Bagshaw's 1846 Trade Directory
Bagshaw's 1846 Trade Directory

Ambrose John, parish clerk
Bates George, shopkeeper
Camp, Rd. vict. Greyhound, and wheelwright
Cluer Joseph saddler
Coy William, corn miller
Crowder John Beehrs, Hargate hill house
Fowers Francis, blacksmith
Johnson Samuel, stonemason
Lovett Isaac, assist. overseer
Page Nathaniel, velvet weaver
Platts Francis, wheelwright
Pigott Wm. senr. free school
Simms Nath. vict. Wheel
Stokes Rev. John Hy. curate
Swan William, wheelwright
Watson Benjamin, butcher
Watson Joseph, saddler
Watson Thomas, Beerhs
Whittaker Samuel, tailor

Banks George, and butcher
Bromley William
Erpe Robert
Foster Richard
Glover John Jowett, Potlock
Milnes Thomas
Pigott William, junr
Platts John
Redfern William, senr. & junr. Potlock
Watson Joseph

Brown John
Hardy Thomas
Redfern Thomas

Dicken William, to Derby on Friday

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