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Bagshaw's 1846 Trade Directory of Derbyshire

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CROXALL, parish and township, with the township of Catton, together contain 3,219 acres of land, partly situated in the North Offlow Hundred of Staffordshire, 258 inhabitants. Rateable value, £6,800.

CROXALL township and small village, intermixed with the village of Edingale in Staffordshire, 8 miles S. by W. from Burton-upon-Trent, contains 2,154 acres of strong marl soil, fine wheat land, 28 houses, and 180 inhabitants, in Derbyshire, and 5 houses and 31 inhabitants in the village of Oakley in Staffordshire, in which it forms a joint township.  Rateable value, £4,803.  The church, St. John the Baptist, is a vicarage, valued in the Kings’ books, £5, now £520.  The crown is patron, and Rev. James Gisborne, M.A. incumbent.  The living is endowed with the rectorial tithes of Oakley, which have been commuted for £194.  Those of Croxall vicarial for £180.  Thomas Levett Prinsep, Esq., is impropriator of Croxall, and considerable owner.  The executors of the late John Pimm, Lady Wilmot Horton, Colonel Howard, and others, are also owners. The church, a very ancient structure, situated 1 mile N.W. from the village, contains many ancient monuments to the Curzon and Horton families, of which two are particularly deserving of notice.  One to the late Sir Rt. Wilmot Horton, Bart., who died 31st May, 1841, and was interred in the family vault here. Wilmot Horton, Bart., who died 31st May, 1841, and was interred in the family vault here.  He represented the borough of Newcastle-under-Lyne in three successive parliaments, was under secretary of state for the colonies seven years, and governor of Ceylon from 1831 to 1837.  Another to Eusebius Horton, Esq., and Phoebe his wife, of Catton hall ; the former died April 18th, 1823, the latter 23rd May, 1814.  The church-yard of Edingale, Staffordshire, is partly situated in Derbyshire.  The Hall is an extensive range of ancient buildings west of the church, now a farm house.  A National school is principally supported by Lady Horton and the Rev. James Gisborne - 54 receive instruction.

OAKLEY, hamlet and village within the Staffordshire border, 1 mile W. from Croxall church.  The Midland railway passes for a mile through this hamlet, and Oakley station is about a quarter of a mile from Croxall church.

This manor CROCHESHALLE, was at the Domesday survey held under Henry de Ferrars, by one Roger, ancestor probably of the Curzons, and it continued to be the property and seat of that ancient family till the reign of Charles I., when Mary, only daughter and heiress of Sir George Curzon, brought it to Sir Edward Sackville, K.B., afterwards the fourth earl of Dorset.  This lady, who had been appointed by the king governess to some of his children, conducted herself in that situation with so much prudence, notwithstanding the earl was a zealous royalist, that a public funeral was voted for her by both houses of parliament, and she was buried with great pomp at Westminster Abbey, on the 3rd of September, 1645.  Tradition speaks of Dryden being a visitor to the Dorset family at Croxall.  The manor was purchased of John Frederick Duke of Dorset, by John Prinsep Esq., well-known as an agriculturist, particularly for his fine breed of cattle.  After the death of his son, Thomas Prinsep, Esq., it devolved under his will to his nephew, Thomas Prinsep, the son of Theophilus Levett, Esq., of Wichnor, in Staffordshire.

CATTON, township and small scattered village on the Trent, 6½ miles S. from Burton-on-Trent, and 1½ N.W. from Croxall, contains 1,064A. 2R. 14P. of strong good wheat land, 8 houses, and 47 inhabitants.  Rateable value, £2,000.  Lady Wilmot Horton is the owner, who pays all the tithe and rates.  By the commutation of tithe, the rent charge to the vicar amounts to £19 15s., and the full value of the whole is £200.  The Hall is a noble brick mansion, pleasantly situated in a fine park on the east bank of the Trent.  The seat of Lady Wilmot Horton and three other farms, are in most pleasant situations.  The Calton farm and the Donkhill Pitt farm, 2 miles N.W. from Croxall Church, and the Mansditch, a little more north.  The late Eusebus Horton, Esq., was a lineal descendant of Roger Horton, Esq., who died seized of the manor in 1421.

CHARITIES. - Edmund Allson, it is stated in the returns of 1786, gave £5 to the poor, and Francis Horton, in 1785, gave £5 to the poor of Croxall and £5 to the poor of Catton in this parish, all of which sums are stated to have been vested in Eusebius Horton, Esq., and to have produced 15s. per annum.  It does not appear that the interest of these sums was ever paid to the parish officers, and distributed as a permanent charity.  It is stated, however, that the late E. Horton, Esq. occasionally gave away money to the poor of Croxall and Catton - in which, possibly the interest of these sums may have been included.

1 are at Edingale, and 2 at Oakley
1. Buller Walter, farm bailiff
1. Buller Mr Thomas
1. Dewsbury Edward, shopkeeper
1. Evans Rev. John, vicar of Edingale
1. Gadsby John, Black Horse, and blacksmith
Gisborne Rev. Jas. M.A. vicar of Croxall
Hatchett Mr Thomas
Jackson Francis, gamekeeper
1. Moore John, vict. Hollybush
1. Mousley Chas. Hague, Esq.
Pimm Mrs Mary
Riley Robert, joiner and wheelwright
Rowley Charles, schoolmaster

Edward Bodin, to Tamworth, on Saturday

2. Allen Thomas
2. Booth Mrs
German Jn. Broadfield
Hatchett Ralph
1. Hatchett Thomas
Lager John, Hall
Marlow John, & corn miller
Pycroft John Winter
1. Riley William
2. Winter John

Horton Lady Wilmot, Catton Hall
Hamp John, Esq. Catton Farm
Goring Henry, gamekeeper
Insley James, farmer, Donkhill pits
Pratt Henry, farmer, Mansditch
Sutton John, butler

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