Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947) WW1 Correspondence  
6th Brigade Canadian Machine Gun Company
Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947)
WW1 Correspondence 1917-1919

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Postmarked Field Post Office  4th December 1917

[LMF Notes]  This describes the first meeting of L.M.F. and C.G.F.  It is also referred to in the notes of the previous letter.
By this time L.M.F. had become a veteran, had served 4 months in the front line in France, and was now a veteran of two battles.
In the Field
Dear Pater et Mater -

Well at last I have found time to write the odd letter.  I have been most horribly busy since the last time I wrote you.

I just forget have I written you since I first saw Les.  Well anyway I was riding through a village (followed by my groom) (in state) when I met Bill Preston of our battalion.  He told me where Les was so I soon found him.  I was never so glad to see anybody in my life.  I had him up to our chateau for dinner gave him a real good feed and sent him home on a good horse.

He was looking well – But there is no sense talking we were both so glad yo see each other.  We had a good talk over different things and your names were mentioned many times.

I have been acting paymaster of this unit ever since I came here and so have had a great deal of my time taken up with that work.

However I am getting along fine.  At present needless to say I am up the line again.
Oh I forgot to say that the other day before we came up we were holding an election and I was a scrutineer.  Just as we were finishing in came Les looking for me.  As I was just done we both went for a bath together.  As he had just come out and I was going in we both sure did need one.  It was just like having a bath at the Y.M.C.A. in Orillia.

I am getting your mail again regularly now.  It comes right on from Seaford.  I guess however you are writing to my address by this time (6th Can. M.G. Coy.  B.E.F.  France)
Les told me that you were both anxious to hear about the war and what its like here.  He said he never said anything much.  Well I am afraid I’ll be like him in that respect.  In the first place we can’t say much.

In the second place – if you were here you wouldn’t want to talk about it at all.  You want to forget.  Talk about home or something like that to take your mind off it.  That’s about all I can or want to say about it.  I know I never realized it in England and now I do and a fellow doesn’t like to write about it.  You see when you write a letter it just a stab at a short chat with the people at home.  Thus you only like to talk of pleasant things.

Not that this life isn’t good.  I am very comfortable – exceedingly so.  All I want to eat.  Have a canvass bed to sleep on right here.  Good table and everything “Jake” as the boys say.

My bateman comes from Manitoba where he ran a real estate – coal and insurance business of his own.  He cooks my grub fine.  Nice old boy too.  I have my sargeant here too.

Well mother I am not forgetting that next Thursday (6th of Dec) is your birthday and I wish you all of the very best and may your best wish come true.  How old -  38 isn’t it.

As for Xmas.  It sure was a very perplexing problem.  However when I was in “Blighty” I had my picture taken at Lafayettes, 179 New Bond St. London.  I have ordered some and am sending you two copies.  One is for Gren.  Am sending one to Aunt and also to Midland so that ought to do the trick all O.K.

I will take this opportunity of wishing you both the merriest Xmas and happiest New Year you have ever had.  Next year both Les and I will be back I guess.

I received a parcel from Jean yesterday and believe me this is just the place to get parcels.  Xmas cake and pr. of Sox candy etc. etc.  I certainly did appreciate it.

Say Mother – I guess you had better get the Shattons and the everybody busy on my sock again.  Am running kind of short though I still have enough.  I shall be glad to get anything however in the way of socks.

Well dear people I hope this letter reaches you by Xmas.  Also the pictures.  Les and I are going to try to get together for Xmas.

Goodbye for just now.

All kinds of Love

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