Glover's 1833 Derby Proprietors Surname Index - A to B

Glover's 1833 History & Gazetteer of Derbyshire

Proprietors of Derby Borough - Surname Index A to B

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Surname/First Name(s),Initials,Titles/Notes/Parish
Abbott William  St Alkmund's Parish
Abbott William  St Peter's Parish
Abbott William  St Werburgh's Parish
Adcock William  All Saints' Parish
Adcock William  St Alkmund's Parish
Adin John  St Werburgh's Parish
Allen Richard  St Peter's Parish
Allsopp Mrs.  St Peter's Parish
Allsopp Samuel  St Peter's Parish
Alsop T. Devisees or Representatives of St Alkmund's Parish
Ambrose David  St Werburgh's Parish
Ancell William  St Peter's Parish
Appleby John  St Peter's Parish
Ashby Thomas  St Peter's Parish
Ashmole Richard  All Saints' Parish
Ashworth Mrs.  St Werburgh's Parish
Auckland Bilberry  St Werburgh's Parish
Auckland John  St Alkmund's Parish
Ault James  St Alkmund's Parish
Ault William  St Alkmund's Parish
Bacon James  St Werburgh's Parish
Bacon Thomas  St Peter's Parish
Bagaley - non-res. All Saints' Parish
Bagley John  St Werburgh's Parish
Bailey John  St Alkmund's Parish
Bailey Thomas  St Michael's Parish
Bainbrigge "Joseph, esq."  St Alkmund's Parish
Bainbrigge T. P. esq.  St Alkmund's Parish
Baker John  All Saints' Parish
Baker John  St Peter's Parish
Baker John  St Werburgh's Parish
Baker Joseph  St Peter's Parish
Baker Richard  St Alkmund's Parish
Baker WilIiam  St Werburgh's Parish
Bakersby Mrs.  All Saints' Parish
Bakewell Harriett  All Saints' Parish
Balguy B. T. esq.  All Saints' Parish
Balguy B. T. esq.  St Alkmund's Parish
Balguy "Bryan Thomas, esq."  St Peter's Parish
Bamford William  St Peter's Parish
Bancroft Miss  All Saints' Parish
Bancroft William  St Werburgh's Parish
Bannister William  St Alkmund's Parish
Barber "John, esq."  St Michael's Parish
Barker "John, jun. "  St Peter's Parish
Barker "John, sen."  St Werburgh's Parish
Barker William  All Saints' Parish
Barlow Matthew  St Werburgh's Parish
Barnet George  All Saints' Parish
Barnett George  St Alkmund's Parish
Barrow John non-resident St Peter's Parish
Barrow Thomas non-resident St Peter's Parish
Barton Martha  St Alkmund's Parish
Barton Mrs.  St Werburgh's Parish
Barton William  All Saints' Parish
Barton William  St Peter's Parish
Barton William  St Werburgh's Parish
Basford George  St Alkmund's Parish
Bassano H. B.  St Michael's Parish
Bassano Henry  St Werburgh's Parish
Bassano Mary  St Michael's Parish
Bateman Sir Hugh Trustees of St Werburgh's Parish
Bates Henry  St Peter's Parish
Battele R. D.  All Saints' Parish
Battelle Thomas  St Werburgh's Parish
Beard James  St Alkmund's Parish
Beard John non-resident St Peter's Parish
Beighton John  St Alkmund's Parish
Benfield Thomas  St Alkmund's Parish
Bennet Miss  St Werburgh's Parish
Bennet Paul  St Werburgh's Parish
Bennett John  All Saints' Parish
Bennett Joseph  St Alkmund's Parish
Bennett Robert  All Saints' Parish
Bent "Thomas, esq. M.D."  St Werburgh's Parish
Bentley - non-res. All Saints' Parish
Berry John  St Peter's Parish
Bingham Miss  St Werburgh's Parish
Bingham Thomas  St Alkmund's Parish
Birchall Minshull  St Alkmund's Parish
Birkin Elizabeth  St Alkmund's Parish
Bligh Rev. J.  St Peter's Parish
Bligh Rev. James  All Saints' Parish
Blood John  St Alkmund's Parish
Blood Miss  St Peter's Parish
Blood Mrs.  St Werburgh's Parish
Bloor Joseph  St Alkmund's Parish
Bloor Joseph  St Werburgh's Parish
Bloor Mrs.  St Peter's Parish
Bloor Robert  St Alkmund's Parish
Bloor Robert  St Peter's Parish
Blundstone William  St Peter's Parish
Boam Daniel  St Werburgh's Parish
Boam Henry  St Alkmund's Parish
Boam Thomas  St Peter's Parish
Boden and Morley  St Peter's Parish
Boden "John, esq."  St Peter's Parish
Boden Richard  St Peter's Parish
Boden Richard  St Werburgh's Parish
Boden Thomas  St Werburgh's Parish
Bonam William  St Peter's Parish
Borough "Thomas, esq."  St Peter's Parish
Bostock -  St Michael's Parish
Bostock Mrs.  St Peter's Parish
Bostock Thomas  All Saints' Parish
Botham Robert  St Werburgh's Parish
Botham Thomas  St Werburgh's Parish
Bowler "Joseph, jun."  All Saints' Parish
Bowler "Joseph, sen."  All Saints' Parish
Bowmer Robert  St Alkmund's Parish
Bradbury John  All Saints' Parish
Bradbury John  St Peter's Parish
Bradbury Joseph  St Alkmund's Parish
Bradbury William  St Werburgh's Parish
Bradley Joseph non-res. St Michael's Parish
Braine Richard  St Werburgh's Parish
Branton Thomas  St Michael's Parish
Brearey Thomas  St Werburgh's Parish
Breary Mrs.  St Alkmund's Parish
Breary Thomas  All Saints' Parish
Breary Thomas  St Peter's Parish
Brentnall Charles  All Saints' Parish
Bretnall Charles  St Werburgh's Parish
Brewer Mrs.  All Saints' Parish
Bridgart George  St Peter's Parish
Bridgart George  St Werburgh's Parish
Bridgart John  St Werburgh's Parish
Bridgart Robert  St Alkmund's Parish
Bridgart Thomas BuckIey  St Werburgh's Parish
Bridgen and Gamble  All Saints' Parish
Bridgett Joseph  All Saints' Parish
Bridgett Thomas  St Alkmund's Parish
Bridgford John  St Alkmund's Parish
Brierley Joel  St Peter's Parish
Brierley Thomas  St Peter's Parish
Brierly Mrs.  All Saints' Parish
Briggs Joseph  St Peter's Parish
Briggs Thomas  St Peter's Parish
Briggs Thomas  St Werburgh's Parish
Briggs Walter  St Peter's Parish
Brindley Mrs.  St Werburgh's Parish
Brocksop John  St Peter's Parish
Bromley Mrs.  St Peter's Parish
Bromley Mrs.  St Werburgh's Parish
Bromley Robert  All Saints' Parish
Bromley Robert  St Peter's Parish
Bromley William  St Alkmund's Parish
Bromley William  St Peter's Parish
Brookfield John  St Peter's Parish
Brookhouse John  All Saints' Parish
Brookhouse John  St Peter's Parish
Brookhouse John  St Werburgh's Parish
Brookhouse Joseph  St Peter's Parish
Brookhouse Miss  St Peter's Parish
Brookhouse Thomas  All Saints' Parish
Brown -  St Alkmund's Parish
Brown Mrs.  St Michael's Parish
Brown "Richard, esq."  St Alkmund's Parish
Brown William  St Peter's Parish
Browne Henry Devisees of St Werburgh's Parish
Browne William  St Werburgh's Parish
Brownsword Peter  St Peter's Parish
Brownsword Thomas  St Werburgh's Parish
Buckley Charles  St Peter's Parish
Buckston "John, esq."  St Alkmund's Parish
Buckston Rev. German non-resident St Werburgh's Parish
Bull George  St Werburgh's Parish
Bull John  St Peter's Parish
Bull John  St Werburgh's Parish
Bullock James  St Alkmund's Parish
Bulmer James  St Alkmund's Parish
Bulmer James  St Peter's Parish
Bunting Mrs.  St Peter's Parish
Burley John  St Alkmund's Parish
Burley Mrs.  All Saints' Parish
Busher Mrs.  St Werburgh's Parish
Buswell John  St Alkmund's Parish
Butterworth G. Devisees or Representatives of St Alkmund's Parish
Buxton Anthony  St Werburgh's Parish
Buxton Mrs.  All Saints' Parish
Buxton Mrs.  St Michael's Parish
Buxton Mrs.  St Peter's Parish
Buxton Thomas  St Alkmund's Parish
Byng John  St Peter's Parish

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