Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947) WW1 Correspondence  
6th Brigade Canadian Machine Gun Company
Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947)
WW1 Correspondence 1917-1919

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[LMF Notes]  letter from Floreffe, Belgium
Red Lynch was Lt. Vincent Lynch of Barrie.
Vansickle was Lt. Vansickle, both of the Simcoe 157th Battalion, who were now veterans of the Canadian Corps.
Floreffe - Belgium
Dear Mater et Pater -

Received a letter from Dad today dated Jan 12th and a note from Leslie – Very glad I assure you.  Well things are going along as per usual.  There being nothing much doing in this dump hence there isn’t much to say.  I am very glad to hear that Boll Annan [?] came out second best in the elections, and still glader at the thought of your most excellent work at Xmas.  It is indeed gratifying that after all these years that things are again in better shape.

There is another thing too and that is if I should go into the business I shall have a little ready capital to help matters along with.  We had to fill in cards the other day saying what we would like to do on our return to Canada.  I had to put “undecided”.  Still as I have often said before if you happen to see anything that looks at all promising please let me know.

Demobilization is the prevalent topic as you may well imagine.  The betting is on the month of May for us at present.  First April – now May and I sincerely hope that it doesn’t become June although I confess that I am rather glad to miss the winter in Canada.

I sincerely hope that Leslie is getting along O.K. at the Hospital.  I would like to see old Vansickle and Red Lynch again.

Well I must say “Bon Soir”, People to use a collective term – with much love –


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