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LULLINGTON parish contains the townships of Lullington and Coton-in-the-Elms, which together have 2,919 acres of land, and 653 inhabitants.  Rateable value, £4,564.  Population in 1801, 245 ; in 1831, 548.

LULLINGTON, township and pleasant village, 7½ miles S. from Burton-upon-Trent, contains 1,756 acres of light but rich land, particularly celebrated for the excellent quality of its cheese, 61 houses, and 299 inhabitants, of whom 148 were males, and 151 females. Rateable value, £2,785.  Charles Robert Colville, Esq., M.P., is sole owner, lord of the manor and impropriator.  The church, dedicated to All Saints, is a vicarage, valued in the King’s book at £4 11s. 10d., now £140, in the patronage of the crown.  Rev. Theodore Echalay, M.A., is incumbent.  It is an ancient structure, with nave, chancel, tower and spire, with 6 bells.  The vicarage is a handsome mansion west of the church.  A neat school was erected near the east end of the church by the lord of the manor, in 1843, which he also supports.  The village has been considerably improved within the last few years.  The lordship adjoins several preserved manors, and forms part of the Atherstone Hunt.  It is a salubrious and picturesque district of productive forward land.  The village is 5¼ miles and 33 yards from Walton railway station, and 4¼ miles and 118 yard from Oakley station.  The manor of Lulletune was in the Gresley family in the reign of Edward I., and the church was given by that family to the priory of Gresley, and appropriated to that monastery in the reign of the second Edward.

COTON-IN-THE-ELMS, township and pleasant compact village, 6¼ miles S. by W. from Burton-upon-Trent, 1½ mile N.N.W. from Lullington, contains 1,163 acres of fertile land, 72 houses, and 351 inhabitants, of whom 186 were males, and 165 females.  Rateable value £1,779.  Lady Wilmot Horton is the principal owner and lady of the manor.  Charles Arkwright, Esq., Nathaniel and John Curzon, Esqs., have also estates here.  The tithe was commuted in 1841.  The rectorial belongs principally to the landowners, but £165 is payable from the vicarial to the trustees of the late Sir Roger Gresley.  A church, to be dedicated to St. Mary, is now being erected at a cost of £1,200, raised by subscription towards which Lady Horton gave £400, and Charles Arkwright and Matthew Gisborne, Esqs., were liberal contributors.  The manor house, an ancient building, is now used as a school which the lady of the manor endows with £30 per annum.  50 boys and girls attend.  In 1773, Thomas Wagstaff left £50, by which 5 poor boys are educated.

At Domesday survey this manor was held by the Abbot of Burton by the service of presenting a hound in a leash to the King whenever he came into Deryshire, but it soon passed into lay hands ; for, in the year 1328, it was purchased by Stephen de Segrave of the coheiresses of Stephen de Beauchamp.  Henry, Lord Berkley, a descendant of the Segraves, sold it, in 1570, to Sir William Gresley, Knight.

CHARITIES. - Henry Boylestone, in 1661, gave £10 to the poor of Lullington.  In 1664, Catherine Gresley gave £10.  John Ramsor, alias Milner, in 1667, gave £10.  Harrington Drayton, in 1703, gave £20, of which only £2 19s. was received.  Thomas Darby, in 1713, gave £10, and Sarah Darby £4.  Of these benfactions £43 only remained in 1750, which was placed in the hands of Sir Thomas Gresley, Bart.  On the death of Sir Nigel Bowyer Gresley, Bart., in the year 1808, the total sum due to the charity, £54 5s., was paid by the executor.  The sum of £4 5s. was distributed to the poor in braed in the ensuing December.  The sum of £50, left in the hands of Mr Henry Cooper, who had received it from the executor, had not been placed out at the time of our enquiry, August, 1826.

George Clarke gave, by will, in 1659, £20 to the poor of Coton.  The annual sum of £1 is paid in respect of this charity, from land called Walton Ways, belonging to Walter Bach, and is distributed soon after St Thomas’s day.

Thomas Wagstaffe, in 1773, left £25 to be placed out at interest and the proceeds distributed to the poor on St Thomas’s day.  He also gave the sum of £50 to be placed out at interest, to be applied to putting poor children of Coton to read.  The sum of £75 is in the hands of John Stratton, on bond dated 30th October, 1815, at 4 per cent interest, amounting to £3, of which £1 is distributed to the poor, with Clarke’s charity ; and £2 is paid to a schoolmaster for instructing 5 poor boys or girls of Coton.

POST OFFICE. - Samuel Peck, Postmaster.  Letters arrive from Burton at 30 minutes past 10
in the morning, and are despatched at 30 minutes past 3 in the afternoon.
Charles Robert Colville, Esq., M.P.
Blunt William, butcher
Coates Joseph, baker
Crossley Edward, gentleman
Dalman Thomas, bricklayer
Echalay Rev. Theodore, M.A., vicar
Freeman Gervase, farm bailiff
Harnett Miss Eliza, schoolmistress
Holden Thomas, tailor
Lee John, grocer
Radford Thos, Three horse shoes, & blksmth
Taylor John, parish clerk & post messenger
Woolley William, gentleman

Allsebrook W. & butcher
Abell Richard
Blunt William
Cooper Henry, gent.
Emery Rt. Woodfield
Insley Thos. Lady ley
Smith Jph Bald hill

Atkins Benjamin, wheelwright & timber mch
Dooley Jph. & Sarah, free school
Goodall Mrs Frances
Goodall Thomas, plumber and glazier
Lester Wm. brickmaker
Mallaber Wm. tailor and draper
Redfern Thomas, shopkeeper
Simpkin Joseph, blacksmith
Turner Joseph, bricklayer

Black Horse, Wm. Lester
Queen’s Head, Joseph Allen
Shoulder of Mutton, Frances Davis

Allen Saml
Fern John
Smith James

Bach John, sen
Bach Ths. & maltster
Coates Wm
Davis Mrs Mary
Fletcher Ths. & btcher
Hinckley Js. Overfield
Hinckley Geo
Insley James
Insley J. Church flats
Insley Wm. Cross
Leedham Mary
Mallaber Wm
Moss Thos
Simpkin Joseph

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