Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947) WW1 Correspondence  
6th Brigade Canadian Machine Gun Company
Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947)
WW1 Correspondence 1917-1919

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Postmarked Field Post Office  11th March 1918

[LMF Notes]  Reference is made to Les being at Canadian Corps School.  This school was located at Pernes.  Assignment there meant preferment in possible promotion.  At this time L.M.F. was Musketry Officer of the 20th Battalion.
One of the instructors at Canadian Corps School was Lt. Howard Green, a very handsome young officer, afterwards the Honourable H.C. Green, Minister of External Affairs in the Diefenbaker government.
In the Field
Dear Mater et Pater -

Received two letters from Dad & one from Leslie this afternoon – was of course delighted to get news.  Am also delighted and thankful that the news was so good.

I am so glad that you did not hesitate in consulting a specialist and also that mater did not hesitate in doing the right thing.  I only hope and am confident that the trouble is completely & finally removed.

Needless to say that I have been awfully anxious and am still anxious for further word.  If I had only known that while I was on leave on London poor, dear, Mother was ill I do not quite know what I should have felt like doing.  Am so sorry that I had to ask for financial assistance and especially at that time.  However as I said before I have a cool hundred that I’m willing to turn over to Leslie or return to you and now I am really all the more anxious to do so.  But I have already made the proposition in previous letters so there is no need to dwell further on money matters.

I received the snaps of the cottage.  I must say that I like them immensely.  I am very proud of that spot and am very glad to hear that its paid for.  I will be glad when you & Mater are able to return there.  I want her to have a nice quiet time this year and to get really better.

Leslie as you no doubt know is at the Corps School.  I was to have gone [on] this course too but instead I have been sent on another job.  At present I am in command of the left wing of the 2nd Div. School of Machine Gunnery.  I have about 100 men under me who are indeavouring to learn to become Machine Gunners.  They are very enthusiastic and I like the job immensely.  How long it will last I do not quite know but for a few weeks anyway.  Naturally I am not looking for a “cushy” as yet anyway.

Well dear Mater and Pater I have kept a runner waiting for half an hour to write this letter – My address is as usual of course.  Have sent all your letters on to Leslie and he has sent others on to me.  I am expecting to see him soon and will probably spend a day together – Grandy is out so Leslie tells me.  I’ll be glad to find out how he likes France.

So goodbye dear people – am more thankful than I can possibly tell you that things have gone so well –

Lovingly – Cecil – XXXXXX
Mater you are a Brick XX

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