Donisthorpe At War :: by J.A. Wright

Clive Shuttleworth with his Grandad, Thomas Shuttleworth © J.A. Wright
By J A Wright
Donisthorpe at War

by J.A. Wright

The photo on the cover of this well researched book by Jenny Wright is a good reflection of the tone of thirty-three first-hand accounts of life in Donisthorpe during
the Second World War.  The young men went away to war, some never to return, while the women and able-bodied of the older generation were kept very busy with food production, other essential industries, and the war effort.  Grandparents in the village were often called into service looking after the children.  There are several accounts of the day in 1942 when Seals Road was bombed.

The author started the project as a small personal exercise, but it developed into a much larger project as more and more of the elderly residents showed a keenness to share their memories.  Jenny has kindly agreed to let me include a few extracts here.

This book is in A4 format, has 129 pages, and 97 black and white photographs and images.  It has been published by the author.

If your family is or was from Donisthorpe, or if you have an interest in the local history, and would like to purchase a copy of this book, it
is available at a cost of £7, plus £2 postage & packaging within the UK, directly from the author Mrs. Jenny Wright.  International postage rates are also available on request.  Please email Jenny for full details.

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