Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947) WW1 Correspondence  
6th Brigade Canadian Machine Gun Company
Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947)
WW1 Correspondence 1917-1919

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Postmarked Field Post Office  2? March 1918

[LMF Notes]  This letter says little but one has to read between the lines.  The great German offensive, which I describe as the Battle of Picardy commenced on March 21st.  Obviously we were going into battle.  L.M.F. was at Canadian Corps School, which broke up almost immediately.  When L.M.F. arrived at his unit he found that artillery positions had been created which almost appeared to face behind us.  In some of the other letters, further descriptions of this situation will be given.  This letter without saying so was regarded by C.G.F. as perhaps the last letter.  The situation was highly critical.
In the Field
Dear Mother et Father -

Just a brief note Ė The date above will enough to explain this note if you follow the papers.

Just wanted to say that I am taking Motherís last two letters which she wrote previous to her operation.  I think they would be a help to anybody.

Donít worry about me.  Iíll be all O.K.  Will write again soon as the opportunity can possibly permit.  I have every confidence that Mother will be fully recovered and feeling fine.  This is my greatest wish.  Also Dad and Gren Ė and Aunt.

Somehow I canít say much more I love you all dearly.

With all the love in the world -

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