Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947) WW1 Correspondence  
6th Brigade Canadian Machine Gun Company
Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947)
WW1 Correspondence 1917-1919

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Postmarked Field Post Office T.36  14th January 1919

[LMF Notes]  This letter is a description of life in Germany.  The 1st and 2nd Canadian Divisions marched to the Rhine.
Dear Mater et Pater and I hope Les -

I have a few minutes to spare so I think it would be well if I talked to you people for a while.  As you see I am still in Germany but every wind brings further news of a coming move – We expect to start back in another weeks time.  Then every footstep will bring us nearer and nearer to home – In short we are a crowd of wanderers who feel that at last we ever will find – to use a poetic term – “The haven under the hill.”

There is no grousing in this battalion.  The men are satisfied – discipline is absolutely A.1. and there is none of this foolishness about demobilization as the men realize that there is still a war on.

We play all kinds of games every day - I have been playing baseball and basket ball but nothing like the kind of game we used to play at Basketball – Everybody’s out of condition for such strenuous exercise.

We who have horses go riding every day.  As you may imagine the country around here is beautiful and riding is a fine sport.  We have horse races – I was lucky enough last spring to draw a very fine horse – In fact I think I told you once that all the horses in my battery are jet black and most of them have white legs.  My own saddle horse has white legs and a white nose and he can surely travel some too.

I am sending you some photos I had taken one day – They aren’t up to much but they will let you see that I haven’t exactly wasted away.  I wish you would send Aunt one – I don’t know her present address.  I have sent one to Midland.  You can keep the rest.  Dad might like one in the Office.  I will send you a few pictures of a company group of Officers in a few days when I get them.  If Mrs. Jackson would like one I’d be glad to give her one.  I am awfully sorry for her and sorry for poor Mother too.  Never mind we’ll soon be home and help make up for it.

I received a parcel of Leslies from Bessie Ha… and wrote her thanking her in Leslie’s name.  I think I’ll get home with my rank O.K.  I expect that we will go to Ottawa as a unit by April.

Well goodnight dear Mater and Pater –

Your loving son – Cecil  XXXXXXXX

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