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Cecil Gray Frost (1897-1947)
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Postmarked Field Post Office  7th January 1918

[LMF Notes]  Molly – Molly Downey, daughter of J.P. Downey, formerly M.P.P for one of the Wellington Ridings, a girlfriend.
The wartime election was held December 17th, 1917.  This letter is C.G.F.’s comment of the result.  J.B. Tudhope was a Liberal Unionist.  He had represented Simcoe East in the Legislature for several terms.  W.H. Bennett, the sitting member retired and was appointed to the Senate and J.B. Tudhope was the unanimous choice of the Unionist Convention at that time.  W.S. Frost was the Vice-President of the Unionist Convention.  This was the only political post he ever held.  He was an independent.
For soldiers’ reaction to the wartime election see HISTORY TWENTIETH BATTALION (Corrigall page 169):
“Perhaps the most incongruous event of the war took place during this tour at Neuville-St.-Vaast – the opportunity of exercising the franchise in a Dominion Election.  Each man might vote for or against the Union Government and for or against conscription.  Most voted “for” in both cases.  In any case, the “fors” won; but somehow it hardly seemed to concern anyone very seriously; politics appeared to be the affairs of another world.”
L.M.F. voted at a polling booth at Vimy Ridge.  Little or no attention was paid to the election.  There was no electioneering and there was no pressure on any soldier to vote either way.
Somewhere in France
Dear Pater et Mater -

Well dear people Xmas and New years are over once more.  How it is good old 1918 and I wonder what it has in store for us.

I found out where Les was two days before Xmas and rode over to see him.  I had him over to our place for his Xmas dinner where we had all kinds of Turkey and everything else.  We had a good time and then he went back again.  I went and had dinner with him at New Year which was also “tres bon”.  Besides that I have seen him a number of times as the distance is only about two miles and I can ride over whenever I like.

I have received all your parcels all O.K. for wich I thank you very very much.  I received the cherries two days before Xmas.  All the rest came on Xmas day and a day or two afterwards.  The big bundle of papers I received yesterday.  Everything came in fine style.  The Cake was the best one produced I am sure.  The little pies and cakes were also good as gold.  Everybody remarked the way my parcels were done up.  Everything wrapped up in white paper with a red ribbon around it.  I have also received a parcel from Aunt and Gren.  The balaclava cap will certainly come in very handy indeed.  Besides that I have received parcels from which contained a dandy cake and also a big parcel from Molly Downey.  Besides the above several other things.

We had a dandy Xmas and everything was fine.  Les and I talked about you and wondered where and how you would have your Xmas dinner.  I guess mater was able to cook on the little stove though.

Have you received my photo yet and if so do you like it.  I have never seen a finished proof of the picture so I just don’t know how they turned out.  I hope that they look something like me and that you like them.

Was A  Were Aunt and Gren with you at Xmas.  But you will no doubt be telling me all about it.

And OH, while I think about it Dad, you can still continue writing to me and I will immediately send it on to Les.  You see if we are out of the line I can get to him more readily than he can get to me as I can ride over.  If not I can always send him anything.
I have received your pictures which I like very much indeed.  I think they are the best you have ever had taken.  I have them at present on the mantel over the fire place and you are both looking at me as I write.  Also the testament with the pictures in it.  I was very glad to get it as I haven’t got a bible.  I will always carry it with me too.  I am keeping the plumb pudding and cherries for the next trip in.  Such things are very nice up the line you know.  If you ever have the chance to send parcels during the winter do so and I’ll keep them for up the line.  Its so nice to have little things extra and above the ordinary rations you know.

I am very glad to see that the Union Gov’t “got in” in Canada.  I have read that letter from a liberal to his son in France and I hadn’t read two lines before I recognized familiar phrases etc. and I knew at once who the author was.  It was very very good however.  I see that Dad was vice chairman of the Unionist committee.  I thought that the Packets article on the conservative and Liberal convention was rather mean and narrow however.  If only conservatives were for the Union Gog’t why then would J.B. Tudhope have been nominated.  It also seemed to me that Liberals did all the nomination meetings.  However I’m glad J.B. won out.  I will see the results in the Packet soon I guess.

The soldier vote must have been 99% in favour of conscription.

I suppose J.C. Miller and G.H. Clarke are having a great time over the tribunal.

Well dear Mater and Pater I will say goodbye again for a little while.

With love

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