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Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947)
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Postmarked Field Post Office T.3  23 November 1918

[LMF Notes]  The letter refers to Verva’s death from Spanish influenza.
About this time L.M.F. was being taken for drives from hospital in London and the roads were so congested with horses and all kinds of vehicles containing boxes of victims of the Spanish flu, to the various cemeteries.
This letter was written on the march to the Rhine.
Belgium – 20/11/18
Dear Mater et Pater -

Have recently received mother’s two letters about poor Verva Jackson.  I can’t tell you how bad I feel about it, that Spanish Flu has really been a very serious affair.  I have written to Mrs. Jackson – I don’t know whether my letter was much of a success or not but I felt that I couldn’t say very much.  I can feel a whole lot but somehow one can’t say much.  I have had lots of such letters to write – but I think that, that particular one was the hardest of all.  Thank God as far as the war is concerned I shall probably never have to write another.

She was certainly one of the finest girls I have ever met.  It is funny you know but Verva was the first girl I ever took to a party or sleigh ride, and now she has gone.  Well I hope that she is more happy – if possible and better of where she is now.

We are marching marching marching – I have a horse however.  This is just one long “Triumphal March” and I think it is coming to these boys too.

We have good billets wherever we go and everyone is looking forward – first to Germany and secondly but still more important – to home –

Goodbye – people – again may this Xmas be the happiest of all and the New Year bring health strength and prosperity.


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