Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947) WW1 Correspondence  
6th Brigade Canadian Machine Gun Company
Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947)
WW1 Correspondence 1917-1919

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Postmarked Field Post Office R.P.2  ?9th March 1919

[LMF Notes]  Written also from Floreffe.
A description of the army awaiting demobilization.
Floreffe - Belgium
Dear Mater et Pater -

Have just received a welcome letter from Mater and the Orillia Packet.  The Packet contained Leslie’s speech about Miss Edith Cavell – at some dinner and evoked loud laughter from those in the mess at the time.  As I have often told you everybody here reads the Packet which is thought to be much funnier than “Punch” or “Life”.  However I am always very glad to get it.

Well I have a little news for you this time – Provided big strikes don’t come off in England I ought to be home for the 24th of May which is a little more hopeful than the last time I wrote.  If all goes well we will start for England in another two weeks.  Yes if I am lucky another six or seven weeks will see me home.  Of course if the strikes come off then “Canada” is absolutely indefinite to us.  We would probably be engaged in the strike and be in the row generally.  However we hope for the best.

Now I have a request to make.  I hope you will go to the cottage as early as possible this year. The reason being as follows – I suppose you have heard a whole lot about English brides.  Well little Abe White – a mighty good friend of mine who has been with me through the odd tight corner at times, brings home an English bride – in fact an Irish one and a Catholic at that I think.  Well he has no relations out here and the country will appear very strange to her after a long journey especially.  Officers are bringing their wives over on the same boat so we will all arrive together.

Now I have asked the “Whitlet” to communicate with his wife – informing her that they will be staying at Silverwood Beach for a few days.  Oh, by the way the Battalion is coming to Toronto where it will be dispersed to the demobilization centres.  That’s cheering news isn’t it?  We were originally to go to Ottawa – Then Montreal and now we are coming to Toronto and it is absolutely official.  So I expect you can all meet me there.

But I thought it would be a little bit of kindness to the Whites and though it is sure to cause a little inconvenience you will be well repaid at the thought of doing a little kind act to a stranger – What say?  they will be going on to Winnipeg afterwards.

Now I want to give a few explicit commands.  It will be necessary for Mater to have some kind of a helper – Mrs. Cuppage or Cubbage I forget which, or somebody else – I do not want Mrs. U.S. to do one tap of work and I shall personally pay for somebody to do all the necessary work.  We ought to arrive about the 27th of May, some time I should say.  Now please write and tell me that you will be very glad indeed to have them for a few days.  
There will be lots of room – They can have a room downstairs and then there is lots more upstairs, but I won’t butt in on your job.  Entertainment isn’t necessary as I could take them canoeing and motoring.

Just came back from another trip to Brussels.  The Officers had a big dance in the Hotel Astoria the night before last.  We had it in the big ball room when the last Armistice was signed when the Germans gave up their merchant fleet.  Some place eh?  We had a very good time too.  Well we are all looking forward to that happy day which draws nearer and nearer – that’s always one consolation.  I hope it is possible to buy clothes in Canada – I have a good mind to send my measurements over to Leslie and have him order a suit for me.  I believe I will as a matter of fact.

Well goodbye and I hope to see you all soon – if not sooner.  Thanks very much for the chocolates and am glad that Mater had a good time in the city.

Lovingly –

XXXXXX  Cecil -

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