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Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947)
WW1 Correspondence 1917-1919

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Postmarked Field Post Office ? 36  5th January 1919

[LMF Notes]  C.G.F. in Germany.  He refers to the British election which was held in December.  It was a Lloyd George triumph and contracted with the Winston Church disaster of 1945.  Churchill was never a popular politician but a great leader.  His rejection in 1945 can hardly be understood.
Please note C.G.F.’s comment that he had been appointed Professor of Canadian history and Civic Government in his Battalion, and his comment “What do I know about these things?”
Dear Father et Mother -

Well this is the first letter of the year – not that I have much to say as living a quiet life here doesn’t bring much into one’s life to talk about.

All kinds of rumours of demobilization are the topic of the day – There is a different one every five minutes.

The General Election in Gt. Britain causes a momentary change.  I am delighted as I’m sure you will be that Lloyd George has done so well.  All this Tory talk is absolute Bosh – It was absolutely a personal victory – What made me the gladest was the fact that every pacifist in Parliament was trimmed by an overwhelming majority.

In a way I am rather sorry to see that Asquith was beaten – I think that he has been a very good man in his time.

OH by the way – in putting in my demobilization centre I was tempted to put in Vancouver – If I had I would have gone via the Panama Canal – The only reason I didn’t ask to be sent to Vancouver was the fact that naturally I would like to be home as soon as possible and wouldn’t care to spend a few months out West before seeing you people.

However I hated to pass up a first class passage right across the continent.  I must say that I intend seeing the West at the earliest possible moment.  I feel as though I don’t know enough about my own country.

I am still just as perplexed as ever as to what to do when I get back -  I’ll have to start soon you know – I don’t know what to think about Varsity.  At present we have a University in this battalion – I am the Proffessor of Modern History – (Canadian) and civic Government.  I hear you ask, ‘What does he know about it?’  I confess that is a question I often ask myself and find that the answer looks very much like a duck egg.

Goodbye  -  Lovingly

Cecil - XXXX

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