6th Bde CMGC War Diary - October 1917  
6th Brigade Canadian Machine Gun Company
War Diary - October 1917
Transcribed from National Archives of Canada, Records of the Department of Militia and Defence, RG9, Series III-D-3 (War Diaries), Volumes 4982 & 4983, 6th Canadian Machine Gun Company, February 1916 - August 1918; Microfilm Reels T-10813 & T-10814. © National Archives of Canada. Reproduced by Permission.
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Army Form C. 2118.
Place Date/Hr  Summary of Events and Information
Coy Hdqrs
Weather fine and very warm. Company holding positions taken up in the Forward Area. 18,000 rounds indirect fire during night 30th Sept/1st Oct on following targets. Railway Line from N.34.c.05.80 to N.34.d.10.10, Overland Route N.34.d.10.10 to N.34.Central, Cross Roads T.5.a.10.85. and Overland Route from N.34.c.20.70 to N.34.b.30.60. During night 1/2nd Oct 20,000 rounds indirect fire on above-mentioned targets. [Map Ref Sheet 36c S.W.]
2 Weather fine. Company holding positions taken up. 200 rounds at anti-aircraft. 20,000 rounds on targets as above during night.
3 Weather showery. Company holding positions taken up. [O.O. No. 84 attached] 10,000 rounds on targets as above. During night 3/4th October Company was relieved in the line by the 14th Cdn M.G. Coy. Relief complete by 1 a.m. During the relief heavy enemy shelling. Ration Dump T.20.b.30.60 was shelled causing the loss of two horses No. 240 371 Pte. A. Fanning slightly wounded still at duty.
4 Weather showery. Upon completion of relief Company moved by Sections to billets formerly occupied by the Company in Maisnil Bouche. Move was complete by 4.30 a.m. Immediately upon arrival the Company was supplied with a hot meal. Company resting during the day. Company visited model of Saluamines Hill.
5 Weather showery. Company at Drill as follows. Physical Drill, Company Drill, Gas Helmet Drill and Cleaning Guns and ammunition. 3 O.R. admitted Field Ambulance Sick.
6 Weather showery. Company remaining in billets. Lieut. W.L. Hardiman proceeded to England on 10 days leave.
7 Weather cold with heavy rain. Roman Catholic Church Parade at 9 a.m. Company was bathed and paid.
8 Weather fine but cold with heavy winds turning showery at night. Capt. Charles Victor Grantham reported from the 5th Cdn M G Coy and assumed command of
  the Company.
9 Weather showery. Company remaining in billets.
Coy Hdqrs
10 Weather stormy with heavy rain. Company moved to billets at Aux Rietz A8c7.8. Company paraded at 8.50 a.m. Marched off at 9 a.m. and proceeding via CAMBLAIN L'ABBE, MT. ST. ELOY and La Targette reached new billets at 1 p.m.
Coy Hdqrs
11 Weather showery. Company moved to permanent area A8c4.2. Company marched by sections at 10 a.m. Move was complete by 10.30 a.m. At 2 p.m. Company paraded to Gas School, where the "Black" Containers in small box respirators were exchanged. Lieut. G.E. Bain returned from leave.
12 Weather showery. Company resting in billets, owing to inclement weather.
13 Weather showery. Company preparing for move to new area.
14 Weather fine. Company preparing for move to new area. Lieut. Wm. Beatty reported to the 14th Cdn M G Coy on being posted to that unit.
15 Weather showery. Company preparing for move to new area. Lieut. E.R. ROBISON admitted to hospital.
Bethonsart 16 Weather fine but cloudy. Company moved from billets at Aux Rietz via Mt St Eloy, Camblain L'Abbe, Cambligneul, Villers, Chatel and Mingoval to Bethonsart. Company paraded at 7.45 a.m. marched off at 8 a.m. and arrived at destination at 12.45 p.m.
17 Weather fine. Company at rest in billets. 3 O.R's were sent to base as inefficient. Lieut. J.D. Wallbridge proceeded to England on 10 days leave. 4 O.R's reinforcements from Base.
18 Weather fine. Company training as follows. Physical Drill, Immediate Action, Company Drill and Inspection of Guns.
19 Weather fine. Company at Physical Drill. Inspection by O.C. Lieut. W.G. Broadbridge proceeded on leave. Lieut W.L. Hardiman returned from leave. Company was paid.
20 Weather fine. Company at drill and training for offensive action.
21 Weather fine. Company at training for offensive action. Church Parade. Roman Catholic at 7.45 a.m. and Protestant at 3 p.m.
22 Weather showery. Company preparing for move to new area.
23 Weather showery. During the night 23rd/24th October the Company moved by road and rail to CASSEL STATION. Company was ready to move by 7 p.m. Paraded at 7.15 p.m. and marched off at 7.30 p.m. arrived at Savy Station at 8.20 p.m. where Company entrained. Entrainment complete by 9.30 p.m. Train departed at 11.28 p.m. and arrived at Cassel Station at 6 a.m.
24 Weather fine turning showery at night. Detrainment at CASSEL was complete by 7.15 a.m. Company marched off at 7.45 a.m. and reached billeting area at 10.30 a.m. Company marched by way of Bavingchove and La Longue Croix to Hondeghem. Owing to congestion in billeting area Company was not finally billeted until 7 p.m.
25 Weather fine with heavy winds. Company at rest in billets. Lieut. Harry John Leslie Pearce joined unit on being posted. Lieut. William Leech Hardiman admitted field ambulance sick. 4 O.R's admitted F.A. sick. 5 O.R. reinforcements arrived.
26 Weather stormy. One parade only held to read out extracts re Gas, Fire, and Censorship.
27 Weather fine. Company Route March in full Marching Order.
28 Weather showery. Company at training. Physical Drill and Stripping and Assembling blindfolded with Gas Helmets adjusted. Lieut. J. Stonehewer visited forward area and looked over new transport lines. Lieut. G.E. Bain and 2 O.R's proceeded on M.G. Course to PERNES.
29 Weather showery. Company at training. Physical Drill and Stripping and Assembling blindfolded. The O.C. with party of NCO's proceeded to Cdn Corps Headquarters and viewed model of area of new operations. Lieut. W.F. Tucker, and 1 O.R., returned from M.G. Course Camiers.
30 Weather cloudy and cold. Company route march in full marching order. Lieuts. W.G. Broadbridge and J.D. Wallbridge returned from leave. 3 O.R's returned from leave. 1 O.R. admitted hospital.
31 Weather fine. Company at training. Physical Drill and Section Route Marches. Section Officers went over taped Course.
During the month Lieut. E.R. Robison was invalided to England 18/10/17.

Appendix A  Laudatory
Appendix B  2nd Cdn Divl. M.G. Bn Operation Orders and Letters
Appendix C  2nd Cdn Div Operation Orders and Administrative Instructions
Appendix D  5th Cdn Inf Bde Temporary Defence Scheme
Appendix E  6th Cdn Inf Bde Operation Orders and Administrative Instructions
Appendix F  14th Cdn M G Coy Operation Order No 30.

[Signed] C.V. Grantham
Capt. O.C.
6th Cdn M G Coy.
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