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Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947)
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[LMF Notes] This letter refers to the operation and illness from which our mother suffered.  Our father had written a long eloquent description of her composure and attitude to what was a very serious condition.  This letter was sent to L.M.F. and forwarded by him to C.G.F., hence the reference.
France -
Dear Mother et Father -

I received your letters Ė 12, 13 and fourteen from Leslie today.  Also Mother dearís two letters.

As Leslie said in the letter he wrote to me Ė ďThey are wonderful letters.Ē  So they were.  As I read them I think or rather I admit that I really cried for the first time in years and years.  Your letters made a great impression with me and I shall always keep them.

Really I had thought of something to say but really at the present moment I simply canít do it.  Iím just like a big baby.  When I think of me being on leave and never knowing that Mother dear was in such danger Ė that Dad and Aunt would be so worried and all the rest of it.  Mother you are the dearest and bravest person in the world.  I couldnít possibly say all I would like because I canít find words to say.  All that I can say is that I thank God that you have come out of the operation so well.

I also thank God for Dads sake as I know he would be so worried as also dear Aunt who is usually sick herself.  I think that I have never seen such an exhibition of true love as shown by Motherís and Dadís letters.

As I said before I shall always keep them too.

Now Dad I donít want you to borrow any more money from the Royal Bank so if you need any more money I want you to take all that I have anyway.  Never mind when you pay me back.  I donít care if I ever am paid back if dear Mother can get any comfort out of it.  Believe me I will be truly delighted if I get a letter from you tomorrow saying that you have used my money instead of borrowing any from anybody else outside of the family.  Now we wonít talk any more about such matters.

Concerning myself I am feeling fine Ė never better in fact.  Am still running my school in which I am greatly interested.  Have had a great number of compliments about it too.  My section in our company took first prize in the inspection recently held also which is a source of great pride to me.  Have had a great surprise today Ė Guess who I met Ė Fred Grandy looking just as well as ever.  I was awfully glad to see him to believe me.  I have made arrangements to meet Leslie next Sunday.  I havenít seen him for two months and a half.  Time certainly does fly out here Ė Think I have been out here for five months and then soon it will be six and so on.

But I do not feel like talking tonight.  I would like to write Mother pages and pages but simply canít as I said before.

I want to write Aunt just to tell her what a brick I think she is.  She is certainly all that is good to say.

Now dear Mother and Father Ė goodbye Ė Iíll write again real soon.

Lovingly -

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