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If you would like to add your Hartshorne surname or other historical interests to this web site, please Email me.  I can also insert hyper-links from the entries in the Trade Directory Listings to your web site or contact details.  If you are able to provide some genealogical or historical information about your family and its relationship with Church Gresley, this would also be most welcome. 
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WYKES & SUTTON families of Hartshorne, by Helena Coney
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Vincent DICKEN, boot & shoemaker of Hartshorne, c. 1850-1851 by Brett Payne of Tauranga, New Zealand
My gg-grandfather Henry PAYNE (1842-1907), according to his son Charles Hallam PAYNE (1870-1960), "started work at the age of nine hauling in a clay pit, was bound to a cobbler, then ran away and worked on a farm at Smisby ..."  Henry spent at least some of the years between 1850 and 1857 with his mother in Ashby-de-la-Zouch Union Workhouse, and he could have been apprenticed to a shoemaker in any one of a number of parishes surrounding Ashby.  However, he named his eldest son - my great-grandfather - Charles Vincent PAYNE (1868-1932), and I think it possible that Vincent DICKEN of Hartshorne might have been his "master".  The 1851 Census Index for Hartshorne shows Vincent DICKEN aged 35 with his wife Caroline (31) and daughters Elizabeth (4) and Beatrix (2).  The IGI shows baptisms in Hartshorne for both children: Elizabeth on 24 Jan 1847, and Beatrix on 26 Nov 1848.  I'd be very grateful for any further information on this DICKEN family.
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GOTHERIDGE Family of Hartshorne by Phil Marshall of NSW, Australia & Brett Payne of Tauranga, New Zealand
|- Hannah (b. 1798 Hartshorne)
|- Eliza (b. 1801 Hartshorne)
|- Thomas (b. 1803 Hartshorne) Coal Higgler/Dealer & Farmer of Hartshorne m: Ann (b. c1806 Winshill)
   |- Maria (b. 1831 Hartshorne)
   |- William (b. 1834 Hartshorne) Farmer of Hartshorne Rd Farm, Hartshorne m: Ann (b. c1832 Smisby)
      |- James (b. c1862 Hartshorne) Police Constable of 10 Education St, Birstall LEI m: Annie (b. c1862 Woodhouse Eaves LEI)
      |- Henry (b. c1867 Hartshorne)
      |- Thomas (b. c1869 Hartshorne)
      |- Harriett (b. c1871 Hartshorne)
   |- Thomas (b. 1839 Hartshorne) Agricultural Labourer & Farm Bailiff of Woodyard Cott, Hartshorne m: 1862 Church Gresley Frances (Fanny) SUTTON (b. 1845 Linton; dau of William SUTTON, Collier & Labourer of Brookey Lane, Linton, and Mary née LEA)
      |- Maria (b. c1862 Church Gresley) m: 1881 Church Gresley William (Willy) PAYNE (b. 1860 Church Gresley; son of William PAYNE, Potter, Collier, Beer Retailer & Innkeeper of Jackson Villa & Potter's Arms, Church Gresley, and Maria née WHITAKER) Coal Miner of Pool Village, Church Gresley & Sanitary Pipe Maker of Woodville Road, Hartshorne => Descendants - for further details contact Brett Payne
      |- Alice (b. c1870 Hartshorne)
      |- Thomas (b. c1872 Hartshorne)
      |- Ernest A (b. c1874 Hartshorne)
   |- George (b. c1840 Hartshorne)
   |- John (1844-1916) Carpenter & Joiner of Linton m: Sarah (c1843-1916)
      |- Annie (b. c1868 Hartshorne)
      |- Kate (b. c1870 Hartshorne)
      |- Agnes (b. c1872 Hartshorne)
      |- John (b. c1874 Hartshorne)
      |- Eustace (b. c1876 Hartshorne)
      |- Gertrude (b. c1878 Hartshorne)
      |- Florence (b. cJuly 1880 Hartshorne)
|- Mary Anne (b. 1804 Hartshorne) m: William WOODWARD (1799-1861) => Descendants incl. Phil Marshall - see WOODWARD Family of Church Gresley
|- William (b. 1807 Hartshorne)
|- Charlotte (b. 1809 Hartshorne)
|- Samuel (b. 1814 Hartshorne)
|- Selina (b. 1819 Hartshorne)
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