Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947) WW1 Correspondence  
6th Brigade Canadian Machine Gun Company
Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947)
WW1 Correspondence 1917-1919

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Postmarked Field Post Office - 7th November 1917

[LMF Notes]  This letter was written from Passchendaele.
This letter reflects the diffidence on the part of soldiers of saying anything about war conditions.
This is discussed in the following letter December 3.  It will be noted that L.M.F. and C.G.F. had met for the first time in France and the discussion was about the undesirability of saying things about the conditions at the front.  Most O.C.ís allowed officers to censor their own letters but it was a matter of honour not to disclose anything which might be censorable, hence leaning backwards to avoid any violation of the code of honour and ethics.
Dear Pater et Mater -

Well here I am still farther up.  Will have time to write to much greater length after a little while.

I am with the 6th Can. Machine Gun Company. B.E.F. France so in future that will be my address.

I havenít seen Les Bill Duncan nor Andy yet but hope to shortly.  Have written to Les letting him know where I am however.

Well this letter is just to let you know where I am.  Havenít much time so will say goodnight.

Am well and all O.K.  Let friends know my address.


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