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FOREMARK parish contains the townships of Foremark and Ingleby, which together contain 2,224 acres of land, a light soil producing good barley and seeds, and 212 inhabitants. Population in 1801, 209 ; in 1831, 221.  Rateable value, £2,845.

FOREMARK township and small scattered village, 6 1/2 miles S.S.W. from Derby, contains 1,368 acres of land, 11 houses and 55 inhabitants, of whom 33 were males, and 22 females.  Rateable value, £1,505.  Sir Robert Burdett, Bart., is owner, impropriator, and patron of the church, St Saviour, a perpetual curacy valued at £30, augmented with £400 Queen Anne’s bounty, and £200 parliamentary grant ; Rev. William Heacock, incumbent, for whom the Rev. James Garvey officiates.  The church, a small structure with nave, chancel, low tower and 4 bells, was erected in 1662, by Sir Francis Burdett, Bart., and in 1819 a gallery was erected at the west end.  A handsome carved oak screen separates the nave and chancel.  Many of the Burdett family are interred here.  The ancient church, which was an appendage to the priory of Repton, stood in Ingleby. The Hall, a good mansion and seat of Sir Robert Burdett, was erected about the year 1762, but only a few servants are kept at it.  Anchor Church, near the Trent, is a singular rocky bank which presents the appearance of an edifice in ruins, and consists of 4 rooms, which tradition asserts to have been the abode of an anchorite, but some suppose it to have been a summer-house for the amusement of fishing ; it is said that human bones have been found here.  The manor (Fernewerche) at Domesday belonged to Nigel de Stafford.  In the reign of Henry II. it was given by Robert de Ferrers, Earl of Derby, to Bertram de Verdon in marriage with one of his daughters.  It was purchased of the Verdons before the year 1387, by Sir Robert Francis, who obtained a confirmation of free warren from the crown in 1397.  The heiress of Francis married Thomas Burdett, Esq., of Bramcote, in Warwickshire, who was created a Baronet in 1618.

INGLEBY, a township and small village, situated at the foot of a sandy cliff, on the south bank and overlooking the vale of the Trent, 7 miles south from Derby.  Contains 886 acres of sandy land, including 98 acres of woods, 28 houses mostly thatched, and 157 inhabitants, of whom 72 males and 85 females.  Rateable value, £1,340.  Sir Robert Burdett is sole owner.  Ingleby Hall, a neat modern mansion, on a lofty eminence, is the seat of Col. William Beresford.  In the village is a remarkable Elm tree, said to be 600 years old.  Feast, Sunday before old Michaelmas day.

CHARITIES. - Mary Burdett, by will, 1697, desired that her executor, Sir Robert Burdett, and his heirs, should dispose of £10 yearly until he or they should lay out the sum of £200, so that the interest or profit thereof might yearly be disposed of to the poor of Foremark, Ingleby, Milton or Repton, or any of them, in clothing poor women, distributing bread on Sundays, schooling of girls, buying Bibles and Common Prayer Books, or in such other way as they should think to be the greatest charity.

Dorothy Burdett, in 1717 desired that her brothers, and, after their decease, that her kinsman Sir Robert Burdett, and his heirs, should dispose of £10 yearly out of the rents of Hogs hill farm, until he or they should lay out the sum of £200, so that the yearly interest or profit thereof might be laid out or disposed to the poor of Foremark, Ingleby, Repton, Milton (a hamlet in Repton) and Ticknall.  The above sums have never been laid out in pursuance of the above Will.  Sir Francis Burdett, is the owner of Hogs hill Farm, and under the direction of his agent a quantity of beef and clothing, to a much greater amount than the interest, is provided annually at Christmas, and the poor of several places interested, with the respective overseers, attend at Foremark Hall, where the meat and clothing are distributed.

Burdett Sir Robert, Bart. The Hall
Farmer Thomas, gardener
Fisher John, gamekeeper
Goodall John, farmer
Smith Richard, farmer, The park
Taft John, farmer
Beresford Colonel Wm. The Hall
Clive Sarah, shopkeeper
Edwards Thomas, parish clerk
Reader Mr John
Reader Miss Mary, boarding school
Wright John, shoemaker

Maggs James Robert
Ordish Edward
Ordish Thomas
Ratcliff Richard
Wass Jas. Seven spouts

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