lines Potijze. The barrage guns were relieved by corresponding guns of the 12th Cdn M G Coy and the Local Defence Guns by the corresponding guns of the 16th Cdn M G Coy. [O.O. Nos 89 and 89B attached]  Relief was completed by midnight. The O.C. Capt. C.V. Grantham was relieved as group Commander by Major Pearce 12th C M G Coy and reassumed command of Company. Total Casualties for tour of Duty, 1 officer wounded, 17 O.R's killed, 6 O.R's missing, and 48 O.R's wounded. Reinforcements during Tour 3 Officers and 35 O.R's.
Brandhoek 12 Weather fine. Company paraded at 12.15 p.m. and moved to Rest Camp on Reninghelst-Poperinghe Rd. The Company marched to YPRES STATION, entrained and proceeded to BRANDHOEK, detrained and proceeded to Rest Camp. The transport moved off at 8.30 a.m. and proceeded to CAESTRE via BUSSEBOOM, ABEELE and STEENVOORDE.
Map Ref. 
Hazebroucke 5A
St. Floris 13 Weather fine. Company paraded at 9.00 a.m. marched to Vlamertinghe and embussed. Then proceeded to St. Floris via Reninghelst, Loire, Bailleul, Hazebroucke and St. Venant, arriving at 4.30 p.m. where Company remained in billets for night. Lieut S.E. Sacks reported for duty.
La Pugnoy 14 Weather fine. Company paraded at 9 a.m. and embussed at ST. FLORIS Church and proceeded to La Pugnoy via Calonne-sur-la-Lys and CHOCQUES arriving 11.45 a.m. Transport proceeded by road arriving at 12 noon. Muster parade held at 2 p.m. All ranks present or accounted for.
Map Ref.
France 36
15 Weather fine but cloudy. Transport proceeded to Maisnil Bouche at 8.30 a.m. arriving 3 p.m. Company embussed at 2 p.m. and proceeded to billets in Maisnil Bouche via Marles-les-Mines, Bruay, Barlin and Hersin arriving at 5.30 p.m.
16 Weather cloudy. Company resting in billets. Lieut. J. Stonehewer proceeded on 14 days leave to England.
17 Weather cloudy. Company resting in billets. Bathing Parade held. Clothing and necessities issued from Q.M. Stores. Company was paid.
Aux Rietz
18 Weather cloudy. Company moved to old billets at Aux Rietz via Villers au Bois and cross country tracks, Parading at 11 a.m. and reaching destination at 3 p.m.
19 Weather cloudy. Company resting in billets, repairing hutments and generally cleaning up. Lieut. J.E. Ritchie proceeded to join the Corps M.G. reinforcement Camp.
20 Weather showery. Company resting in billets. 25 O.Rs. reinforcements received.
A.8.c.9.5. 21 Weather showery. Company moved to new billets 500 yards distant on the East side of the Arras-Bethune Road. Company at work repairing camp. Attached Carriers returned to the 2nd Divl. Wing C.C.R.C.
Aux Rietz
22 Weather cloudy. Company at work repairing huts, building walks, erecting huts and generally improving camp.
23 Weather cloudy. Company at work on repairing huts, erecting new huts and  generally improving camp.
24 Weather showery. Company at work improving camp. Lieut. G.E. Bain and 3 O.Rs. retirned from Corps School Pernes.
25 Weather showery. Company at work improving camp. Lieut. W.G. Broadbridge and 3 O.Rs. proceeded to Corps School Pernes.
26 Weather showery. Company at work improving camp. Gas helmets thoroughly inspected by Battalion Gas N.C.O. No. 1 Section under Lt. T.H. O'Rourke proceeded to the forward area and relieved corresponding section 5th Cdn M G Coy in Reserve at the Mill T.35.d.30.80. [O.O. No. 90 attached] Relief complete by 9 p.m. Company being only 4 under strength Section proceeded to forward area approximately at strength. Company was paid the extra Christmas pay. Company was bathed.
Aux Rietz
27 Weather showery. Section in Reserve holding positions taken up. Sections at rest engaged on work of fixing up camp as the weather conditions permitted. Section in reserve at work on Reserve emplacements.
28 Weather cloudy. Section in Reserve holding positions taken up. Reserve emplacements completed and stocked with S.A.A. Section officers visited line positions to be taken over from 4th Cdn. M.G. Coy. Sections at rest were bathed. Work continued on Camp.
29 Weather cloudy. Section in Reserve holding positions taken up. Sections at rest cleaning guns and ammunition, checking spare parts and stores, and working on camp. The O.C. visited line positions preparatory to relief.
Aux Rietz
30 Weather cloudy. Sections preparing for relief. No. 1 Section moved from reserve to forward area. Its place being taken by a Section of the 4th Cdn M.G. Coy. [O.O. No. 91 attached]  Remaining 3 sections moved off from transport lines at 2.15 p.m. Moved to line and relieved the 4th Cdn M G Coy in the MERICOURT Sector. Company in Federal Election.
Appendix A Laudatory
Appendix B Fire Organization Tables
Appendix C 2nd Cdn Divl Operation Orders
Appendix D 5th Cdn M G Coy O.Os.
Appendix E 14th Cdn M G Coy O.Os.
Appendix F 2nd Cdn Div O.Os.
Appendix G 5th C.I.B. O.Os.
Appendix H Section Officers Reports
[Signed] C.V. Grantham.
Capt. O.C.
6th C.M.G. Coy.
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