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Foremark & Ingleby
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Trade Directory Extracts (1789-1935)
Hearth Tax Assessments 1662
Parish Registers (1846-1901)
Census Records (1841 & 1861)
Place Names

Trade Directory Extracts

Hearth Tax Assessments 1662
Full Transcript by kind permission of Philip Riden of the Derbyshire Record Society
Parish Registers
The following registers for Foremark St. Saviour have been microfilmed by the LDS church (extracted from the FHL catalogue):
Parish Registers Baptisms 1662-1978 Marriages 1663-1980 Burials 1662-1810 FHL BRITISH Film 1042092 Items 10-14
Banns 1856-1982 Burials 1813-1981 Overseers Accounts 1809, 1830-1833 (Includes: Indentures) Constables Accounts 1816-1853 FHL BRITISH Film 1042093 Items 1-4
Bishops Transcripts Baptisms, marriages and burials 1662-1812 FHL BRITISH Film 428913 Item 2
Baptisms, marriages and burials 1813-1854 FHL BRITISH Film 498082 Item 4

Baptisms and marriages have been included in the IGI, which may be searched on-line using the Family Search facility at the LDS site, inserting the following batch numbers:
Foremark St. Saviour Baptisms (1813-1855) C054471
Baptisms (1662-1813, 1855-1875) C054473
Marriages (1813-1837) M054471
Marriages (1837-1980) M054473
However, it should be noted that these entries have been extracted from indexes, and should be checked against the original parish registers wherever possible.

Foremark St. Saviour Parish Register Transcripts

The following baptism records were extracted from the Bishops Transcripts
Baptisms (1662-1887) Surname Index

Marriages for the period 1663-1837 were originally transcribed by Phillimores.  Digital images of these pages are available on the UK-Genealogy Pages.

Burial records have been transcribed from microfilms of the original parish registers, obtained on loan from the LDS, and indexed by Brett Payne.
Burials (1813-1987) Surname Index

Census Records
Census returns for the years 1841-1891 have been microfilmed by the LDS church, as follows:
1841 FHL BRITISH Film 241295
1851 p. 348-353 (Foremark)
p. 354-357 (Ingleby)
FHL BRITISH Film 87414
1861 FHL BRITISH Film 542894
1871 FHL BRITISH Film 836398
1881 FHL BRITISH Film 1341660
1891 RG 12/2197 (4 fiches) FHL BRITISH Fiche 6097307

Census Transcripts
1841 Census - transcribed by Gill Castle and indexed by Brett Payne.
Foremark  Full Transcript - Surname Index
Ingleby  Full Transcript - Surname Index

1861 Census - transcribed and indexed by Brett Payne.
PRO Ref. RG9 Piece 1963
Foremark & Ingleby Full Transcript - Surname Index

Place Names
[Extracts from "The Place Names of Derbyshire", by Kenneth Cameron, publ. 1959, Cambridge University Press]
Fornewerche 1086 DB
Forn(e)werc, -werk(e) 1228 StoweCh, 1243 Fees, 1302 FA, 1308, 1325 DbA ix, 1328 SR et passim to 1489 DbCh, Forniwerk 1296 Ipm
Fornewarke c. 1275 DbA xxxvi (p), 1346 Cor, 1394 Cl, 1529 DbA ix
Fornework 1284-6 FA
Fernewerk(e) 1306 Ass, 1330 Ass
Fronewerk 1335 Ipm, 1344 Cl
Formewarke 1486, 1532, 1545 DbAns xix
Fornemerch 1271 DbCh
Fornemerk(e) 1337 IpmR, 1513 Lanc
Fornemark 1552 DKR, 1601 DbA xvi
Farmark(e) 1577 Saxton, 1610 Speed

‘Old fortification’, v.forn, verk, a Scandinavian compound corresponding to the native name Aldwark supra 339.  A short distance east of Wall Hill are raised earth formations, perhaps the site of the original fortification (WF).  It is clear that the second element has been replaced by mearc, whilst an isolated form shows the influence of mersc.
ANCHOR CHURCH, Anker Church 1648 Burdett, Anchorchurch 1658 ParReg Repton, an artificial cave, which is traditionally considered to have been the home of an anchorite, v. ancor, cirice.
THE BENDALLS (6”), The Bendall 1836 O.
FOREMARK BOTTOM, 1836 ib, v.botm.
FOREMARK HALL, Formack Hall 1730 Ogilby.
FOREMARK PARK FM, cf. Formarke parke 1620 Burdett.
WALL HILL (6”), 1825 Plan, cf. Foremark supra.

The principal forms in (a) were supplied by WF, mainly dated 1825 Plan.

(a) Acon Hill Close; Barn Field; Brick Kiln Close; Broken Flat (v. broken, flat); Butchers Close; Cherry Croft; Church Close; the Common; Cow Pasture; Dovecot Hill; Feeding Close; Foxhills; Front Park; Greys Holme (v. holmr); Hastings; Hotcroft; Orange Tree Close; Primrose Hill; Slang (v.slang (n)); Town Meadow (cf. the Towne Pasture 1648 Burdett); Trent Meadow; Windmill Hill Close.

(b) boscum de Fornewerk 1330 Ass (v. wudu); Southfurlong Cloase 1648 Burdett.


Englaby 1009 SaltCh, Englebi 1086 DB, -b’ 1129-53 Burton, -by 1216 PatR, 1220 Cur, 1228 StoweCh, 1236 FF et passim to 1648 Burdett
Engelby 1219 FF, 1287 Cl, 1290 Pat, 1297 Ch, 1306 Ass et passim to 1440 Fine, -il- 1284-6 FA, 1330 Ass, -ul- 1330 Selden, 1404 DbA ix (p), 1514 Lanc
Ingleby 1275, 1396 DbA xxxvi (p), 1546 DKR et passim
Ingelby 1348 Cor, 1372 CottCh (p)

‘Farm of the Angles’, v.Engle, by, probably denoting an isolated survival of English inhabitants amongst a prevailing Scandinavian population.

COPPY HILL, 1836 O, cf. Engleby Coppie 1648 Burdett
HEATH WOOD (6”), 1836 O, cf. ye Heath field 1648 Burdett.  This is the site of an important Scandinavian burial ground.
THE MOOR (6”), the Moore 1756 Derby.

The principal forms in (a) are from a list prepared by WF, derived from various 19th century sources.

(a) Acre Yard; Barn Close; Breaches Close (v. brec, clos); Burton Shutts (v. sceat; it abuts on the Burton Road); Church Meadow; Cockpit; Coopers Close (cf. William Cooper 1690 ParReg); Cuckoo Park; The Dale; Dellage Close; Elder Tree Close; Goat Hill; Green Baulk (v. grene, balca); Hangmans Field; Hill Intake; Holme Meadow (v. holmr, mæd); Honey Pleck (v. hunig, plek); Inditch (v. in, dic); Long Sallows (v. lang, salh); Mill Close; Nether Yard (v. neodera, geard); Nineteen Lands (; Priest Pit Close; Swarkeston Meadow; Townend Close; Upper Close; Warsick Close; Wasps Yard; Well Close; West Furrows.

(b) the Grange 1648 Burdett (v. grange); the Halle 1648 ib; Ingelby feilde 1615 WF; the neare Field 1648 Burdett.

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