6th Bde & 2nd Bn CMGC Honour Roll - Supplementary Data  
6th Brigade & 2nd Battalion
Canadian Machine Gun Corps
Honour Roll - Supplementary Data
This page contains supplementary details about individual soldiers and their families, from the CWGC data base. 
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Surname Initial(s) Age Grave Ref. Next of Kin Other
Ackley G R   B.3    
Adamson W 31 III.C.13 Parents: Martin & Sarah Phyllis Adamson, Denholm, Saskatchewan Native of Co. Durham, England
Allabush G 21 D.5 Foster Mother: Mrs. Eliza Dimick, 160 Roberval St., Cote St. Paul, Montreal  
Allen J dR 32 III.A.19 Parents: B.W. & Mrs H. Allen, Bank of Ireland House, Tipperary, Ireland Died of wounds
Andersen O 23 LXVI.T.27 Father: Frederik Andersen, Enghavevej Nr. 2, Noestved, Denmark Native of Arbejdsinand
Andrews W 22 B.1 Parents: John & Mary Andrews, Gardiner Mines, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia M.M.
Arnott H   IV.D.22    
Arsenault F   VI.D.5    
Ayles F   B.I    
Bacon J H   II.E.23    
Banks D 28 VII.D.28 Parents: William & Catherine Banks, 55 Woodycrest Avenue, Toronto, Ontario Born in Scotland
Batts A   Panel 32    
Bell A B 19 D.21 Parents: The late Mr & Mrs R.H. Bell, Grenfell, Saskatchewan  
Bell A E 28 II B.19 Parents: Arthur Allan & Mary Jane Bell, Oro Station, Ontario
Wife: Vera May Bell, Barrie, Ontario
Died of wounds
Belshaw T G 31 Panel 32 Parents: the late Robert & Martha Belshaw
Wife: Mabel Belshaw, of 2027, 35th Avenue South West, Calgary, Alberta
Belton A 19 III.B.7 Parents: Margaret Kirkwood Belton & the late Frank Sydney Belton, Toronto Died of wounds; Previously wounded at Vimy Ridge
Bent L H   V.D.18    
Berry J S   I.B.19    
Bickmore L A   II.F.13    
Biggane J 32 C.24 Parents: John & Ellen O'Grady Biggane, Robert St., Mitchelstown, Co. Cork, Ireland  
Birch J W   C.17    
Bishop E U   E.M.18    
Bishop J H   I.C.29    
Bjornson O J 39 IV.E.23 Parents: John & Ingrid Bjornson  
Blake G   Panel 32    
Boivin H   C.56    
Bole J G 28 D.25 Parents: William & Julia A. Bole, 40 Edgar Avenue, Toronto  
Bradfield D C 23 II.C.35 Parents: Herbert H. & Bertha C. Bradfield, Morrisburg, Ontario  
Brawders R 26 XII.B.16 Parents: John & Mary Brawders, Mooncoin, Waterford, Ireland  
Braynion J D 19   Parents: Hiram H. & Agnes Braynion, Newcastle, New Brunswick  
Briggs A E 21 C.14 Annabel K. Briggs & the late Dr. W.A. Briggs (Medical Missionary to Siam), 3081, 25th Avenue West, Vancouver Born at Lakawn, Siam
Burgess C 48 II.A.18 Parents: The late James & Isabella Burgess
Wife: Annie Burgess, 83 Kinrade Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario, Canada
Born at Caundle Purse, Dorsetshire, England
Burns R   II.B.9    
Bush J 23 II.C.23 Mother: Kathryn B. Bush, 600 Almond St., Syracuse, New York, U.S.A.  
Caddell T H 26 Panel 32 Parents:Thomas & Mary Caddell, Carlisle, England
Wife: Cissie Caddell, Vancouver
Cairns W H   II.D.9    
Callahan A 23   Parents: Burton J. & Susan Maria Calahan, South Manchester, Guysborough Co., Nova Scotia  
Cameron J N C 30 IX.E.21 Parents: James & Jemima Henderson Cameron,  Born at Dundee, Scotland
Campbell S J 22 II.A.31 Parents: Isobella Somers formerly Campbell & the late Robert John Campbell, Gilbert Plains, Manitoba born at Toronto, Ontario
Carriere A 31 LXVI.G.6 Parents: Joseph & Zephirine Lacroix Carriere, Ste. Scholastique, County of Two Mountains, P.Q., Canada  
Carrigan W 32 IIIA.BB.2 Wife: Elizabeth Carrigan, Harbor Boucher, Antigonish Co., Nova Scotia  
Christian H T 29 II.D.10 Parents: W.T. & Pauline Esther Christian (nee Tennyson), South River, Ontario  
Clark D D 32 I.D.1 Mother: Elizabeth Donovan Clark
Wife: Lulu Clark, Golden, British Columbia
Clark J D 19 II.B.6 Parents: James & Margaret Clark, Puslinch, Ontario  
Clark K A 30   Parents: The late Arthur William Clark (surgeon) & Louisa Kate Clark, Wisbech, Cambs, & "Coblentz", St Barnabas Rd., Sutton, Surrey
Wife: Norah Beatrice Clark, Locket Rd., Wealdstone, Harrow, Middx., England
Cline L J        
Collett E 20   Mother: Mrs Robison Collett, Eel River Bridge, North Co., New Brunswick  
Couillard E 21 IV.D.39 Parents: Joseph Couillard & Aurore Bellavance (his wife), Amqui, P.Q., Canada Died of wounds received on 2 Oct
Coward W V 21 VI.D.7 Parents: James Victor & Emily Coward, Kleinburg, Ontario  
Currall F 25 IV.L.34 Mother: Ada Steadman, 38 New Spring St., Broomfields, Birmingham, England Died of wounds
Dafoe E F 24 B.13 Father: Rev. F.W. Dafoe, 113 North St., Vernon, British Columbia  
Dargavel W T 22 II.A.6 Parents: James & Mina Dargavel, Kent Co., New Brunswick  
Davidson C J 32 XXXI.G.16A Parents: Robert & Mary Jane Davidson, Byreburnfoot, Canonbie, Dumfriesshire Died of Disease
Davis H A 22 K.91 Parents: James A. & Sarah Davis, Springhill, Cumberland Co., Nova Scotia Died of wounds
Day E W 22 A.3 Parents: Mr & Mrs F.B. Day, Lennoxville, P.Q., Canada  
Deneen F L 28 G.14B Parents: Ida & Ed. Deneen, Gagetown, Michigan Died of wounds
Deumo D 20 G.14 Parents: Mr & Mrs G.E. Deumo, Thorold, Ontario Born at Lancaster, Ontario
Dorrance S H 30 VII.F.12 Parents: Mr & Mrs S. Dorrance, Seaforth
Mrs Mae Dorrance, Seaforth, Ontario
Driscoll D 27 I.B.9 Parents: Mr & Mrs D Driscoll, 120 Duchess Street, Toronto, Ontario  
Drysdale T 30 D.20 Parents: Mr & Mrs Malcolm Drysdale, Willowfield, Llochmaben, Dumfriesshire, Scotland  
Dube D 34   Parents: Damase Dube & his wife Albina Cardinal, 69 Overton St., Eastview, Ontario  
Duke C 23 D.27 Parents: D.M. Duke & Margrett Fleming, his wife, Field, British Columbia Enlisted in 20th Bn Sept. 1914
Durance G H 37 III.A.5 Parents: James & Elizabeth Durance, Maynard Rd., Leicester, England Died of wounds
Durant A S   Panel 32    
Duxbury C B 23 B.7 Parents: Charles Richard & Frances Duxbury, Winnipeg, Manitoba M.M.; Died of wounds; Native of Lancashire, England; University Student enlisted with Manitoba University (or 106th) Bn
Eckford H H        
Edge A W 19 VII.D.15 Parents: Franklin John & Eliza Jane Edge, Ontario Died of wounds received at Passchendaele
Estey G A   O.8    
Fanning R A   Panel 32    
Farley P J 35   Parents: Patrick Farrelly & Cathrine Farrelly, Bailieborough, Co. Cavan, Ireland  
Forrest T 25 K.226 Parents: Mr & Mrs William Forrest, 814, 3rd Avenue, N.W., Calgary, Alberta  
Fraser W O   I.A.10    
French O   IV.D.15    
Frost W D 35 C.25 Parents: Ambrose & Betsy Frost, Green Lanes, Starston, Norfolk, England  
Gallacher W 35 Panel 32 Parents: William & Mary Gallacher, 9 Baird St., Govan, Glasgow, Scotland
Wife: Mary Agnes Gallacher, 1308 Chaplean St., Montreal
Garneau J A 26 II.B.5 Parents: Joseph Garneau & Delice Lamoureux, his wife, 130 Albert West, Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario Native of Bouchette, P.Q.
Giles S W 32 III.B.34 Parents: Charles Samuel & Sarah Ann Giles, 20 Wymondham St, Brighton, England
Wife: Eda May Giles (nee Durling), Myrtle Cottage, Common Rd, Stanmore, Middlesex, England
Enlisted in Nov 1914; Reverted from Cpl in 1915 in order to go to the front
Giles T 20 F.20 Parents: Matthew & Mary Ann Giles, Commercial St., Yarmouth, Nova Scotia  
Gould R 26 III.D.12 Parents: Arthur & Elizabeth Gould, 45 Church St., Bilston, Staffs, England  
Greenwood H 20 C.25 Parents: Lewis & Florence Greenwood, 42 Boyle St., Winnipeg, Manitoba Born at Halifax, England
Gunning L W   III.C.13    
Hall H W 32 II.C.3 Parents: R.W. & S.A. Hall, Lyndhurst, Blundeston, Lowestoft, England  
Hare E V 24 Panel 32 Parents: Mr & Mrs Hare, "The Gables", Blisworth, Northants, England  
Hart W   II.F.5    
Harvey J H 29 608 Parents: Joseph & Elizabeth Harvey, The Rectory, Hillier, Ontario
Wife: Elsie Mary Harvey, 7 Brecon Terrace, Rotherfield
Hewitt G A 24 II.D.10 Parents: John A. & Susannah C. Hewitt, Burnham Sutton, King's Lynn, England Died of wounds
Hickman R O 27 Panel 32 Parents: Minnie Davis (formerly Hickman) & the late George W. Hickman, 110 Bridge St., Niagara Falls, Ontario  
Hicks C F 31 B.23 Parents: Charles Ernest & Patience M. Hicks, Mayo Farm, North Battleford, Saskatchewan Native of Cork, Ireland
Hodgson S M 31 D.8 Parents: Thomas Frederick & Margaret Hodgson, 60 High St., Brentwood, Essex, England  
Holliday F S   F.21    
Holmes W W   C.26    
Horsfall B   V.E.25    
Hubert G C        
Irvine J J   IV.F.6    
Irwin R R 21 II.D.15 Parents: Samuel & Adelaide Irwin, Middle Ohio, Nova Scotia  
Jensen L P   Panel 32    
Johnstone R 26 Panel 32 Parents: The late Robert & Alison Johnstone, Glasgow, Scotland Eldest son
Jones H   I.C.3    
Joyce H G 21   Parents: John E. & May Joyce, Hopewell Cape, New Brunswick  
Kehoe D 21 I Adopted Mother: Mrs F C Raymond, Yarmouth North, Yarmouth Co., Nova Scotia, Canada  
Kenward J R   I    
King F H 34 II.C.11 Parents: Agnes King & the late William King, 66 Newlands Meadows, High Wycombe, Bucks, England
Wife: Mrs G.T. Deering (formerly King), Cobalt, Ontario
Labreche H C   II.C.I    
Laidlaw P M 24 Panel 32 Parents: John & Margaret Laidlaw, Hagersville, Ontario  
Lampron D   IV.F.3    
Lane R W        
Larocque I 24 I.A.14 Wife: Florence Larocque, 10 The Gardens, Eastcote Terrace, Stockwell, London, England  
Lawrence C 22 C.24 Parents: William & Louisa Lawrence, Warren Kiln, Kintbury, Hungerford, Berks, England  
Le Bouffe F N        
Lewis A E 46 LXVI.M.1 Parents: The Very Rev. Evan Lewis, Dean of Bangor, & Adelaide Lewis,  Died of wounds received at Cambrai
Loyer A   I.A.21    
MacDonnell G 19 V.AA.9 Father: Frank E. MacDonnell, Lower Wood Harbor, Shelburne Co., Nova Scotia  
MacNeil S J 48 II.B.6 Parents: Capt. Alexander MacNeil & Mary MacDonald MacNeil  
Maddever J H   II.D.I    
Matheson A 22 C.38 Parents: Colin & Margaret Matheson, Ravenshill, Achtemeed, Strathpeffer, Ross-shire, Scotland  
Matthews R   VII.B.32A    
McClare E E 20 III.E.II Parents: Ernest & Ethel McClare, Nova Scotia Born at Boston, Mass., U.S.A.
McCoombs L L 25 LXVIII.J.3 Parents: Samuel & Elizabeth McCoombs, Milton, Nova Scotia  
McCoss F S R 25 B.27 Parents: David B. & Annie McCoss, 13 Roslin Terrace, Aberdeen, Scotland  
McCracken L G   VII.E.6A    
McDiarmid H W 22 XXII.H.18 Parents: William & Mary McDiarmid, Charleton Place, Ontario, Canada  
McGirr E 22 H.38 Parents: Alice & the late William McGirr, Vancouver, British Columbia D.C.M., M.M.; Died of wounds received at Lens
McGregor G 26 III.C.4 Parents: Mr & Mrs J. McGregor, Feshie Bridge, Kincraig, Inverness-shire, Scotland  
McLaren J D 23 D.36 Parents: William Edward & Mary Ann McLaren, Pictou, Nova Scotia  
McRae D   D.22    
Metcalfe C N   G.8    
Monk E   I.C.36    
Montle G H 32 D.20 Parents: James M. & Emma I. Montle, Stanstead, P.Q., Canada  
Much F E 38 D.19 Parents: Lt. Col. & the late Helen Much, Brecon, Wales
Wife: Jessie Mary Much, Queeslet, Shrewsbury, England
Murphy J F F 34   Parents: Joseph J. & Frances Murphy, 5 Sultan St., Toronto, Ontario Enlisted in 1915
Murray W 26 I.C.4 Parents: William & Christina Murray, The Manse, Turriff, Scotland D.C.M.
Neil W E 23   Parents: William Wellington Neil & Mary Florence Neil, Kirkton, Ontario  
O'Shea J   C.17    
Oakley J 29 IV.B.10 Parents: Thomas & Ann Oakley, 357 Perth Avenue, Toronto  
Oldfield E   II.B.10    
Parrett C V G   II.K.14 Parents: Benjamin & Lilian Matilda Parrett, England  
Peake C W   V.A.II    
Pearson T   IV.D.19    
Peckham J S   II.D.13    
Pequegnat E G 28 Panel 32 Parents: Mr & Mrs George Pequegnat, 63 Frederick St., Kitchener, Ontario  
Perkins W J   III.AA.6    
Pettit E S   Panel 32    
Pichette L   D.34    
Plouffe H 26 I.C.2 Parents: William & Marguerite Louffe  
Pochack J P 32 LXXII.F.16 Parents: Mr & Mrs Peris a Marko v Pochack, Niksic, Montenegro, Jugoslavia  
Pugh V B   A.26    
Pulver W R 29 XVIII.G.1 Parents: Wilbert Jerome & Maria Pulver, Marshville, Ontario  
Ravenhill A   B.22  
Reid W I 34 Panel 32 Parents: Alexander & Margaret Reid, Ayr, Ontario  
Robertshaw E F   IX.A.12    
Ronayne C B 24 I.A.22 Parents: William J. & Josephine Ronayne, Sydney Mines, Cape Breton, Nova Scotia M.M.
Ross F J 27 V.B.3 Parents: Wesley A. & Cathrine E. Ross, 336 Queen St., Fredericton, New Brunswick M.M.
Roy A   II.B.1  
Scott H A 20 B.24 Parents: Col. & Mrs James A. Scott, Breakeyville, P.Q., Canada  
Scott W 17 II.A.15 Father: Thomas Scott, Glasgow, Scotland  
Shepherd A   Panel 32    
Singleton F   III.E.16    
Skeoch J E 20 F.22 Parents: James & Margaret Skeoch, Fergus, Ontario  
Slater H 24 II.F.2 Parents: Samuel & Emily Slater, Montreal, South Quebec  
Smith E C 25 III.A.4 Parents: W.H. & Elizabeth Embury, Blenheim, Kent Co., Ontario Died of wounds
Smith F 28 A.20 Sister: Ethel Beever, 96 Ellerton Rd., Firth Park, Sheffield, England  
Smith G 35 I.E.7    
Speller F C   II.F.9    
Spence H   I.B.20    
Steele J   IV.G.28    
Stephenson H   XXII.Q.11    
Stradling H 35 C.5 Wife: Alice Stradling, 44 Seymour Avenue, Toronto  
Swartz J A 36 V.A.1 Father: Charles Swartz, Walkerton, Ontario
Wife: Ethel May Perry (formerly Swartz), 1345 Salsbury Drive, Vancouver, British Columbia
Died of pneumonia
Taylor J A   II.H.14    
Thomas W 28 L.18.B.
Parents: William John & Margaret Thomas, Myrtle Cottage, Conatantine, Cornwall, England Died of heart failure
Travis C W 25 D.14 Parents: Mr & Mrs C.B. Travis, Sydney, Nova Scotia  
Tremblay J   Sp.Mem.42    
Van Gestel G 26 R.III.E.10 Parents: Ed. & Maria Dawson Van Gestel, Avenue Elisabeth, 2, Aerschot, Brabant, Belgium  
Vandusen A J 29 I.B.16 Parents: Hugh & Eliza Vandusen, 152 Britannia Avenue, Hamilton, Ontario  
Walker W G 28 Panel 32 Sister: Mrs Louise Musty, Exchange Buildings, Union Stock Yards, St Boniface, Manitoba  
Watson W N 29 IV.H.2 Parents: William Gardner Watson & Sarah C. Watson
Wife: Jennie Margaret Vansickle (formerly Watson), 16 Duke St., St Catherine's, Ontario
Webster J R 20 II.E.10 Parents: James & Edith E. Webster, Mount Forest, Ontario  
White E S 26 II.B.3 Parents: Robert & Elizabeth White, Whitewood, Saskatchewan  
Williams J L 21   Parents: Elkanah & Annie Williams, Horton St, Yarmouth, Nova Scotia, Canada  
Wilson T 26 B.9 Parents: Robert & Agnes Wilson, Cherry St., Boissevain, Manitoba Native of Kilwinning, Ayrshire, Scotland
Woods G   I.D.12    
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