6th Bde CMGC War Diaries - Appendices (Nov 1917 - 1918)  
6th Brigade Canadian Machine Gun Company
War Diaries - Appendices (Nov 1917 - Pt II)
Transcribed from National Archives of Canada, Records of the Department of Militia and Defence, RG9, Series III-D-3 (War Diaries), Volumes 4982 & 4983, 6th Canadian Machine Gun Company, February 1916 - August 1918; Microfilm Reels T-10813 & T-10814. © National Archives of Canada. Reproduced by Permission.
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7th November 1917.
General Staff
5th Canadian Infantry Brigade
6th Canadian Infantry Brigade
4th Canadian M.G. Company
5th Canadian M.G. Company
6th Canadian M.G. Company
14th Canadian M.G. Company
Office Copy
  1. Capt. McCORKELL will be Liaison Officer for all Barrage Guns when the 5th Canadian Infantryt Brigade have relieved the 6th Canadian Infantry Brigade.
  2. Lieut. STONEHEWER will report back to 6th Canadian M.G. Company Headquarters, when the 6th Canadian Infantry Brigade is relieved in forward area by the 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade.
  3. Capt. McCORKELL will be with G.O.C. 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade.
  4. Please ACKNOWLEDGE.
[Signed] W.D. Goodfellow
Major. D.M.G.C.
2nd Canadian Division.

Copy No 9
23rd November/17.
2nd Cdn. Divl. M.G. Bn.
Operation Order No. 63.
  1. On the 30th & night 30/31st Nov. the following M.G. Coy reliefs will be carried out.

  2. The 5th Cdn M G Coy will relieve the 14th CMGC.
    The 6th Cdn M G Coy will relieve the 4th CMGC.
  3. On the 26th inst. the 6th Cdn MG Coy will relieve the reserve section of the 5th Cdn MG Coy at T.25.d.30.80.
  4. On the 30th the 4 guns of the 6th Cdn MG Coy at T.25.d.30.80. will relieve the 4 guns of the 4th Coy - the 4th Coy will then hold 1 section in reserve at T.25.d.30.80.
  5. On the 7th December the 14th Coy will relieve the reserve section of the 4th Coy.
  6. Details of relief to be arranged between O's C Coys concerned.
  7. Inter-company relief of reserve section will be arranged by O.C. Coy.
  8. In case of an attack or hostile demonstration take up positions - ROSS, BIRCH, KETCH and BELL shown on map MGB 11.
  9. Officers from the 5th & 6th MG Coys will arrange to go over line positions before relief day.
  10. The O.C. 5th Cdn M G Coy will go over line positions with D.M.G.C. on 25th inst. & O.C. 6th Coy on 26th inst.
  11. First Army Trench Standing Orders for Machine Guns in Defensive Positions will be complied with by all Coys.
  12. O's. C. four Coys will report to D.M.G.C. upon relief stating if Trench Standing Orders have been complied with or otherwise.
  13. 's. C. M.G. Coys will detail a section officer to report to Brigades whose front they are covering day following relief and will arrange to keep in close touch with Brigades and Infantry Officers.
  14. Upon completion of relief Bdes & DMGC to be notified by wire using code phrase "BABIES FINE".
  15. Please Acknowledge.
[Signed] W.D. Goodfellow
Major. D.M.G.C.
2nd Canadian Division.
Issued at 9 p.m.

Copy No…3...

Map Reference PASSCHENDAELE 1/10,000

  1. In accordance with 2nd Cdn. Divl. M.G. Battn., O.O. Bo. 55 para.6. the 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy., will take up the following positions on the night of November 4/5th, 1917.
  2. "B" Section 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy., under Lieut. Hobson, less one gun, will relieve three guns of the 4th Cdn. M.G. Coy., as follows:-

  3. 1 gun at D.12.a.45.00
    2 guns at D.12.c.80.70
  4. "A" Section 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy., less three guns will report to Sgt. Tingley at 6th Cdn. M.G. Coy., Rear Headquarters at 3 p.m. Nov., 4th and will take up position under command of Sgt. Tingley at D.12.a.30.90.

  6. (a) "B" Section 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy., will take over all tripods and belted ammunition from the 4th Cdn. M.G. Coy., at the positions they relieve and in exchange will leave their tripods and thirty belts S.A.A., and boxes at SEINE CORNER under the charge of Lieut. McBurney where they will be called for by the 4th Cdn. M.G. Coy.
    (b) "A" Section will take over trench stores but will carry their complete equipment into the lines.
  7. Receipts will be given and taken for all stores handed over to the relieved unit.
  8. The guns mentioned in para. 2 & 5 will come under command of Major Pearce with headquarters at TYNE COTT D.17.a.45.20.
  9. Relief complete will be notified by runner to Major Pearce.
  10. Guides for "B" Section 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy., will be supplied by 4th Cdn. M.G. Coy., and will be at TYNE COTT at 5 p.m. Nov. 4th/17.
  11. Rations for "B" Section 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy., will be delivered by Lieut. Creighton to SEINE CORNER.

  12. Rations for "A" Section 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy., will be delivered to 6th Cdn. M.G. Coy., rear headquarters and will be delivered by that unit.
  13. Daily Reports including all casualty situation reports etc., will be forwarded to rear headquarters by ration party daily.
[Signed] J.E. McCorkell, Capt.
O.C., 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy.
Issued at 2 p.m. 4/11/17.

Copy No.
1. D.M.G.C., 2nd Cdn. Div.
2. Major Pearce.
3. 6th Cdn. M.G. Coy.
4. "B" Section.
5. "A" Section
6-7-8 War Diary
9. Lieut. Creighton.

Copy No …13…

Map Reference Passchendaele 1/10,000

  1. In accordance with 2nd Canadian Divl. M.G. Battalion O.O. No. 57 the local defense guns of the 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy., will be relieved as follows on 8th November, 1917.
  2. Relief to be carried out between 10 a.m. and 10 p.m Nov. 8th, 1917.
  3. "B" Section 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy., less one gun, under Lieut. Hobson, will be relieved as follows:-

  4. (a) No. 1 position at D.12.c.80.70. by one gun of "C" Section 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy.
    No. 2 position at D.12.c.80.70. by one gun of "C" Section 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy.
    No. 10 position at D.12.a.45.00. by one gun of "D" Section 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy.
    (b) The two crews of "C" Section, 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy., will take in their Guns only. All other equipment will be taken over in the line.
    (c) The one crew of "D" Section, 6th Cdn. M.G. Coy., will take in its gun and spare parts. All other equipment will be taken over in the line.
    (d) The relieving crews will come under the command of Lieut. MacLaren, 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy.
  5. (a) One crew of "C" Section, 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy., will relieve one crew of "D" Section, 6th Cdn. M.G. Coy., at No. 13 position (SEINE CORNER)

  6. (b) The crew of 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy., No. 14 position (SEINE CORNER) will be relieved by one crew of "D" Section, 6th Cdn. M.G. Coy.
    (c) The two relieving crews will come under the command of Sergt. Cooper 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy.
  7. (a) "A" Section 14th Cdn. M.G. Coy., less one gun will relieve the following guns at present under command of Sergt. Chamberland, 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy.

  8. 1 gun (6th Cdn. M.G. Coy.) at No. 3 position, D.6.d.50.80
    1 gun (5th Cdn. M.G. Coy.) at No. 4 position, D.6.d.50.60
    1 gun (5th Cdn. M.G. Coy.) at No. 5 position, D.6.d.50.80
    (b) All equipment with the exception of guns and spare parts will be handed over in the line.
  9. (a) The gun of 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy., at No. 11 position D.12.a.20.90 will be relieved by one gun of "A" Section, 14th Cdn. M.G. Coy.

  10. (b) All equipment with the exception of guns and spare parts will be handed over in the line.
  11. The one gun of 5th Cdn. M.G. Coy., at present on A.A. duty will remain in position.
  12. Completion of relief will be reported to Liaison Officer at 5th Cdn. Inf. Bde. Hqrs. Wire as follows "Gun No. 1 - Fine."
  13. Crews relieved will report back to Transport Lines at POTIJZE.
  14. Major Basevi will relieve Major Pearce as group commander of local defence guns and will take over command at 6 p.m. 8th November. 1917.
  15. Capt. McCorkell will be Liaison Officer of Barrage and local defence guns with Headquarters at 5th Cdn. Inf. Bde.
G.W.H. Millican, Lieut.
For Capt.
Officer Commanding,
5th Cdn. M.G. Coy.
Copy No.
1. Officer Commanding.
2. Lieut. Hobson.
3. Lieut. MacLaren.
4. Lieut. Much.
5. Transport Officer.
6. Sgt. Chamberland.
7. Sgt. Cooper.
8. D.M.G.C. 2nd Cdn. Div.
9. Major Pearce.
10. Major Basevi.
11. Capt. Grantham.
12. O.C., 4th Cdn. M.G. Coy.
13. O.C., 6th Cdn. M.G. Coy.
14. O.C., 14th Cdn. M.G. Coy.
15. G.O.C., 5th Cdn. Inf. Bde.


Maps. HAZEBROUCK. 5.A. 1st Novr. 1917.

  1. In accordance with 2nd Canadian Division Operation Order No. 53, the M.G. Companies of the 2nd Canadian Division will relieve M.G. Companies of 4th Canadian Division on night of 2/3rd instant.
  2. Infantry relief will be on same night.
  3. The 14th C.M.G.C. will relieve :-

  4. 12 guns of 11th C.M.G.C.
    4 guns of 10th C.M.G.C.
    in barrage positions. The guns of 14th C.M.G.C. will be grouped into Batteries as follows:-
  5. No. 1 Battery, Nos. 1 & 2 Sections under Lt. Tweddell with Lt. Beatty as sub-battery Officer, will relieve 8 guns of 11th C.M.G.C.

  6. No. 2 Battery, Nos. 3 & 4 Sections under Lt. Mosely with Lt. Lyon as sub-battery Officer, will relieve 4 guns of 11th C.M.G.C. and 4 guns of 10th C.M.G.C.
  7. Transport will take over lines of 11th C.M.G.C. at POTIJZE.
  8. Capt. Grantham, 6th C.M.G.C. will be in charge of all barrage guns and he will be situated at the same position as occupied by O.C. Barrage guns, 4th Canadian Division, (probably H.Q. 4th Brigade).
  9. Sections will take following personnel with them.

  10. 1. Officer.
    1. Sergeant.
    1. Corporal.
    4. Gunners. per gun.
    2. Carriers. per gun.
    1. Runner.
    1. Batman who will also act as runner.
    Nominal Roll of personnel to be handed into the Q.M. Stores and Orderly Room.
  11. Two runners of each Battery will immediately after relief report relief complete to Capt. Grantham and will remain with him.
  12. O.C. 14th C.M.G.C. will be in corresponding position of O.C. 11th C.M.G.C.
  13. Battery positions will be in proximity SEINE CORNER.
  14. Battery H.Qs. at MAIN CORNER.
  15. Company will move to YPRES by rail on 2nd instant at an hour to be notified later.
  16. 8 gun limbers and train G.S. Wagon will leave for POTIJZE by road on night of 1st instant leaving camp at 8.00 p.m. To this will be attached similar number of wagons of 6th C.M.G.C. The whole train will be in charge of Lt. Williams. Remainder of transport will move under Kt. Stonehewer at an hour to be notified later.
  17. Rations will be drawn on 2nd instant from 4th Brigade dump at H.8.c.7.8. Lt. William will warn ration wagons when they are near that dump and wagons will leave column to discover dum and draw rations. The wagons will then proceed to MENIN GATE where they will be met by guide at 9.00 a.m. to guide them to transport lines.
  18. Guides for Batteries will be met at POTIJZE transport lines.
  19. Guns, spare parts and rations will be taken forward on pack horses. 4 horses per Section will be allotted to carry these together with water.
  20. Company will leave CAESTRE with full marching order. On arrival at POTIJZE, packs will be turned into Q.M. Stores and Battle Order will be worn, (Haversacks on back, Mess Tin, and Greatcoats to be rolled in waterproof sheet.)
  21. Liaison with O.C. 14th C.M.G.C. will be arranged later.
[Signed] G.N. Douglas. Lieut.
For Major, O.C.
14th Cdn. M.G. Coy.
Copy No.
1. War Diary.
2. Office Copy.
3. D.M.G.C.
4. O.C. No. 1 Section.
5. O.C. No. 2 Section.
6. O.C. No. 3 Section.
7. O.C. No. 4 Section.
8. Lt. Williams.
9. O.C. 6th C.M.G.C.
10. O.C. 11th C.M.G.C.
11. O.C. 10th C.M.G.C.
12. Sergt. Forster.

8th November 1917.
Reference Map. M.G.B.5.
  1. Local defence guns Nos. 3, 4, 5 at present supplied by 5th C.M.G.C. 11 and 12 at present supplied by 6th C.M.G.C. will be relieved by No. 1 Section, 14th C.M.G.C., plus 1 gun of 6th C.M.G.C.
  2. 3 guns of No. 1 Section under Lt. Badgley will relieve Nos. 3, 4, and 5 and 11 & 12 will be relieved by 1 gun of No. 1 Section and 1 gun of 6th C.M.G.C. under Lt. Salisbury.
  3. The gun of the 6th C.M.G.C. will report to Lt. Salisbury at transport lines, 14th C.M.G.C. at 12.30 p.m. on 8th instant.
  4. Guides for all guns will be met at SEINE CORNER at 3.00 p.m. on 8th instant.
  5. Guns and spare parts only will be taken into line by 14th C.M.G.C. Tripods, belts, boxes, and condenser bags will be taken over from gun crews relieved.
  6. Gun crews will consist of 4 gunners and 2 carriers.
  7. Each Officer will send back 2 carriers to Group Commander to report relief complete. These will remain with Group Commander and act as runners.
  8. Major Basevi will assume command of local defence guns at 6.00 p.m. on 8th instant. His H.Q. will be at TYNE COTTS.
  9. Each gun crew will take into the line 48 hours rations and 1 can of drinking water.
  10. Relieving crews will get all information possible from the crews they relieve.
[Signed] ??
for Major O.C.
14th Cdn. M.G. Coy.
Issued at 9.00 a.m.

Copy No.
1. War Diary.
2. Lt. Badgley.
3. Lt. Salisbury.
4. D.M.G.C.
5. 6th C.M.G.C.
6. 5th C.M.G.C.
7. Major Basevi.
8. Office Copy.

2nd Canadian Division
A.Q. S/3/8
30th October, 1917
(Reference map sheets 27 & 28  1/40,000).
  1. Divisional Area.



    BRANDHOEK No. 2.
    Permanent Area Commandant - Major Justice, located at H.7.c.3.6.

    TORONTO G.18.a.6.5. 40 Offrs. 1800 O.R. In huts and tents used by 4th Div. for 2 Bns. & T.M. Bty.
    ERIE G.11.c.7.5. 20 Offrs. 780 O.R. Huts.
    SCOTT G.11.d.4.5. 30 Offrs. 970 O.R. Tents & Shelters.
    BURNS G.12.d.4.2. 20 Offrs. 450 O.R. 55 Tents
    NO. 7 H.7.c.5.5. 605 O.R. 65 tents overflow of Bn. in BURNS CAMP put into No. 7 Camp while used by 4th Canadian Divn.
    ST. LAWRENCE. G.11.c.6.6. 30 Offrs. 1100 O.R.

    Transport lines are located near Camps in each case.
    There are two Brigade Hqrs., one at H.7.a.1.1., the other at G.12.b.9.3.


    Camp Commandant - Captain Ingleton, 124th Bn., at H.16.d.2.5. Accommodation for one Battalion and other details in 43 Nissen huts.


    Any billeting accommodation in the town is occupied by permanent residents. Captain J. Lee, located at the Prison, is the permanent Town Major.


    Area Commandant representative Canadian Corps - Lieut.-Col. H.B. Verrett, located at I.4.c.6.7.
    2nd Canadian Division representative - Lieut. A.W. May, 21st Bn, lives with Area Commandant.

    One Brigade Hqrs. at I.3.d.3.1. and other at I.10.c.2.6. Accommodation as follows :-
    I.10.c.2.9.  One Battalion.
    I.9.d. 3 Battalions.
    I.4.c.4.5. One Battalion.
    I.4.c.9.9. One Battalion.
    I.10.a.8.6. One Battalion.
    Transport Details are located in vicinity of Camps.
    There are sufficient tents and shelters in possession of the Area Commandant to accommodate another Battalion.
    The above locations are merely temporary as the Camps are moved from one place to another in the area  on account of the nature of the ground.
    Tents and shelters in this area are supposed to be struck during the day if they are not properly discoloured, and sandbag walls or earth must be placed around all such to protect occupants from bomb splinters.
    The Officers mentioned will allot any accommodation to units to be accommodated in these area, subject to orders from this office. All bivouac shelters and tents will be taken on charge and receipts given for same and taken when handed over.


  4. Advanced - MENIN GATE, YPRES. - All General Staff, A.A. & Q.M.G. and D.A.Q.M.G.
    Rear. - BRANDHOEK.
    C.R.E. - YPRES, I.7.d.3.5.
    A.D.M.S. - Adv. Div. H.Q. MENIN GATE, YPRES.
    D.M.G.C. - Adv. Div. H.Q. MENIN GATE, YPRES.
    A.P.M. - Prison, YPRES.
    Divl. Salvage Coy. - Prison, YPRES.
    O.C., Divl. Train. Rear Div. H.Q., BRANDHOEK.
    S.S.O. Rear Div. H.Q., BRANDHOEK.
    Field Cashier. Rear Div. H.Q., BRANDHOEK.
    Divl. Claims Officer  Rear Div. H.Q., BRANDHOEK.
    D.A.D.O.S. Rear Div. H.Q., BRANDHOEK.
    Senior Chaplain Rear Div. H.Q., BRANDHOEK.
    French Mission Rear Div. H.Q., BRANDHOEK.
    D.A.D.V.S. Rear Div. H.Q., BRANDHOEK.
    Baths Officer. Rear Div. H.Q., BRANDHOEK.
    Divl. Burial Officer. POTIJZE.

  6. (i) Water Supply in Forward Area.
    (a) YPRES, I.8.b.1.9. - Yield 18,000 gallons a day - 2 scoops chlorination per water cart required.
    (b) C.29.c.2.2. - Capacity 8,000 gallons. (By Divl. Bomb Stores).
    (c) LEVI COTTAGE, D.21.a.7.3.
    (d) D.20.b.6.5.
    (ii) Water Supply in Rest Area.
    Water points for the supply of drinking water are located as follows: (Sheet 28) water bottles, water carts, and water tank lorries can refill at these points :-
    Tank No. 9 at H.14.a.9.6. yielding daily 7,000 Gallons.
    Tank No. 14 at H.8.b.9.9. yielding daily 5,000 Gallons.
    Tank No. 32 at G.12.c.5.1. yielding daily 4,000 Gallons.
    (iii) The horse water supply is from water points, existing streams, ponds and wells.
    The location of water points is as follows :-
    All drinking water must be chlorinated.
  7. 4. SUPPLIES:

  8. Railhead. - VLAMERTINGHE.
    Refilling Points. - H.8.c.7.8. (Camp 14) Nos. 2, 3 & 4 Cos.
                               H.9.b.1.5. (Near VLAMERTINGHE Station) No.1 Co.
    Delivery. 0 Rations will be delivered by Divisional Train to wagon lines of units.

    1,000 preserved meat and biscuit rations will be issued by S.S.O. to 5th and 6th Brigades. These are for storage at Bde. Dumps and use as found necessary. No accounting will be required.
    In addition to the above, there will probably be turned over to each Brigade, 4,000 preserved meat and biscuit rations, by the respectibe Brigades which they relieve. Brigades must make enquiries for these and report actual quantities taken over. Such rations are not, it is understood, in the forward area. These are to be carefully checked before receipted for, and any consumed, lost or destroyed will be made good subsequently by underdrawals, in order that proper quantities may be transferred to a relieving Division.

    S.S.O. will notify Brigades, C.R.A., C.R.E., A.D.M.S., D.M.G.C. and S.O's. of allotment. Brigades, etc., will notify S.O's. of distribution to be made at Refilling Points.
    SOLIDIFIED SPIRIT will be issued in the same manner as rum.

    The 4th Brigade will take over those in possession of the Brigade of the 4th Canadian Division which they relieve. Further demands on 'Q' Branch will be filled if available.
    None will be issued to 5th and 6th Brigades.
    Whale oil is available, and will be issued on demand, by B.S.O's.
    Fuel dump for all units will be at H.7.b.10.1.


  10. Railhead. - MACHINE GUN SIDING, H.12.a.5.6. Sht. 28 N.W.
    Corps Dump. - Is at Railhead, where all ammunition is unboxed, and sent forward in lorries to Main Divisional Refilling Point.
    Main Divisional Refilling Point: OXFORD STREET, C.28.d.7.7. At this point ammunition is received unboxed by lorries.
    Ammuntion is packed from Main Divisional Refilling Point to Battery positions.

  12. Divisional Dump - CAMBRIDGE. Is situated at corner POTIJZE and CAMBRIDGE Roads, I.5.a.4.8., and is fed by lorries chiefly and partly by light railways.
    This Dump will be in charge of A/Divisional Grenade Officer, Capt. R.D. Sutherland, located at I.3.d.3.3., on the YPRES-POTIJZE Road, who will issue to Brigades on demand, subject to necessary instructions by 'Q' Branch.
    All grenades issued at the CAMBRIDGE Dump will be detonated. Brigades are warned, however, that grenades in the forward area must be carefully examined, as it is understood some have been sent up there undetonated.
    D.A.Q.M.G. will ensure that the establishment maintained is sufficient to anticipate all requirements.
    Brigade Dumps.
    The present Main Brigade Dump is at SEINE, D.16.d.2.5. It is probable the 4th Canadian Division will establish a dump further forward.
    The 5th and 6th Canadian Inf. Bdes. will as soon as possible select and stock the necessary dumps, and report locations to this office.
  13. R.E. SUPPLIES:

  14. The Main Divisional R.E. Dump will be at I.7.c.9.5. (TRANSIT).

  16. At least 30 extra pack saddles will be issued to each Bde. A certain number of water crates will also be issued. Brigades will complete the organization of their respective sections, having in view the necessity of using not only the regular pack animals but also every riding and other light draught animal for which pack or universal saddlery can possibly be provided.
    The importance of improvising packing attachments for universal saddlery is urgent.
    Brigades must realize that very few animals outside of their own will be available for this work.

  18. Railhead will be at VLAMERTINGHE.
    Demands of units will be drawn from the Divisional Ordnance Stores which will be located at BRANDHOEK.



    A.D.M.S. Office. - RAMPARTS, YPRES, near MENIN GATE.

    (1) SEINE - D.16.d.2.4.
    (2) THAMES - D.22.b.4.6.
    (3) OTTO FARM - D.15.c.1.9.

    (1) ZONNEBEKE STATION - D.21.d.6.5.
    (2) LEVI COTTAGE - D.21.a.6.3.
    (3) BREMEN HOUSE - D.26.a.8.5.
    (4) FROST HOUSE - D.25.a.6.0.



    FROST HOUSE, D.25.a.6.0.
    CHATEAU POTIJZE, I.4.a.8.2.






    EVACUATION. - Evacuation from the Forward Area is to various points on the YPRES- ZONNEBEKE Road, N.W. of the Railroad.

    (a) STRETCHER CASES. - The Division will be responsible for clearing from the R.A.P's. to the A.D.S's.
    (1) From R.A.P's. SEINE and THAMES, by hand carry along Railway Track to Relay Post at ZONNEBEKE Station, thence along Railway and ZONNEBEKE Road to FROST HOUSE, or vioa Relay Post at LEVI COTTAGE, "Jill" or "K" Track to ZONNEBEKE Road and FROST HOUSE.
    (2) From R.A.P. at OTTO FARM by hand carry to LEVI COTTAGE (D.21.a.6.3.) thence as in (1).
    (3) From FROST HOUSE, (D.25.a.6.0.) cases will be taken by Motor Ambulance cars to M.D.S., the Mill, VLAMERTINGHE, stopping at A.D.S., POTIJZE, should cases require redressing.
    (4) Horsed ambulance wagons will be used whenever possible in front of POTIJZE to supplement motors.

    These will make their way along the YPRES-ZONNEBEKE Road to FROST HOUSE, where they will be picked up by Ambulance cars and returning lorries and taken to M.D.S. for walking wounded at the Prison, YPRES. From the Prison they will be taken by lorry and standard gauge railway to C.C.S., under Corps arrangements.
    Evacuation in Forward Area will be in charge of Lieut.-Colonel D.P. Kappele, O.C., 5th Canadian Field Ambce.

    Each Brigade will detail an evacuation party of 4 officers and 400 men from those not being taken into action. These parties will be billeted in the POTIJZE area on 'Z' night. The officer who will be in charge of each Brigade party will report to the O.C., 5th Field Ambce. at PRADELLES at once in order that necessary preliminary arrangements may be made.
    Arrangements for concentration of these parties and supplies for same will be made by Staff Captains with D.A.Q.M.G. and D.A.A.G. (b).
    Brigades are notified that contrary to usual conditions no places exist in the forward area where wounded can be stored, and the necessity, therefore, of every effort being made to get them back to points where ambulances can pick them up is obvious.


  22. The Divisional Burial Officer will be located with the Divisional Grenade Officer on the YPRES- POTIJZES Road.
    He will be responsible for the supervision of burial of the dead in the Divisional Area and will allocate cemeteries.
    All returns of burials, and effects of the deceased, will be forwarded to D.B.O. direct.
    Burials will be carried out and registered in accordance with Canadian Corps A-53-1-9 dated 19-10-1917, which has been circulated to all concerned.
    Brigades are responsible for clearing their own areas.
    1 Regimental officer, 1 chaplain and 50 O.R. will be detailed by each Brigade to form a Divisional party under direction of the D.B.O., to assist in clearing the battlefield. This party will, if necessary, be drawn from the party of 400, hereinbefore ordered to be detailed by each Brigade for evacuation of wounded, but if such is necessary, the party will be definitely earmarked beforehand. The D.B.O. will at once be notified of the officer commanding each Brigade party and will get in touch with same and make all necessary arrangements.
    Any Brigade parties not drawn from evacuation parties will be billeted in the BRANDHOEK or POTIJZE Area as the D.B.O. arranges with D.A.A.G.(b). Time of concentration will be notified later.
    Additional parties will be detailed by Brigades or units when circumstances render this necessary in order to cope with the situation.
    The additional parties will be under the direction of Brigades or units.
    All supplies required for registering graves will be obtained through Divisional Burial Officer.
    Recognized burial places will be used where circumstances permit this being done.

  24. Attention is directed to Canadian Corps A.3. dated 21.10.17. and Second Army instructions regarding the reporting of casualties, which have been circulated.
    The D.A.A.G.(b) will perform the duties of Divisional Casualty Officer during the pending operations.
    Every effort will be made to forward estimated casualty wires as soon as possible after heavy fighting has taken place. At least two estimated casualty wires will be despatched daily during heavy fighting, so as to reach Divisional Headquarters at 7 a.m. and 7 p.m.
    Each Brigade will detail 1 casualty clerk to report to Divisional Casualty Officer at Rear Divisional Headquarters, at 12 noon on Z-1 day. These clerks will be employed at the Corps Main Dressing Station to record the casualties as they pass through. They will bring nominal rolls of their units with them.
    This arrangement will not relieve units of the responsibility of reporting casualties as instructed, but will aid in verifiecation.
    Verified Nominal Rolls will be carried by Company, Platoon and Section Commanders of the men immediately with them.

  26. (1) During ordinary fighting reinforcements for all units arrive at POPERINGHE by rail and are staged through to MAPLE CAMP (near POPERINGHE). From there they will be despatched to units.
    (2) After heavy fighting has commenced, Infantry and all other reinforcements (except Artillery which will be despatched as above) will be sent to units only after the Division has been withdrawn from the line, unless special circumstances arise which render it advisable for them to be despatched at once.
  27. TRAFFIC CONTROL: Is handled by the A.P.M., Canadian Corps. The following are the Control Posts in this Division's area :-
  28. Post No. 1:  I.9.a.3.9.
    Post No. 2: I.4.c.40.95.
    Post No. 3: I.5.a.5.8. with following sub-posts:
    (a) I.5.a.25.75. )
    (b) C.30.c.6.3. ) Patrols also between
    (c) C.30.d.3.5. ) these 3 points.
    Post No. 4: I.11.b.3.5.
    Post No. 5: I.10.d.1.2. and
    Town Post (YPRES) I.8.b.6.4.

    The time table at present in force for movement of traffic in the forward area is as follows :-
    Eastward of OXFORD Road - 5 a.m. to 9 p.m. Motor Lorries. No horsed wheeled transport with exception of that carrying road material and teams moving Field Guns.
    9 p.m. to 5 a.m. - Horsed wheeled transport only.
    Pack animals will be allowed through at all times.


    I.7.b.1.2. (Prison, YPRES).
    Headquarters, A.P.M. (Prison, YPRES) ('Phone installed here).


  30. Walking cases will be turned into Mobile Veterinary Section at G.14.b.5.4.
    Mortally wounded animals, or those with broken limbs will be destroyed on the order of an officer.
    Units are responsible for burying the dead animals in their areas.

  32. Located at BRANDHOEK. A supply of Respirators and P.H. helmets will be maintained and issued to units as required.
    Refitting Depots: 
    (1) BRANDHOEK, H.7.c.9.8.
    (2) MENIN GATE, YPRES, I.8.a.9.1.
    (3) MILL COTTAGE, I.4.b.9.6.
    Respirators may be fitted and tested at these points.
  33. LIGHT RAILWAYS:  Are at present not practicable to convey supplies of trench munitions forward in the present area.


  36. Divisional Baths are situated at G.12.c.8.2.
    Accommodation 100 men per hour.
    Clothing will be exchanged on the piece for piece system. First issue of winter clothing is being issued direct by Ordnance.
    Underclothing and socks are disinfected at Laundry, sacked and labelled and sent through Ordnance to No. 1 Area Laundry, ABBEVILLE. On receipt of dirty clothing, clean clothing is to be sent in return.
    Requests for accommodation at Baths will be made to Baths Officer at Rear Divisional Headquarters.
  37. HOT FOOD:

  38. The Y.M.C.A. has Hot Drink Stands at :-
    POPERINGHE Road, H.12.d.2.5.
    POTIJZE, I.3.d.2.2.
    WHITE CHATEAY, I.4.a.2.2.
    MILL COTTAGE, I.5.a.0.8.
    WATER TANK, C.29.d.8.0.
    THE LOOP, C.30.c.0.2.
    PRISON, YPRES, (Main Walking Wounded Dressing Station.
    The Chaplain Services will have plant operating at :-
    BAVARIA HOUSE, C.30.c.7.3. )
    POTIJZE, I.4.c.2.9. )
    PRISON, YPRES, I.7.b.2.3. )  Sheet 28.
    VLAMERTINGHE. H.9.a.3.9. )
    BRANDHOEK. H.7.b.9.7. )
  39. SALVAGE:

  40. Divisional Salvage Dump - PRISON, YPRES.
    Forward DUMPS: C.30.c.6.2.  BAVARIA HOUSE ) On Light Railway
    I.4.a.6.3. )
    Brigade in line is responsible when circumstances permit, for salvage as far back as Advanced Brigade Headquarters, but all ranks will assist in the important work of salving in the Divl. Area at every opportunity.
    Divisional Salvage Coy. will clear salvage from Forward Dumps.
[Signed] P.J. Montague
A.A. & Q.M.G.
2nd Canadian Division.
Issued at _____
4th Cdn. Inf. Bde. 1-7.
5th Cdn. Inf. Bde. 8-14.
6th Cdn. Inf. Bde. 15-21.
C.R.A. 22-24.
C.R.E. 25.
D.M.G.C. 26-30.
Divl. Train. 31.
S.S.O. 32.
A.D.M.S. 33-36.
Signals. 37.
Salvage Coy. 38.
D.A.D.V.S, 39-40.
A.P.M. 41.
Camp Commandant. 42.
Divl. Gas Officer. 43.
Divl. Baths Officer. 44.
Divl. Burial Officer. 45.
General Staff. 46.
War Diary. 47-49.
Fyle. 50.
D.A.Q.M.G. 51.
D.A.A.G.(A). 52.
D.A.A.G.(B). 53.
Capt. Sutherland. 54.

13TH NOVEMBER. 1917.
Billets in XIII Corps Area are allotted as follows :-
Brigade Headquarters VILLERS AU BOIS.
24th Canadian Battalion VILLERS AU BOIS.
26th Canadian Battalion VILLERS AU BOIS.
5th Canadian T.M. Battery VILLERS AU BOIS.
6th Canadian Field Amb. VILLERS AU BOIS.
Town Major is at VILLERS AU BOIS.
22nd Canadian Battalion CAMBLAIN L'ABBE.
25th Canadian Battalion CAMBLAIN L'ABBE.
Town Major is at CAMBLAIN L'ABBE.
2nd M.G. Battalion. MAISNIL BOUCHE.
Town Major is at MAISNIL BOUCHE.


Head of Column in ROBECQ facing South on ST. VENANT-ROBECQ Road in following order:-
26th Canadian Battalion. 21 Busses.
24th Canadian Battalion. 21 busses.
5th Canadian T.M. Batty. 4 busses.
The above units will debuss in LOZINGHEM-MARIES LES MINES Road.
6th Canadian Field Amb. 7 busses. Debus near Lapugnoy.
Brigade Headquarters. 6 busses. Debus at AUCHEL.

22nd Canadian Battalion. 28 busses.
25th Canadian Battalion. 31 busses.
Debus at AUCHEL.

ST. FLORIS facing East tail of Column at Church.
No. 2. M.G. Battalion. 24 busses.

D.H.Q. 6 busses.
Each unit will detail an officer to supervise their embussing.
The allotment of busses to the Battalions and to the T.M. Battery provides an extra bus (or lorry) for the conveyance of stores.

Two buses will report at the Square ST. VENANT at 8 a.m. 14th instant to convey the advanced parties to the LABEUVRIERE Area.
Following parties will be detailed :-
Each Battalion 6. 2nd M.G. Bn. 6.
T.M. Bty. 2. 6th Fld. Amb. 2.
Bde. Hqrs. 4. No. 3 Coy. Train. 1.
Mobile Vet. Sec. 1.

All billets and lines will be left in a clean and sanitary condition.


[Signed] J.W. Coupe?
Staff Captain,
5th Canadian Infantry Brigade.

Copies to:-
Brigade Major.
Staff Captain "Q".
Orderly Officer.
5th Canadian T.M. Battery.
22nd Canadian Battalion.
24th Canadian Battalion.
25th Canadian Battalion.
26th Canadian Battalion.
No. 2. M.G. Battalion.
6th Canadian Field Ambulance.
No. 3. Coy. Divl. Train.
Mobile Vet. Section.
Brigade Signals.

SECRET                               OPERATION ORDER 193.                                   COPY NO….
13th Nov. 1917.
  1. The 5th Canadian Infantry Brigade Group will move from ST. VENANT area to LE BEUVRIERE area on the 14th November, 1917.
  2. Personnel will move by bus as per schedule to be issued by Staff Captain 'Q'.

  3. Units will be billeted as follows :-
    5th Bde. Hdqtrs. AUCHEL.
    22nd Battalion. AUCHEL.
    24th Battalion. LOZINGHEM.
    25th Battalion. AUCHEL.
    26th Battalion. MARLES LES MINES.
    5th Cdn. T.M. Bty. MARLES LES MINES.
    6th Field Ambulance. LA PUGNOY.
    No. 3 Coy. Train. LA BEUVRIERE.
    2nd M.G. Bn. LA PUGNOY.
    2nd Mobile Vet. Sect. LA PUGNOY.
  4. Transports will pass starting point ROBECQ roads junction as follows :-
  5. 2nd Mobile Vet. Sect. 9.55 a.m.
    6th Fld. Amb. 10.00 a.m.
    5th Bde. H.Q. 10.05 a.m.
    24th Battalion. 10.10 a.m.
    26th Battalion. 10.15 a.m.
    22nd Battalion. 10.20 a.m.
    25th Battalion. 10.25 a.m.
    2nd M.G. Bn. 10.30 a.m.
    Route for all units must be BELLE??VE and CHOQUES.
  6. Arrival in new areas must be reported to Brigade H.Q.
[Signed] ??
Brigade Major,
6th Canadian Inf. Bde.
Issued to Signals at     p.m.

Copy No.
1. 2nd Canadian Division.
2. 22nd Battalion.
3. 24th Battalion.
4. 25th Battalion.
5. 26th Battalion.
6. 5th T.M. Bty.
7. A.D.V.S. 2nd Cd.
8. A.D.M.S. 2nd C.D.
9. A.P.M. 2nd C.D.
10. S.S.O.
11. 3 Coy. Divl. Train.
12. 6th Fld. Amb.
13. Mobile Vet. Sectn.
14. D.M.G.C. 2nd C.D.
15. Town Major. ST. VENANT.
16. Town Major. AUCHEL.
17. Town Major. MARLES LES MINES.
18. Bde. Signal Officer.
19. A.D.P.S.
20 to 23. War Diary.
24. Staff Capt. 'Q'

From: Lieut. C.G. Frost
To: Capt. Grantham
O.C. Barrage Guns


I have the honour to report as follows. In accordance with orders I left Potijze at 3 p.m. 9/11/17 with 1 Corporal and 10 men for the purpose of relieving Lt. Broadbridge, 6th Cdn M G Coy of the Barrage guns. We carried with us 24 hours rations and two bottles of rum.

I reported to Capt. Grantham O.C. Barrage Guns at Tyne Cott at 5.30 p.m. Receiving guides I proceeded to Augustus Wood and reported to Capt. Douglas of the 14th Cdn M G Coy and from him received guides and proceeded to our gun positions at Haalom Copse.

I relieved Lt. Broadbridge, took over stores and guns - also full instructions re barrage for following morning. Sgt. Eustace of Lt. Broadbridge's Section remained to act as my Section Sgt.

I found that my ammunition supply was very short but that there had been dumped near by 45 000 rounds of bulk ammunition. Accompanied by Sgt. Eustace I made a thorough search for same but was unable to locate it owing to the darkness of the night. I was however able to locate and salvage 4,000 rounds which Sgt. Eustace & I carried to our gun position. This gave us eight belts per gun to fire when barrage opened. We had also 3000 rounds in bulk. I knew however that 45 000 rds were and I could draw upon when it became lighter.

In the meantime Lt. Broadbridge had evacuated at 12 p.m. (night 9/10th) and reported relief complete to Capt. Grantham.

During the night hostile artillery was very heavy but about 3 a.m. it increased in intensity and became very heavy.

In accordance with instructions from Lieut. McBurney, O.C., No. 2 Battery to which I was attached I opened up firing according to barrage table at 6 a.m. As soon as our barrage opened the enemy artillery increased in intensity my guns maintaining their fire however at 6.30 a.m. one of my guns was put out of action by a direct hit. The position was now almost untenable. Following the lead of sections of 14th Cdn M G Coy. three of my guns retired a short distance under Sgt. Eustace. The gun at position where I was, was still in good order and had ammunition, so I ordered its crew to carry on. Besides, I had had no re retirement from the O.C. battery. Stoppages were very frequent however owing to stuck rimmed cartridges.

At 7 a.m. I ordered cease fire and laid our guns on S.O.S. During this period shelling continued heavily the mud alone saving us. I then reported to Lt. McBurney about the retirement of some of my guns and the state of same. He ordered that they should resume their former positions which I had them do, during this period I had two casualties. One being killed by direct hit. He was buried near gun position and relieved of his personal effect. I had the men dig themselves in as best they could and keep out of aerial observation. The three guns were laid on S.O.S.

At 10.30 a.m. I received orders to increase our S.O.S. fire which I did and had new elevation put on guns. Shortly afterwards the S.O.S. went up and only one of my gus was able to fire owing to rain and mud clogging them. I was unable to send out for ammunition in rear as shelling was so heavy. Also the rain was falling fast turning the remaining ground into soft mud. I did not think that under such conditions ammunition could be carried far. Also the activity of hostile aircraft was so great that I ordered the men to keep out of sight. The shelling continued with great violence during day and night. In the evening by throwing rubber sheets over our funk holes we were able to protect ourselves slightly from the downpour of rain.

The night was spent in these funk holes which very soon filled with water. I gave each of the men several drinks of rum during the night conserving my supply as much as possible. The following a.m. I sent Sgt. Eustace with a ration party to Tyne Cott. I asked that Sgt. Eustace be relieved as he was very ill. This was impossible. Thus for the remainder of trip I had no NCO's but the men were splendid. At 8 a.m. I received orders from Lieut. McBurney to take over command of Battery and carry on with such guns as we had. I did this, protesting however about the condition of my guns which during the night had been buried several times in mud. We dug positions as well as we could. At 11 a.m. I received orders from Capt. Grantham to retire - "locate yourself and arrange to fire on new SOS line, this I did.

At 3.30 p.m. our gun positions were ready & guns cleaned up as well as possible. According to orders I sent two runners to Tyne Cott to guide new party in by 3 p.m. We continued to better our positions & at 9 p.m. we were relieved by Lieut. Mitchel of 12th Cdn M G Coy. I handed over to him all trench stores and necessary information.

I then proceeded to Tyne Cott bringing tripods & spare parts boxes. Gas shells were dropping near so I ordered men to use their gas helmets. At Tyne Cott I reported relief complete to Capt. Grantham who provided a carrying party for me. We turned over tripods etc. to this party and proceeded to horse lines via duck walk. We had no casualties on way out.

My Total Casualties were
Killed 1
Wounded 3.

Further than the above I have nothing to report except that the morale of my men was splendid at all times.

I have the honour to be
Your obedient servant
(Sgd) C.G. Frost.
6th Cdn M G Coy.

To: Officer Commanding
 6th Cdn. M.G. Coy.


I have the honour to report as follows for the attack on Passchendaele for the period 5th Nov. to 8th Nov/17.

Left Transport lines Potijze at 2.30 p.m. on 5th Nov. with Nos. 5 & 6 Crews, No. 2 Section 6th Cdn M G Coy to take up positions of 8 & 9 guns shown on secret map MGB5 after objective had been gained. The guns, tripods, etc. being sent as far as Seine Corner (South) by pack animal, under the command of Corporal Morrison. The crews went by way of Ypres - Zonnebeke road to a point where "H" track came to within 50 yards of this road thence by "H" track to Manx Corner, thence to Seine Corner, to pick up guns, tripods, spare parts oil & rations. Here we found that, owing to the foresight of Sgt. Eustace he had detailed some of his crews of the Barrage guns to help the Transport unload & two piles were made of Lieut Tuckers crew and my own. We were told here that the Transport had encountered shell fire on the road & suffered casualties to the extent of two men killed & 7 wounded together with five pack animals killed. All guns, tripods and spare parts were got through four filled belts, and boxes and rations for 24 hours were lost. These crews were thus short, four filled belts & boxes, and 24 hours rations. Reported to Major Pearce, O.C. Mobile guns at his H.Q. who through his kindness & that of Capt. Grantham handed over to me 6 tins corned beef & biscuits.

Left Seine Corner at 10.45 p.m. to take up position in rear of the 28th Battalion at the jumping off trench near Crest Farm. Reported to a Coy Commander of the 28th Batt. that would start over with their first wave. The time of reporting to 28th was 12.30 a.m. Shelling was encountered in "H" & "K" tracks, Seine Corner and on the way to Crest Farm which was got through without casualties.

Dug funk holes & rested there without casualties until 6 p.m. when we went over with the two crews about 25 yds apart. Sgt. Bierd taking command of No 9 Gun Crew & Cpl. Owens of No. 8 Crew, were able to get into position at approx. locality D.6.a.50.49. & D.6.a.55.39. At 8 a.m. guns were mounted and remainder of crews put into shell holes. From this position of the guns the field of fire extended to 1000 yds. These guns were dismounted as soon as it was seen that the infantry had reached the objective and consolidated. Guns were mounted at dusk & dismounted at daybreak. The funk holes that the men rested in were holes for 2 or 3 men dug out of the bottom of shell holes & just behind a fold in the ground where they seemed to be comparatively safe from shells although they burst extremely close only one man was buried & he easily got out & one wounded when they had finally dug themselves in.

Messenger was sent back as soon as the enemy barrage at Crest Farm & vicinity was seen to let up. This message never got through and at 3.40 p.m. another messenger was sent who never returned but from information received delivered his message. Were suffered to a heavy enemy artillery bombardment and by dusk on 6th Nov. No. 9 gun was complete & two gunners & 1 carrier were left on No. 8 gun. At 6 a.m. 7th Nov. only 1 gunner & 1 carrier were left on No. 8 gun, number 79728, L/Cpl J.M. Donald, No. 1 on the gun and the only gunner left showed extreme coolness & cheerfulness though himself wounded in the leg when jumping off and again on the face and shoulder on morning of 7th Nov. and would not leave his post. He carried on until both crews were relieved fully at 6 p.m. 8th Nov. The 7th Nov. was a comparitively calm day. On afternoon of the 8th from 3.45 p.m. till 5.15 p.m. we were subjected to a most heavy and concentrated artillery bombardment. 1 Casualty only occurred during this bombardment who was able to walk out with the crew.

On afternoon 7th Nov. 3 reinforcements arrived. The relieving crews arrived about 3.30 p.m. but owing to the heavy bombardment starting was unable to pull out until 6 p.m. & arrived at Transport lines at 10.15 p.m.
During the whole operations would expecially draw your notice the work of Sgt. Bierd who showed untiring energy & cheerfulness amongst the men of the crews, looking after the wounded & getting them out though himself wounded refused to leave the line until he had made a personal search for a missing man. The rum issue was very small during the whole operations & would recommend that this be increased if men are expected to carry on under such extremely trying conditions.

During further operations would suggest that a relay system of runners should be established between the Mobile Gun Commander and the mobile guns as communications are always heavily shelled during & after an attack.
In these operations communication was extremely hard to get through runners being killed on the way out and in.

I have the honour to be
your obedient servant

(Sgd) H.J.L. Pearce
6th Cdn M G Coy.

Report of Operations of Attack on Passchendaele.
From 3rd of November to 9th November 1917

The night of 2/3rd November 1917 No. 3 Section 6th Cdn M G Coy was ordered to relieve barrage guns of 12th Cdn M G Coy. Lieut Withrow being wounded on night of 2/3rd Nov. I was ordered to take over command of No. 3 Section already in position at SEINE CORNER. I arrived there about 9 a.m. on morning 3rd Nov./17.

Our four guns formed half a Battery under Lieut. Moseley of 14th Cdn M G Coy. Crews consisted of 4 gunners and 2 carriers. On account of poor accommodation I sent out 1 carrier off each crew. During the day I received orders that a dump was to be established near Crest Farm for Mobile Guns & I would receive 12 carriers for the purpose of carrying out my orders. Also was to have attached to my Section 1 Anti-Aircraft gun to be mounted at D.11.a.70.20. This location being at the time in the middle of Barrage line and no accomodation for men as it was very wet ground I decided to have it mounted at D.11.a.30.20. This was done. Also a dump was located for Mobile Guns by Lieut. McBurney of 5th CMG Coy and myself at D.12.c.20.60. The 12 carriers I put in charge of Sgt. Mellish and handed them over to Major Pearce of 4th Coy who was in charge of Mobile Group. I received my rations at 6 p.m. for the 4th. I also received 1 gal of Rum to be divided amongst 5 gun crews, section Hdqrs, 13 carriers and Group Commander with 7 or 8 runners which was a very small ration per man and inadequate for our needs considering the exposure the men were subject to.

During the night we fired with 1 gun from 6 p.m. until midnight.
Casualties - 1 runner killed.
Shelling intermittent throughout day.

4th November/17

Gun position shelled intermittently throughout the day. Evidently shelling the corner. Rations arrived O.K. for No. 3 Section. Harrassing Fire carried out at night from midnight 4/5th Nov. to 6 a.m. 5th. S.O.S. Nil.

5th Nov.

Was ordered by Capt. Grantham to locate places for Barrage gun near Augustus Wood. This was done and positions partially dug and 40 000 rounds S A A put in same by carrying party of 14th CMG Coy. Shelling of positions at Seine Corner continued intermittently throughout the day - Casualties Nil. At 8 p.m. having received fire orders for barrage on 6th - moved forward to Barrage positions in Augustus Wood and finished positions ready for attack on morning of 6th.


Commenced firing of barrage at 6 a.m. on morning of 6th as per Fire Orders. Everything was carried out successfully during barrage fired from 6 a.m. to 8 a.m. on barrage lines, then had all guns laid on S.O.S. lines. Casualties during firing nil. No. of belts at guns 12 filled, at 8 a.m. heavy shelling of Barrage positions and 1 gun destroyed and 5 men wounded. Immediately got connection by telephone through 14th Coy. to Group Commander asking for Gun, Tripod and reinforcement. They arrived on following morning. S.O.S. went up at 6.45 p.m. Only three guns were able to fire.

During barrage, belt boxes were found insufficient & it was hard keeping guns supplied with belted ammunition.

7th Nov.

Received gun and reinforcements, had it put in place on S.O.S. Line. Fired all night on S.O.S. Line. Harrassing Fire with 1 gun.

8th Nov.

Fairly quiet, but men were all in on account of exposure and insufficient rum supply which consisted of 2 water-bottles every 24 hours per section.

9th Nov.

Moved forward & dug new barrage positions at Haalen Copse. Men all in. Was relieved by Lieut. Frost with spare men at midnight 9/11/17.

Comments During Tour.

  1. Communication. Good. Kept up by ruynners and Phone through 14th Cdn MG Coy.
  2. Belt Boxes and Belts. 12 per gun were found insufficient.
  3. Rum Issue. Insufficient. Owing to exposure more rum should be allowed.
  4. Orders Received Regarding Operations. Well detailed and easy to follow.
  5. Gun & Stoppages. Belts got damp causing some stoppages. Other than minor stoppages caused by mechanical defects - nil.
(Sgd) W.G. Broadbridge. Lieut.
O.C. No. 3 Section
6th Cdn M G Coy.
No. 2 Battery.

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