Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947) WW1 Correspondence  
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Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947)
WW1 Correspondence 1917-1919

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Postmarked Field Post Office C.5  24th June 1918

[LMF Notes]  The x-ray affair referred to concerning our mother was an x-ray burn.
This letter was written near the end of the 2nd Divisionís Neuville Vitasse tour of duty.
France Ė 24/6/18
Dear Mother and Father,

Received letters from you today.  Am glad to hear that you are at the cottage and everything O.K.  Am so delighted to hear Mater say that the X. Ray affair has now disappeared.  That is indeed encouraging.

I like to hear you talk of the cottage etc.  It sounds so much like home and I like to hear about home.

Received a letter from Leslie yesterday.  He says he I now going about on a wheel chair and ought soon to be on crutches.  That is good indeed.  I will be very glad indeed if he gets home.  I have set my heart upon it and am very anxious that he get home this year.  It surely would be ďTres bonĒ for you people.

Received a parcel from Molly Tourney the other day.  Very nice of her indeed.  She is a very decent girl Ė By that I mean of course Ė she is a good friend.  Also received long letter from Verva Jackson who is now home.  She is very very fond of you people.  I think you are lucky to have so many really nice girls who like to go and see you.  She is surely a brick and one of the very best I know.  Mother ought to get her to take her for the odd drive in the car in day time.  You know she can run cars very well indeed.  I told her that she was to take my place down at the cottage not in a sense of duty but just to enjoy herself.  Swim and anything.  Am very glad she got through O.K.

Well the great war keeps on going.  Am still in command of a battery.  Have been for three months now.  I donít know whether Iíll get it or not though.  The Colonel dropped in the other day and gave me the odd hint that he was having trouble over me owing to the fact that other senior officers have returned to duty.  He said he would do all he could to let me keep my job and get promotion but not to be disappointed if I didnít.  He said that he was quite satisfied with my work.  I know my position alright.  I have only been in France eight months and its absolutely an unprecedented thing for me to get the job.  However he said quite voluntarily that he was doing what he could and in any case my name would be kept in view for the first good thing that was coming.  I hope not only for my own sake but for yours that I get it.  I would be very sorry to leave now.  I have a dandy battery.  The three officers under me though all senior to me want me to stay and are really mighty good fellows over it.  Well we will see anyway.  I have done my best and they are satisfied and I feel that it wonít be the O.C.ís falt if I donít get it.

Well, Iím going to say goodbye for just now Ė Be good people -  Hope you are happy at the Beach.

Lovingly,  Cecil.  XXXXXX

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